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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 5

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

They were all having lunch at the dining table.

Phoebe and Asuka were having a discussion.

Kenny was as usual trying so hard to control his boiling hormones. He peeped over his bowl of soup at Myra who smiled sweetly at him, a twinkle in her eye. He remembered their escapade that morning and blushed. Under the covers of table, she lifted her foot and caressed his thigh, making him jump, almost spilling his lunch over the table. Asuka and Phoebe stared at him.
“You okay Kenny? You seem a bit tense.” Phoebe asked.
“I….I’m fine” He croaked. He could feel Myra’s foot travel up to his crotch and poke at his already hardening member. He looked at her, his eyes pleading.

Phoebe caught the look. She stared at Myra, who had a sly smile on her face. She wondered what was going on. Myra continued to discretely rub her foot over Kenny’s crotch. She expertly slipped a well-pedicured foot under the hem of his shorts, rubbing his already leaking head with her big toe.
“You do seem tense. You’re sweating. Or is the air condition not cool enough?” she said, enjoying his discomfort.

Kenny looked on helplessly as the girls stared at him. He was trying so hard not to Pour from Myra’s secret foot stimulation. He wiped his sweating forehead with the back of his hand.
“I’m…I’m…okay. I think it’s just the heat. I think I need…um…a shower. Excuse me please” He managed to say, very close to exploding.

He jumped up, almost knocking his bowl of soup over, and ran towards the stairs up to his room.
“I wonder what’s gotten into him.” Asuka said as they all watched him beat it up the stairs.

Phoebe stared at Myra for a few moments. She was sure his sudden break out had something to do with her. Their eyes met and she gave her a sly look. Phoebe was convinced. It had to do with her, and she was going to make sure she got to the bottom of it.

While Asuka cleared up the dishes from the table, Phoebe grabbed Myra by the arm and dragged her to the sitting-room out of earshot.
“Okay girl. Spill it. What’s going on?” she demanded.
“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Myra replied.
“Save it. You know I can read you like a book. I’ve seen the looks you give him.”
“What do you mean?”
“The shenanigans that happened at the table? The twinkle in your eye as you looked at him? You definitely were up to something.”
“I told you, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“So why was he pleading with you?”
“I don’t know. Maybe he found me irresistible.”
“Yeah, right. Like you are the only beauty here.”
“Don’t flatter yourself girl. No man can resist me when I put on my charm.”
“So you did lay the charm on him right?”
“Come on Myra, what did you do to him?”
“Phoebe, you’re supposed to be dumb. The stereotypical dumb blonde.”
“Well, don’t judge a lady by the color of her hair. By the way, I remember you saying you were going to be away for the day.”
Myra held her tongue. She had been caught by the smart Phoebe.

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“The sudden change in your time with him today? You think I don’t see the looks you give him at the table? Your sudden change in venue for his tutoring today? Girl I’m not Asuka. You can fool her but not me. You think I wasn’t gonna figure it out? You are attracted to him.”
“Okay, okay!!!!! I did it!!!”
“You did what exactly?”
“I…I was teasing him at the table.”
“You were? How?”
Myra lowered her voice. “I…I was rubbing his J0yst!ck with my foot!!!”
“Yes. He has a very nice package” Myra replied without thinking.
“And how do you know that?” Phoebe prodded on, curious.

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Myra sighed. She had been made. “Promise me you’ll keep this between us.”
“Okay, I promise.”
“Well…” Myra continued, scratching her head “it all started the day we arrived, that evening I told you I was going out to the pool.”
“I…I kinda saw him peeping at me while I was taking my swim. I thought it was all a harmless young kid doing what kids do, right until that day we talked about him. You know when Asuka mentioned he had a hard on.”
She paused. “I’ve noticed him trying to hold on to his urges ever since we got here. He’s a young kid you know, and with us here walking around almost Unclad all the time, I felt he was having a hard time…ermm…adjusting to the situation.”
“So in your warped mind, you decided to “help him out” right?” Phoebe asked.

“Yes.” Myra said, ashamed.
Phoebe looked over her shoulder. Asuka was still doing the dishes in the kitchen.
“So what did you do to him?”
“I…I made him Pour.” Myra whispered.
“You had s*x with him?” Phebe asked unbelievingly.
“No, not s*x. I just jerked him off. I…I gave him a blow-job and titfu-Cked him.”
“And he came?”
“Yeah. Quite a lot.”
“Well, you’re right. We need to be a bit more modest around him.”
Asuka came bounding over to where they were. “What’ya talking about?”
“Oh nothing really. Just wondering how best to continue with Kenny’s tutoring” Phoebe responded.
“Yeah you girls can figure it out. I’m going to prepare for my session. Weren’t you supposed to be out today Myra?”
“Y…yeah” she replied, glancing at a smiling Phoebe. “I’ll soon be heading out.”
“Okay. You girls have fun. See you in a couple of hours.”
“I guess I could “accompany” you to wherever you wanna go right?” Phoebe asked.
Kenny made a dash for his room and locked himself in. His desperately needed to Pour!!! That foot tease Miss Myra gave him was just too much for him to bear. If he had waited another moment and had not made a move when he did, he knew he would have made a big mistake downstairs.
He tore off his clothes and jumped into the bathroom. His balls aching and his rod stiff, he quickly turned on the shower. The needle sprays of water jetted all over him, making him m0an and sending a shiver of desire to his loins as he grabbed the soap. He needed to relieve himself right away. Soaping his hand up, he gripped his rod and began to stroke himself as he let his mind carry him away.

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He replayed his time with Miss Myra that morning in his mind, remembering how her soft jugs felt over his hard J0yst!ck. He could feel her luscious lips over his engorged head as she sU-Cked him off. He imagined the pleasure of watching her jerk him of and soon, he felt the familiar s£nsat!on hit him. Jerking himself faster he groaned in pleasure as for the second time that day he watched his J0yst!ck shoot globs and globs of milky-white Pour, the spurts hitting the shower wall and sliding down to the drain. Exhausted, he slid slowly down and sat in the tub, his energy spent. Maybe if he took a few loads off each day, he would be able to control himself more. He remembered Myra’s offer and though maybe he could consider it. Help him out once a while.
He had been sitting there for a while when he remembered he had another session with Miss Asuka. Damn!!!! He quickly jumped out of the tub and raced back to the room to put on his clothes.

He grabbed his books and walked briskly to her room. He knocked gently and entered. She sat at the table, a small frown on her face, her angry eyes peering at him over her glasses, but his eyes were once again attracted to her barely covered jugs and tight shorts. He could see the slightest hint of her pink [email protected] as she sat there with one smooth leg crossed over the other.
“You’re late.” Asuka said.
“I…I’m sorry.” He replied, his throat going dry again. Even though he had just jizzed a heavy load some fifteen minutes earlier, he felt his crotch tingle again. “Why do these things keep happening to me these day?” he wondered.

Phoebe knew what she was going to do. Being the smart, observant girl she was, she had known Kenny was infatuated with the three of them, but a little shy. She had discretely extracted information for Myra and she just had to find out what the young stud had to offer. She had to bid her time though, act uninterested as she cleverly made Myra talk about her escapade with Kenny. She began to put a plan together.

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