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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 15

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

“Go ahead. Pour inside me. I want to feel it in me.” Asuka replied, her cunt squeezing hard, milking him.

Kenny groaned and gripped her hips harder. He thrust his hips faster as he began to erupt. Asuka could feel Kenny’s J0yst!ck throb and hot Pour spray deep inside of her, and the warm feeling brought her to her own orgasm.

“Oh F**K, yeah,” she groaned. She could feel Kenny’s powerful rod emptying its warm load deep into her. She felt physically helpless against him but mentally in control. She had Kenny right where she wanted him. She was finally unleashing the S#xual animal trapped in her for so long and it was making her feel like a s£[email protected] woman again. Kenny was leaning over her, his J0yst!ck still jammed up her contracting cunt. She basked in the warm afterglow of her receding climax.

“Finally, our dear friend has stepped up to the plate” they both heard a voice say.

Stunned, Kenny and Asuka turned to the door.

Myra and Phoebe stood there, wide grins on their faces, staring down at Asuka leaning over the side of the tub, Kenny kneeling behind her, his J0yst!ck still impaled in her cunt.
“Wha…what are you guys doing here?” Asuka demanded, blushing a deep shade of red in embarrassment.
“Well,” Phoebe said, stepping into the steamy bathroom and hovering over both of them, “you did promise you were going to make breakfast for us, didn’t you?”

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Asuka had totally forgotten about her promise.
“We both thought you guys will be done with your tutoring, but when you refused to come down and we got hungry, we came to fetch you” Phoebe continued.
“Didn’t know you were already “feeding” here.” Myra chipped in.
“You guys were quite loud. We could hear you through the bedroom door.”
“How long have you been standing there?” Asuka asked ashamed.
“Let’s see” Phoebe said, “I know I heard you say something about him driving your itch away.”

Myra burst out laughing. Kenny’s eyes were downcast. They had been listening for quite a while.
“You didn’t even hear us open the door.”
“I told you she was up to something I couldn’t place” Phoebe said. “She finally convinced herself to get la!d. Atta girl.”
Kenny was really embarrassed. He tried to pull out of Asuka but her cunt clenched down on him.
“Please, no!!!! Don’t move!!! Not yet!!!” She shouted helplessly.

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“I have to move Miss Asuka.” Kenny said.
“If you move, I…I will…lose it.” Asuka pleaded.
“This I want to see.” Phoebe remarked. She grabbed Kenny by the shoulders and pulled him back, his J0yst!ck coming out of Asuka’s cunt with a loud pop.
“NNNooo!!” Asuka cried.

She began to feel the rumblings of her climax begin to brew deep in her. Her body began to shake and with a loud cry, her cunt began to gush. The others watched in fascination as her juices began to spray out of her.
“Wow, Asuka. You’re a gusher” Myra remarked.

Asuka slipped over and out of the tub, her strong orgasm waning. She lay on the tiled floor, her body shuddering as she giggled like an idiot.
“Well, I didn’t see that coming.” Phoebe remarked as they watched their friend pass out.

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