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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 14

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

The hot water pouring out of the shower fogged up the steamy bathroom. Kenny stood in the tub, his back pressed against the wall. Bolts and bolts of pleasure shot through him as he looked down at Asuka kneeling in front of him, her firm breasts wrapped snugly around his stiff J0yst!ck as she slowly titfu-Cked him. They both watched as she moved, his J0yst!ck disappearing and reappearing between her lovely breasts, pr£cuum flowing out freely from his head. Her [email protected] tingled and she could feel the wetness flowing down her thigh. Her Tips were as hard as rocks and every time the head of his J0yst!ck or her fingers brushed against them, they sent a jolt of pleasure through her that made her gasp.

“Kenny,” she panted his name in desire as she moved her breasts up and down around his shaft, “does it feel good?”
“I…It feels great, Miss Asuka” Kenny replied. “Your breasts are so…soft.”
Asuka panted harder. The effects the drug had on her body made it seem her body was on fire. She could feel his J0yst!ck getting hotter and hotter.

She titfu-Cked him faster.
“Ahhh…Miss Asuka…it feels too good…..”
“I love it too Kenny” she continued to gasp, saliva drooling out of the corners of her mouth. “I love the way your J0yst!ck is sliding in and out of my cleavage. Please Pour whenever you want.”
“I…I don’t want to Pour on your face” Kenny responded. His J0yst!ck was positioned straight at her face and he knew with all the stimulation he was feeling he was going to explode with force.

His legs began to tremble.
“It doesn’t matter. We are in the bathroom.” She looked up at him and giggled. “That’s a funny expression on your face. Are my breasts are making you feel that good?”
“Y..yes Miss…ah….Miss Asuka.” Kenny responded. He clenched his teeth. This was waaay too good. His engorged head began to tingle. His hips began to buck and he knew he was going to Pour.
“Kenny, your J0yst!ck is throbbing, are you going to Pour? Go ahead, Pour for me!!!”
She mashed her breasts harder around his J0yst!ck and titfu-Cked him faster. Kenny’s head began to spin and he thrust his hips wildly. He surprised her when he forcefully grabbed her shoulders, pulling her close to him.

With the force of a firehose, he began to Pour.

Asuka was first caught unawares by the sheer force of his climax. Trying as hard as she could, she couldn’t contain the volcano of Pour erupting from him. Gallons and gallons of man juice forced its way out of him. She tried to curtail the blast by wrapping her breasts over his head, but the geyser it formed shot her straight in the face. She moved back and the rest of his Pour sprayed everywhere, landing on her chin, her hair, some even flew on her shoulder. The sheer force of all that Pour splashing all over her body was enough to send a powerful orgasm through her too and she collapsed backwards.
“Oh gosh Kenny!!!” she wailed as her orgasm hit her.

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Kenny grabbed his J0yst!ck and jerked the remaining Pour all over her belly. He slipped down and landed on his rump gasping, the sheer power of his orgasm exhausting. Surprisingly, after all that Pour, he was still very hard. He looked at Asuka. It seemed as if he had filled a bucket with his juice and poured it all over her. Her whole body was covered.
“Wow Kenny, where did that come from?” she asked, feigning ignorance. She had lost count at the tenth shot from him when her own climax hit her.
“I…I don’t know Miss Asuka. This is not like me.” Kenny said alarmed.
Asuka’s cunt was still tingling and itchy after her climax. She needed it to be scratched badly. She reached forward and wrapped her fingers round Kenny’s still hard J0yst!ck.
“Miss Asuka!!! Please, I just came!!! It’s sensitive!!!”
Asuka ignored him. She cupped his balls and caressed them, feeling their weight. She continued to jerk him off and he began to m0an again.
“You are m0an!ng like a girl.” Asuka laughed.
“R…REALLY???” Kenny squeaked.
“Don’t worry, I will make you feel good.”
What has gotten into her, Kenny wondered. She wasn’t really like this. Did she find out? He was fast approaching another orgasm.
“Do you want to cover me with your Pour again, eh Kenny? Go ahead, come as much as you want.”
She jerked him off faster and he blasted another load of jizz over her stomach.
“That’s it baby, Pour for me.” Asuka purred.
“Miss Asuka, we can’t keep on going” Kenny pleaded, his painfully sensitive J0yst!ck still stiff.
“No way!!!!” Asuka fired back. “You are still very hard.”
She stroked him for a few more times and then leaned over the side of the tub, her perfectly shaped arse just making him get harder in spite of all the Pour he had blasted all over her. Her [email protected] was leaking badly and some of her juices ran down her thigh. She reached back and spread her lips for him.
“Kenny, spear me with that J0yst!ck” she pleaded. “I’m soaking wet. My [email protected] tingles and itches. I want you to scrub it with your J0yst!ck. Hurry!!! I can’t stand it anymore!!!!”
Kenny weakly positioned himself behind her. He slid effortlessly into her warmth and he was surprised he still felt aroused.
“Yes!!! That’s it!!! Scrub that [email protected] baby!!!

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Make the itch go away!!!”

Kenny started his usual slow and easy rhythm. Asuka wanted it hard and rough.
“Harder, Kenny,” she said impatiently. Kenny began to pick up the pace. “That’s it, pound me, Kenny!” His pelvis was now slapping against her butt0ckz. “What, what’s, got, oh, yeah, into, you, Miss Asuka?”
“Your J0yst!ck. It’s driving me wild,” Asuka replied. She rocked her hips backwards to match his own thrusts.
“Slap my butt0ckz,” Asuka ordered.
“What?” Kenny was stunned by her suggestion.
“Do it,” Asuka demanded. She felt a gentile slap on her butt0ckz. She was tempted to laugh at his lame attempt but held it back. “That’s it, again but harder,” she encouraged, as she raised her knee on the edge of the tub. “Shame on you Kenny. Spank me harder.” she goaded him. He raised his hand again and brought it down with a loud whack. “Don’t be so nice to me, slap my butt0ckz again,” Asuka said.

This was quite unusual for Kenny. He raised his hand again and brought it down hard. Asuka felt another slap, but this time it stung, causing her to jump.

“That’s it. Do it again.” She said. Kenny gave her another hard slap and this time she yelped. A red imprint of his hand formed on her skin. Asuka was quite flattered by this, but still wanted him to be more aggressive.
“Grab my hair and pull my head back and kiss my neck.” Asuka continued to instruct with a delightful voice. The bathroom had been transformed into a steamy tropical rain forest and they were having s*x like wild animals. Kenny complied with her instructions and pulled her head back.
“Ouch, take it easy, you’re being rough with me,” Asuka whined, but she was only joking with him.
“Sorry, I’m not used to this.” Kenny was naive to Asuka’s pretending banter.
“I’m just playing, silly.” Asuka giggled while she rocked back and forth to keep Kenny’s strokes coming.
“You should call me a J0yst!ck tease.” She was pushing the limits of Kenny’s boundaries.

Kenny was astounded by her suggestion. What did she mean by that comment? Kenny had never dared call anyone derogatory names. Right now he had a free pass so he went for it.
“You are a…J0yst!ck tease,” Kenny said rather sheepishly. Calling her a J0yst!ck tease triggered an immediate jolt of heat to Kenny’s J0yst!ck.

He knew that he couldn’t hold back.
“I’m about to Pour again Miss Asuka” he warned her.

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