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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 13

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

Asuka cooked a lovely dinner for them that evening. They so much enjoyed it and praised her for it.
“Asuka, this is good. I didn’t know you could cook this nicely” Myra said as she gobbled up her food.
“Yeah, this is delicious.” Phoebe mumbled, stuffing her face. “You’re definitely our new cook when we get back to college. No more cafeteria food for me!!!”
They all laughed and enjoyed their dinner. Asuka’s mind was more on what she was planning out. She looked over at Kenny. She was beginning to think it might be a bad idea but the now ever present tingling in her groin made her ignore the feeling of dread deep in her. Asuka didn’t want to seem too desperate when the time came for her to carry her plan out. She still had two more days to think it over.

The day came before she even knew it. Her morning tutoring session. Kenny came in early, and he gaped at Asuka. Why do these things keep happening to me? He asked himself. Asuka had intentionally not worn a bra that morning, and the sheer camisole she wore couldn’t hide anything from view. One of the flimsy straps had fallen off her shoulder, and her barely covered breasts were the only things preventing the pink camisole from falling off totally. He could see the shapes of her Tips beneath the cloth. He knew that with just one breath of wind, that top will come fluttering off her. He could also see the perfect V-shape between her legs and caught a glimpse of her thong underneath her very short and tight boy shorts. His rod began to stir to life again.

Asuka came over and gave him a hug, something she had NEVER done before. What was going on?

He felt her breasts pressed against him and he was pretty sure she must have felt his bulge growing against her smooth thigh.
“Good morning Kenny” she said. “Let’s begin.”

She sat down cross-legged beside him and they began their lesson for the day. For the next one hour, Kenny found it hard to concentrate. His attention and gaze kept going to her exposed breasts. She seemed to intentionally lead him on.

Miss Asuka has never been like this before. Even when she caught him staring at her b0s0m more than once, the Asuka he knew would have rapped a ruler across his knuckles. This one here just smiled and continued the lesson.

Asuka too was finding it hard to concentrate too.

Her mind kept drifting to what lay ahead. She looked at her watch and stood up.
“We need a break. I’m going to get a drink. You want one?” she asked.
“Yes. Please.” Kenny said. He definitely needed to cool down.

Asuka went downstairs to the kitchen and poured two tall glasses of lemonade. Hesitating, she pulled out the small glass bottle and opened it.

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Did she really want to do this? She poured the contents into both drinks before her mind betrayed her and she backed out. She must have poured more than necessary, she thought. She added some more cold lemonade in the glasses and carried them up to her room.

Kenny took the glass proferred to him and sipped the cool drink. Asuka watched him closely her heart beating fast as he drank. She got alarmed when he saw him grimace.
“Eww, what’s this?” Kenny said. Did he know she spiked the drink?
Thinking fast, Asuka responded. “It’s grapefruit. I added a little bit of it to the lemonade, you know, to give it a little tangy taste.”
“Hmmm, that explains it.” Kenny said and took another large gulp.

They continued their lesson. Asuka watched him closely. After a while Kenny began to feel tinglish.

He could feel his body begin to tremble a bit and his J0yst!ck began to grow. He attributed the feeling to the s*xy** half-Unclad lady sitting beside him. He looked at her with dazed eyes and for once, he realized she was beautiful.

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“Miss Asuka, I never told you this, but you are very beautiful.” Obviously his J0yst!ck was doing the talking for him now. Asuka blushed.
“Thank you Kenny.”
“You know, I initially didn’t like you. You were so mean to me. But now that I see you more relaxed and nice, you’re not so bad.” He looked all over body. “You have a nice body.”

His eyes went to her heaving chest. “Your b0s0m are beautiful too. Can…can I touch them?”
Woah, slow down Kenny!!! Where did that come from? Obviously he wasn’t thinking straight. Was it his escapades with Miss Myra and Miss Phoebe that was making him bolder?
Asuka was taken aback a bit by his bluntness. She smiled at him and caressed his arm. She was beginning to feel funny as well as the drug took effect.
“I think you have been staring at me for too long. You are not thinking straight.” She caressed his face, both of them looking at each other with dazed eyes. “Maybe we should stop for today.”
She touched his lips with her fingers, and looked into his eyes. She didn’t know when hers closed and their lips met. They kissed each other hungrily, and Kenny’s hand began to caress her exposed cleavage, kneading and fondling her left b0s0m. Asuka sighed in pleasure. She gently pushed him away.
“No Kenny, we have to continue your lesson.”
“I…I’m sorry, Miss Asuka. I shouldn’t have done that.”
“No don’t apologize. I caused all this. I shouldn’t have worn something so…revealing.”
“No I like your body. You are very beautiful.”
“Look Kenny you are a great kid. I like you.” She glanced down at his J0yst!ck which by now was bulging through his shorts.
“You see what I mean? I’ve made you get a hard on. I shouldn’t have done that.”
Kenny looked down at the bulge in his shorts. “I’m sorry Miss Asuka.”
“No, it’s all my fault.” She hesitated a moment, then nervously placed her hand over it.

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She rubbed him through his shorts slowly, and a gasp escaped from his lips.
“Oh Miss Asuka, that feels good.” he gasped.
Asuka’s body was getting warmer. She knew once she crossed this point, there was no going back.
“Kenny, you can’t learn anything with…this….” She said, gripping his J0yst!ck softly. “If we…I….take care of it…if I make you…Pour…do you promise you will be okay?”
“Yes Miss Asuka, I promise.”
Asuka unzipped his shorts and pulled out his hot J0yst!ck. She gasped in awe, her eyes growing wide. It was even bigger than she had thought it would be. Her heart [email protected] so hard in her chest she began to hyperventilate.
“W…wow Kenny.” was all she could say.
She took a few breaths to calm herself down.

Easy Asuka, just breath, you will be alright. This is what you wanted. Just go ahead slowly. She listened to the voice in her head as it guided her on what to do. She wrapped her fingers around his length and slowly began to stroke him. Immediately his pr£cuum began to flow out freely. She watched in fascination as her hand smeared it liberally along his shaft. Her other hand found its way between her thighs to the warm wetness and she stroked her hard nub, tingles shooting through her.

In a matter of minutes Kenny began to m0an. “Miss Myra, I think I’m going to Pour!!” He announced.
Already? Was that it? Was this all she had prepared, planned for, dreamed about? His hips bucked and he came, his jizz shooting in the air and landing on her chest, her clothes, some on her thigh, and the rest dribbling over her hand. Disappointed, Asuka let go of his J0yst!ck. She expected it to wilt but unexpectedly, he remained very hard.
“K…Kenny, aren’t you supposed to go down?” she asked him.
“Y..yeah. I don’t know why I’m still hard.”
Asuka thought about the drug. Maybe it was stronger than she thought. Her spirits lifted again.
“We’ll, you are young. You just need to Pour some more.” She stood up and wiped her hand on her boy shorts. She pulled off her stained camisole, her breasts bouncing into view.
“Im sticky with your Pour. Let’s go take a bath.”
“Yes, dummy. Let’s go.”
She walked towards the bathroom, discarding her shorts along the way. Kenny stood up and removing his own clothes too, he followed her in.

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