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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 3

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

Kenny sat quietly staring out of the window at the sunset. It was going to be a long summer. His mind went to his new tutors. Miss Myra and the blonde girl – he kept on forgetting her name – Pheebs, was it? – seemed quite nice, though Pheebs seemed to be a bit quiet. He guessed Myra was the oldest among the three and honestly he liked her. He could still feel her breasts pressed into him from the hug earlier in the afternoon.

In the fading evening sunlight, he saw someone walking towards the swimming pool. Curious, he stared closer and saw it was Miss Myra. His mouth went dry when she pulled off the robe she was wearing, revealing a very hot body in a barely-there lavender-colored bikini. It didn’t do any justice in trying to cover up her huge breasts, which strained and pushed against the bikini top. Her round heart-shaped arse was barely covered as she tied up her hair into a small bun. Kenny’s breath began to quicken and he felt his J0yst!ck begin to grow hard as his eyes drank in the beauty below. He unconsciously pushed his hand into his sweatpants and began to stroke his already hard and aching rod. She moved towards the other end of the pool, his view of her momentarily blocked by the curtain. He slowly moved the curtain aside.

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Myra’s caught a slight movement from the window just above her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kenny hiding behind the curtain and she smiled. She pretended she hadn’t seen him and walked sexily towards the edge of the pool. She dove in expertly and began a couple of laps across the pool, feeling rather than seeing Kenny watching her closely. She plunged down to the bottom of the pool and shot herself straight up.
Kenny saw her disappear for a few seconds and saw her burst upwards. The sight of her lovely body dripping wet, water flowing over her freely, her hands up as she pushed back her wet hair, her full breasts reflecting the evening sun was too much for him and sent him over the edge. Grunting, he stroked himself harder and began to Pour. A large wet spot began to grow in his pants as he shot his jizz. His breath came in short pants and his sticky hand emptied the remaining drops from his shaft.
He opened his eyes and looked down at the focus of his desires. She was already out of the pool, drying herself up. She tied her wet hair into a towel and slipped her robe back on. She slightly glanced up and he moved back quickly before she could see him. He watched her as she walked back into the house. Sighing, he moved towards the bathroom to clean himself up.
For the next couple of days, Myra, Asuka, and Phoebe tutored Kenny. He enjoyed his time with Myra and Phoebe, but he never looked forward to the hours he had with Asuka. His time with her always seemed to drag longer than it actually was, and he always caught himself looking at his wristwatch every five minutes, something that annoyed Asuka a lot. She also made the simplest of sums very difficult, saying “there are alternative ways of arriving at the answer.” By the end of each of her periods, he was always psychologically drained, sometimes too tired to attend the other two periods.
Friday didn’t come soon enough. He finished his last tutoring session around 4pm. “Wow, what a week” he groaned, stretching his arms as he left Phoebe’s room for the day. He walked down the stairs and headed towards the kitchen. He opened the fridge and peered inside for a drink to cool his brain down. He reached out and was about to grab the jug of orange juice when he noticed a can of something he didn’t recognize. He picked it up and peered at it. All he could read was “A-O ENERGY DRINK” written in bold purple letters. The rest was in a language he couldn’t understand. “Well, this could help” he thought as he opened the can and drank down the contents in one huge gulp.
He immediately regretted. The bitter metallic taste of the drink hit his throat with so much force that he gagged. He quickly grabbed the orange juice to wash the bitter taste from his throat. He dropped the almost empty can in the trash.
The weekend weather was hot. Even with the air condition at full blast, Kenny was sweating. The girls themselves were finding the heat hard to handle, and they spent most of the weekend in the pool. The three wore the skimpiest of bikinis all over the house and Kenny found himself walking around with a huge erection all the time. Right now, he watched from the security of his room as the girls lay on towels in the cool evening shade by the pool.
“What do you girls think about Kenny” Myra asked.
“Kenny? What about him?” asked Phoebe.
“Well, I think he’s kinda cute” Myra said.
“Yeah, he is cute, but stupid” Asuka responded.
Her two friends turned on their towels and looked at her.
“Stupid? What do you mean?”
“Yeah” Asuka replied. “He’s not too bright. No matter what I tutor him, he always seems to get everything wrong.”
“That’s strange” Myra replied, sitting up “he does well in my sessions.”
“Yeah, mine too” Phoebe added. “Are you sure it’s not your teaching methods?”
“No, it’s not my teaching methods” Asuka defended herself. “You girls just make it easy for him. I’m not soft on him like you two. He did one annoying thing yesterday too.”
“And what’s that?”
“Can you imagine the little twat almost touching my breasts? “
“Touching your….what do you mean?” Phoebe asked in surprise.
“Yeah. I don’t know what he was trying to do. I was explaining something to him and he leaned forward and started rubbing his arm on them.”
“Are you sure you weren’t the one leaning into him and he was trying to pull away?” Myra queried.

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“No, he was feeling me up. He even had the guts to get a hard on too?”
“A hard….hahahahaha!!!!!!” Phoebe and Myra laughed.
“The twerp has some nerve. Trust me to give him the ruler.”
“Well stop displaying them to him, with your revealing tops. You know those things are huge.” Myra said.
“Not as huge as yours though” Asuka replied.
“Whatever girl. You know an eighteen year-old boy staying alone with a couple of hot girls like us will definitely have his hormones on fire.” Phoebe lashed at her.
“Are you any better? Don’t you walk around in only a pair of shorts and a tight bikini top?”
“You know it’s hot here. I can’t help it” Phoebe fired back.
While her two friends argued, Myra’s mind was working. The poor boy must be frustrated, not being able to do anything with them walking around almost Unclad all over the place. She glanced up at his window overlooking the pool and smiled, a little plan forming in her mind.
Later on that evening, Myra stepped into Asuka’s room where she was busy preparing her notes for the following morning’s session.
“Asuka. I need you to do me a favor” she started.
Asuka peered at her over the top of her glasses. “Sure, why not?”
“I would like to switch times with you tomorrow. Something just came up and I have to be away for most of the day tomorrow. I wondered if I could take your time so he doesn’t miss my session.”
“Sure, why not. I don’t need to rush this anymore then.” Asuka replied, closing her books and removing her glasses. She stood up from her bed, and stretched her arms over her head. Myra watched as her huge jugs strained against her nightie. No wonder the poor boy had a hard on.

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“Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow then” Myra smiled before leaving Asuka in mid-stretch.

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