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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 16

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

“You gave him WHAAAATTTT????” Myra shouted in disbelief.
Phoebe waved the small glass bottle, “No more than two ounces every 24 hours”, and you gave him the whole bottle? Do you want to kill him?”
Asuka stood there ashamed. “I didn’t give him the whole thing” she tried defending herself. “I took a little too.”
“Even if you did, the whole bottle? C’mon babe you know these things are very strong and dangerous.”
The girls had noticed Kenny was till hard afterwards. Asuka had finally regained her senses and they had crowded themselves back into the room.
“Wait, why are you still hard?” Phoebe had asked, staring at Kenny’s J0yst!ck waving at them.
“I…I don’t know why. I’m scared myself.”
“We know you to be a young stud, but you are usually not this…aggressive.”
“How many times did you Pour?”
“Four” Kenny said. Asuka quickly shouted “ONE!!!”
“Wait, what?” Myra asked.
“How many times did you say you came again?” Phoebe asked.
“And you are still hard.”
Both girls turned to Asuka. “Okay. Give it up. What did you do to him?”
“It can’t be nothing. You gave him something.”
The glare of her two friends became unbearable. “Okay!!! Okay!!1 I did. I gave him a…an aphrodisiac.”
“What for?”
“Well, you girls were having all the fun with him. I just wanted to have my own fun too” Asuka said.
“So in your crazy s*x-clouded mind you thought it was a good idea to drug the poor kid.”
“Where’s the rest of the stuff?” Phoebe asked.
Asuka reached into her discarded boy shorts and handed her the bottle.
“Where did you get this?”
“I bought it off someone when I went to Manhattan.”
“So that’s why you went to New York. I said it. Our Asuka is not that a nice person. You see what I mean, Myra? How did you get him to drink this?”
“I…I spiked his drink.”
Kenny thought back to the lemonade. No wonder it tasted so unusually bitter.
“So how much did you give him?”
“I don’t know. I just kinda poured it in. Maybe about half the bottle” Asuka had replied sheepishly.

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The three girls now looked down at the poor boy as he sat on the bed, his very hard member throbbing painfully in the air.
“We have to get him to the hospital” Asuka pleaded.
“Hey use your brains for once. We certainly can’t take him to the hospital. He’s barely 18. We’ll be arrested.” Myra said.
“But what can we do about this?” Asuka said, ignoring the insult.
“It’s not my problem” Phoebe replied.
“It is. And mine. All of us. We have to sort this out somehow.” Myra fired back.
They bantered among themselves for a while before Kenny spoke up.
“Um….Misses? We’re talking about my discomfort here” he said.
Myra turned and stared at his waving wand. “The only way I see us figuring this out” she said “is we try make him come some more.”
“Pour More?!!!!” Kenny and Asuka said in unison.
“What do you mean come some more? How will that work?” asked an interested Phoebe.
“Look at it this way” Myra explained. “If we make him come again and again it will take the desire out of him. That will at least make him relax and his thing go down.”
“What if it doesn’t work?”
“Well we have to try something.”
Phoebe thought a moment. “Well, it’s a start. Maybe afterwards we can then douse him in a cold icy bath.”
“Ermm…maybe the cold bath will be a better idea than the whole making me Pour again idea?” Kenny pleaded.
“No. We have to get it out first. After that THEN we can try the bath.” Phoebe responded.

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Myra looked at Asuka and yanked her pink towel off her.
“Hey what the hell are you doing!!!!” Asuka yelled, trying to grab her towel back.

Myra tossed the bundled up towel over her head to Phoebe, who immediately flung it to one side, daring the Unclad Akusa to reach for it.
“And since you’re the one who caused all this” Myra continued, staring at her body and grabbing a b0s0m, “you are going to be the guinea pig in this experiment. Now, down on your knees.”

Ignoring her protests, Myra and Phoebe pushed Asuka down to her knees and dragged her to beneath Kenny’s thighs, the monster there slapping against her face as they both pushed her head down towards it.

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