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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 4

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

Kenny, I will be switching times with Asuka this morning” Myra informed him the following morning.
“Yeah. Something urgent came up and I have to be away this afternoon. Asuka agreed to switch times with me. I don’t want you missing out on anything” she said with a wink.

Kenny looked at Asuka who shrugged. “Is that fine by you?” he asked.
“Okay then. I will go and get ready for the session then.”
“Sure. See you in ten minutes.” Myra responded.
Kenny was just about to step out of his room when he heard a soft knock and the door opened. Myra stood at the open door, a s*xy** smile on her face.
“Miss..Miss Myra. I…I was just about to go to your room.”
“No don’t worry about that. I thought you will be more comfortable having it here for once. You know, change of scenery? A more familiar place to make you relax?”
She saw him trying so hard not to stare at her breasts. She smiled and dropped her books on the low table in the center of the room, sitting down cross-legged beside it. “So let’s get started.”
Kenny stared down at her deep cleavage. The single button of the sleeveless mini waistcoat she had on struggled to hold together against the strain of her breasts. She had nothing but a bra on underneath and he could see her flat tummy too. He began to feel himself grow hard again and he quickly sat down across her before she noticed.
“Before we start I want you to know I will be giving you a short test this morning.” She rested her breasts on her forearms on the table, very aware that her jugs were popping out. She put on a sly smile as she saw his gaze glance downwards. “I would like to see how much you learned this past week.”
“S…sure, why not?” Kenny replied, hypnotized by her breasts.

Myra smiled again and reaching out a finger, she lifted his chin.
“Let’s get started shall we? You seem a bit….distracted.”
She pulled out some sheets of papers and handed them to him. “You have one hour. The clock is ticking.”
For the next couple of minutes, Kenny tried to answer the question, but it was no use. His eyes kept staring back to her breasts on display.
“Gosh” he thought, “I can’t concentrate on anything.” He wrote something down.
“That’s wrong” Myra scolded him. “Think harder before you answer the question.”
Another ten minutes, and he still hadn’t written anything down. Myra finally stood up.
“I’m going to sit on your bed. You seem distracted. With me sitting in front of you, I’m sure you’d be thinking of other things APART from the test.”

She sat down on the edge of his bed and crossed her legs. Kenny could clearly see her purple [email protected] underneath her very tiny bumshorts.
“So, let’s continue where you left off. By the way, you have just fifteen minutes left.” She concluded.
After a while, Myra spoke up.
“It’s kinda warm in here. I wonder if I should turn up the Air conditioner in here.”
“Yeah, go ahead” Kenny replied.
She turned around and crawled over the bed. “Now where’s that remote control?”
Kenny gasped. Her round arse was just too tempting. He could clearly see the outlines of her cunt lips covered by the flimsy pair of [email protected] she wore. He swallowed hard. His J0yst!ck began to grow and nothing he did prevented it from responding to the beautiful sight in front of his eyes. He quickly picked up the remote that was right beside him.
“T…the remote is right here Miss Myra” Kenny croaked.
“Oh, there it is. Thanks.” Myra replied.
She sat back down and reached out to take the remote from his outstretched hand. Instead of taking it, her hand went straight for his throbbing J0yst!ck. Her fingers wrapped around his aching member in a strong, firm grip.

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“Wha…Wait!!! That’s not the remote!!!!” he cried in alarm.
Myra laughed quietly and began to stroke him through his shorts.
“M….Miss Myra.” Kenny gasped.
“Hmmmm….so stiff” Myra replied. “Since you are so hard, I’m sure that’s why you are so distracted.”
“Umm” Kenny said, trying to form words from the growing feeling of pleasure. “I…I thought I have just a few more minutes for my….ahhh…test.”
“Well even so” Myra said, giving his ear a quick nibble “with this so hard, it’d be a pain to concentrate.”
“So” she continued, “if I made you Pour, it should be fine, right?”
“N…No…you don’t need to do that” Kenny replied weakly.
She chuckled. “We’ll see to that.”
She pushed him down gently. He was paralyzed to respond. She unzipped his shorts, pulling out his rock-hard member.
“Hmmm, very impressive” Myra said. She gripped the base of his shaft with one hand and stroked him ever so slowly with the other. Kenny’s toes curled with the pleasure that was coursing through his body.
“You know” she said, “I noticed you watching me in the pool the other day.”
Kenny bit his lip. “I…I’m sorry.”
“Did you like what you saw?”
“Did you like what you saw that day? “
“Well” Kenny said sitting up “I did. You have a very nice body.”
“Do you want to see again?”
Kenny could not believe his luck. “Yes…yes. I would love to see your body again.”

She chuckled and pushed him back down, straddling him. She unfastened the button on her waistcoat and took it off, flinging it on the bed. He watched as she unfastened her bra, finally freeing her captive breasts from their bondage.
“Now let’s continue studying quietly, okay?”
She leaned over him and smothered his face with her soft pillows.
“You like them? Do you like my breasts? Just enjoy yourself.”
Kenny could only mumble as she pushed and rubbed her jugs over her face. He felt his J0yst!ck grow harder and felt it snake in-between her legs. Myra felt his hardness against her moist crotch and she began to rub herself against him. She continued to suffocate him with her breasts until he was gasping for air. She moved down until she was positioned over his J0yst!ck.
“M…Miss Myra!!! What are you gonna do?”
“It’s called tit-Bleeping.”
“Yeah. So just lay back and relax.”
She wrapped her breasts around his shaft and began to move back and forth, his J0yst!ck moving in and out of her b0s0m flesh, his leaking pr£cuum providing enough slipperiness. Kenny lay back and sighed.

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“So…tell me, do you like it?” Myra gasped.
“Yeah” Kenny sighed.
“Is this your first time?”
“Don’t tell me this is your first time even being with a woman.”
Kenny thought back to the women he jerked of to in his magazines back in school. “Umm…no comment”.
Myra laughed. “You’re so cute.”
She wrapped her lips round the head of his shaft and began to sU-Ck on it hard. She continued to titfu-Ck him while simultaneously sU-Cking out the pr£cuum that kept on flowing freely from his J0yst!ck.
“Feel free to Pour anytime you like” she implored him.
Kenny felt his balls begin to shrink and his J0yst!ck begin to throb. “H…hey, I’m about to get there.”
“Already?” Myra sked surprised. She pumped him with her breasts faster. ”Well, you are still young, so you can’t help it. I’ll make you Pour nice and hard.”
Her movements became faster and faster. Kenny gritted his teeth hard and his hips began to buckle.

“I’M CUMMMING MISS MYRA!!!” he announced.
“Pour for me, baby!!! Pour hard for me.”
He instinctively raised his hips as his J0yst!ck began to spurt inbetween her breasts. The force was so great it caught her unawares, the first few shots of jizz landing square in her face. She turned her face sideways to avoid the geyser of Pour that was spurting out from between her breasts. His remaining Pour coated her entire chest and some had shot over is tummy.

She released his J0yst!ck from her breasts and sat back. He looked up with dazed eyes at her. Her entire cheek and chest was covered in his jizz, some sliding over her jugs and dripping onto her thighs. She scooped some Pour from her cheek and sU-Cked it off her finger.
“Mmmm, yummy. We can now continue with your test.” She said.

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