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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 2

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

“You surely screwed it up this time!!!!” his father bellowed angrily.

“Daniel, take it easy on the kid.” His step-mum said.

“You stay out of this” his father replied. He turned back to his son. “You have a lot of explaining to do young man. Your mother is gonna hear about this. First of all you are grounded for a week!!!”

“Oh come-on dad!!!!” Kenny pleaded.

“Not only that” his dad continued, “no more games for you!!!! No TV, no Internet, nothing!!!

You are going to spend your time thinking of what you just caused yourself.”
“Don’t “dad” me. Now go to your room till I think of what to do with you!!!” he dismissed him.
“I hate you DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Kenny yelled as he stormed off and slammed his door behind him.
He jumped onto his bed and sulked. Really? Take away all my privileges? That’s not fair. No TV nor games for an 18-year old was a nightmare. Add the fact that he had been grounded into the mix and it was like he had been banished to the hottest corners of hell. He would have preferred to have been sent to labor camp than this. What was he going to do with his time than to sulk?
He sighed. He wished his mum was there. No matter how much his step-mum tried, she was still NOT his mum. In the custody battle, his mum and dad had agreed to take one of each child. He missed his younger brother too. The good thing was he got to talk to him every day and they interchanged holidays every summer.
For the rest of the week he saw little of his dad. His step-mum tried all he could to cheer him up. She told him she would try get some of his privileges back, but knew he couldn’t get everything back. He stuck to his room and occasionally took a dip in the pool.

That weekend, as he sat in his room, his father came in.
“Kenny” he said “Look, I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier this week. You make things difficult for me.”
He paused as he watched his son laying on the bed. “Your step-mum and I had a long talk about you last night. I really want to see you succeed in life. Make a name for yourself. We’ve decided to hire a couple of tutors for you this summer. Improve your grades to get you into college.”
Kenny stared at him. “All summer?” he asked in disbelief.
“No, not all summer. You get to do other things. But they will be the ones to dictate your TV and recreation time.”
“Oh come on dad” Kenny protested.
His dad raised a hand. “It’s either that or nothing at all. I didn’t want to accept but your mother-in-law was very persuasive.”
“Yeah, she has always been.” Kenny replied dryly.
“Don’t talk to me like that young man. We’ve already made the arrangements and they will be arriving here on Monday. They will stay here and coach you for your SATs.”

He stood up. “We will be away for a couple of weeks. Your step-mum and I. So it will be only you and the three of them.”
“You’re kidding me dad!!! You’re going away, leaving me with people I don’t know?!!! That’s why mum left you!!! You are never around your family!!!”
“One more word out of you and I’m going to revoke everything I just granted you. Be grateful for once in your life!!!”
His dad stood up and stormed angrily out of his room.
Two day later, he had finally accepted his plight. What will be will be. His step-mum had come in to encourage him and had slipped him an envelope containing two hundred dollars. At least that will keep him for the time they were away.
He was lying quietly in his room when his dad called him from downstairs. He assumed the “tutors” had arrived and therefore they were about to leave on their trip. He slowly walked down the stairs and almost tripped and tumbled down the rest of the way.
“YOU AGAIN!!!!” he exclaimed.
The three s*xy** ladies turned and did a double-take when they saw him. They were the three ladies he met on the train – the surly Asian chick and her two busty friends. His dad looked at them in confusion.
“Do you know them?” he asked Kenny.

“Yes!! They were harassing me on the train here, especially her” he responded, pointing to the Asian chick.
“You spilled her drink over her. Why won’t she be upset” her two friends defended her.
Daniel and his wife smiled in amusement as they watched their son and the girls yammer at each other. Finally, he raised his hand for silence.
“Now that we’ve all said hi, maybe we can then introduce myself. You all know my son, Kenny.”

He consulted the notes he had in his hand. “First, we have” he peered at the papers “Asuka Kawagami?”
“Yes, Asuka Kawagami.” The Asian girl replied.
“Good. She’s going to be your math and statistics tutor.”
He glanced at the notes in his hand again. “Next, we have Phoebe Fitzwater.” Her blonde friend smiled, nodding at him. “She will be your sciences tutor.”
“And finally,” his dad concluded, “there’s Myra Johnson.” The pretty half-cast girl nodded too. “She will be your History tutor.”
He stood up. “I’m delegating all of you to take care of my son. I want him the brightest student before we get back. We will be away for a couple of weeks.”

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He handed Myra a card on which he had written down a number. “Here is the number of the hotel we will be staying at. I’m leaving you in charge here.” He handed her a card. “There’s enough money in there to keep you all going.”
“Dad, please, don’t leave me here alone.” Kenny pleaded, looking at his step-mum for support.
“Sorry son” she said.
“Hang in there champ” his dad replied, ruffling his hair with his fingers. “You’ll be fine. Don’t tell me a couple of ladies scare you?”
He grabbed his bags and grabbed his wife. “You guys take care of yourself. You have access to the car in the garage. The keys are in the top drawer in the kitchen. You know where to reach us.”
He dragged his wife and bags out to the waiting cab. Kenny watched from the window as they got in.
“Bradley Airport” he told the driver.
Kenny turned to face the three ladies. The blonde chick leaned against the wall, her hands crossed over her chest, the ever present mischievous smile on her face. The mulatto girl sat on one of the sofas, cross-legged, her fingers drumming on the armrest. The grumpy Asian babe stood, the scowl still on her face as she peered at him through her glasses.

They all stared at each other for a while, no one uttering a word. The Asian babe then spoke.
“Okay, since none of you want to speak, I will.” She turned to Kenny. “We are here as your tutors. Your dad tasked us to make sure you pass your SATs next fall. You are to refer to me as MISS. Miss Kawagami, you get that?”
“Yes” Kenny whispered.
“I will be taking you your math and statistics classes. I’m sure we will map out a schedule. Let me warn you from right now – I’m tough. I don’t tolerate mistakes. Any errors or slipups, you get the ruler, you got that?”
Kenny nodded meekly, afraid to meet her eyes. He lowered his gaze and unconsciously stared at her prominent chest.
“My eyes are up here” Miss Kawagami said.
The other two just watched in amusement. After a few minutes of their friend berating Kenny, the mulatto babe spoke up.

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“Okay Asuka, that’s enough. You’ve scared your point into him already.” She stood up and walked towards a quivering Kenny.
“Don’t mind her, she’s can’t hurt you.” She said, caressing his face affectionately. “She just likes making a lot of noise and ballyhoo. She can’t hurt a fly.”
“Just try anything and see” Asuka glared at him fiercely.
“Just call me Miss Myra.” The other girl continued. “She over there” she gesticulated at the blonde girl “is Phoebe. You can call her Miss Phoebe.”
“No, Phoebe is fine. I don’t like fancy titles.” the blonde girl responded from where she stood.
“Good” replied Myra. “Now that we all have introduced ourselves, let’s all lay some ground rules.”
The three crowded onto the plush sofa, Kenny standing facing them.
“Your mum and dad told us to take care of you, just as Asuka implored.”
“That’s Miss Kawagami to you” Asuka interrupted.
“Shut up” Phoebe said.
“Anyways” Myra continued with a glare at Asuka “ASUKA here has la!d it out quite simple enough, even though not too effectively.”
She paused for a while. “Your folks mentioned on no circumstance must we allow you any sort of freedom whatsoever, but we all know that’s not gonna happen. What I want, and I believe I speak for the three of us, is you do as you are told. You respect our wishes, you do what we ask, and we are not going to have any problems. Is that understood?”
“Loud and clear” Kenny replied.
“Good. Do any of you have anything to say? Pheebs?”
The blonde girl shook her head. “Nope, you practically summed it all up.”
“Great. We will come up with a schedule on when each of us will coach you. I’ll let you know as soon as we come to an agreement. Do you have anything you want to say?”
“No, not really Miss….Myra.”
“Okay. How old are you by the way?”
“I just turned 18 last month.”
“Great. I have a younger brother your age.”
The three lovely ladies stood up. “Well, your dad told us you will show us to our rooms.” Phoebe stated.

“Oh yes, I forgot.” Kenny said. He quickly jumped up from where he sat and headed towards the stairs. “You want me to get these for you” he asked them, pointing to their bags.
“No, that’s okay” Phebe and Myra smiled sweetly.
They followed him up the stairs and he took them to their rooms on the other wing of the large house.
While Phoebe and Asuka stepped into their rooms, smiling and scowling at him, Myra pulled him aside.
“Kenny, don’t let her scare you. She’s actually a nice person. Just be nice and be a good boy. I’m sure we will all have a nice time.” She said, fluffing his hair.
“Okay.” He responded.
“If you have any concerns, just let me know okay?” she said, giving him a nice hug.
He felt her breasts press into him and felt his rod begin to tingle. He pulled away before she could feel it.
“Okay. I’ll be in my room if you need me.”
He turned and ran towards his room before she could see the boner he had suddenly developed.
For the rest of the day Kenny stayed in his room. He knew he wasn’t going to learn much this summer, with three older s*xy** ladies in the house. From time to time he heard them moving around and chatting merrily downstairs. He had to admit to himself he surprisingly found them all very attractive, the one called Myra in particular.

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Having just turned 18, Kenny hormones were on overdrive all the time, but he had always been a shy and somewhat socially awkward boy, still too nervous to ask girls out. He kept his horniness in check with the girly magazines he kept under his mattress he had snuck into his dorm room in school. Right now the thoughts of the three ladies in their skimpy attire was setting his hormones on simmer.

Around 7pm he heard them yell for him from the landing. He left his room and walked downstairs. The delicious smell of good cooking wafted up to him and his tummy growled. He realized he was hungry.

“Mmmm. That smells nice. What are we having?” he tried to act cheerfully as he rounded the corner to the dining table.

“See for yourself” Phoebe remarked.
The girls had cooked a nice pot roast with gravy and mashed potatoes, with a side of garlic bread and mushroom soup. They all sad down to eat. The food was delicious. He would have enjoyed his dinner more if he wasn’t distracted by so much boob flesh on display. He could have sworn the one called Phoebe wasn’t wearing a bra. Her large puppies swayed and danced at every movement under her loose top. The other two weren’t helping matters as well. He tried so hard not to stare but come on!!! They were right there on display!!! Myra and Phoebe kept asking him questions and he always tried to focus his eyes above their chests. His hormones were beginning to boil again and he began to regret wearing the loose boxers he had on underneath his sweatpants.

They all finished their dinner and Asuka began loading the dishwasher while the others moved to the living room.
“We’ve all decided on a schedule for tutoring you” Phoebe started, her breasts bouncing on her chest as she plopped herself down on the sofa, sending his desire into overdrive again. “Each of us will tutor you for two hours three times a week.”
“Oh come on guys, that’s 6 hours a day. It’s high-school over again.”
“Well” Myra chipped in, one smooth long leg crossed over the other “That’s the easiest way we could come up with. You have alternative days off, as well as the weekend.”
“At the end of each week, we will give you a test to see how much you’ve learned from the previous week’s lessons.”
“My tests are going to be at the beginning of every session I have with you, so you know” Asuka announced sternly.
Kenny was beginning to hate this Asian girl. What’s her problem?
“You can do whatever you want on the weekends. I promise you, if you do well on your tests, we might even take you out on a treat” Myra concluded with a twinkle in her eyes.
“Your tutoring starts tomorrow with me. Be in my room at eight o’clock sharp. Not one minute late, or you get the ruler” Asuka announced with a wave of her hand.
“Does it have to be you first?” Kenny whined.
The other two burst into laughter. Asuka glared at him with a turned up nose.
“Yes, I’m first. There’s nothing you can do about that. Period.”
“Okay. I’ll see you all tomorrow then. I’m going back to my room” he said dejectedly.
The three girls watched as he walked up the stairs with drooped shoulders.
“Aww, he’s so cute” Myra said. “Like a little puppy.”
“Yeah.” smiled Phoebe. ”You really don’t have to be that hard on him Asuka. Are you still angry at him for the spilled drink?”
“Of course not. I just don’t want him getting any ideas I’m soft.”
“All the same, don’t be too hard on him. He’s just a kid”. Myra responded. She stood up from the sofa. “I’m going for a dip in the pool. It’s waaaay too humid in these parts. You girls care to join me?”
“No. I have to prepare my notes for the tutoring tomorrow.” Asuka said.
“Nah” Phoebe shook her head. “I’ll drown after such a heavy dinner.”
“Okay. Suit yourselves.”

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