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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 12

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

Asuka came down from her climax. She watched as Kenny’s arse bounced up and down in between Myra’s spread legs. She was surprised the pool chair hadn’t collapsed under their weight. She had seen rather than heard her Pour, and had seen Kenny stiffen as he also exploded.

She was actually surprised Myra had allowed him Pour in her. She wondered how it must have felt.

She finally made her decision. She knew what she had to do.

Finally they were both spent. She stopped bucking against him, and Kenny collapsed on top of her. They were both breathing raggedly, and with her chest pressed down against her oily and cummed tits, he could feel both their hearts beating a mile a minute. Myra slowly regained her composure, and her eyes focused up onto his.
“Sh*t!” she said as he shuddered. “I never Pour so hard in my life.”

She cupped his face with her oily hands and planted a kiss on his lips.
“Thank you. I really needed that release. I’ve not had s*x since I got here, and I was beginning to get cranky.”
Kenny rolled off her and she stood up. “Thanks Miss Myra.”
Myra felt his gooey Pour slipping out of her. she looked down and saw it sliding down her legs. “Want to join me in the pool?” She beckoned with her index finger.

Kenny stared up at her beautiful Unclad body covered in oil and his Pour.
“Ermm, I guess not. The others might be awake now and may catch us in the pool.”
“Well, your loss.” She turned and without even putting her bikini back on, without even cleaning herself up, she ran and dived Unclad into the pool.

Kenny watched her for a couple more minutes before grabbing his trunks. He slipped them on and headed into the house.

The good smell of pancakes and fried sausages wafted from the house to where Myra was sunbathing. Phoebe was making another nice breakfast for them all. She smacked her lips, and her tummy growled. All that energy she expended with Kenny had made her hungry. Her hangover had all but disappeared and right now she was ready to eat a horse. Grabbing her robe, she stood up and headed into the house. Phoebe came stumbling on wobbly legs down the stairs.

Myra was cooking. She just read her groggy mind. How did she get back home anyway? She didn’t remember anything.

They both ran into each other right at the foot of the stairs. They stared stupidly at each other for a few moments, and both stumbled into the kitchen. They were mildly surprised to find Asuka in an apron hovering over the cooker. The table was set with plates of steaming pancakes and scrambled eggs, and a bunch of sausages was sizzling in a pan on the fire.

Asuka smiled at them cheerfully as they gawked at her. “Good morning.”
Phoebe and Myra glanced at each other for a moment. “Good…morning Asuka”. Myra replied, still not believing what she was seeing.
“Er…Asuka? What gives?” Phoebe asked.
“Look you guys, I know I’ve been acting like a jerk lately. I apologize. The least I could do was to make breakfast of everyone.”
“You…cook?” Myra asked in disbelief.
“I’ve not even seen you boil water since we’ve known each other.” Phoebe exclaimed too.
“Yes, I do cook. I’ve been cooking since I was ten.”
She scooped the sausages from the pan and served them onto the plates. The aroma of the food made the two astonished girls water.
“Well, let’s tuck in. Where’s Kenny?”
Myra dialed Kenny to come down for their late breakfast. They were all surprised at the sudden change in her. Asuka who was more content to listen quietly at the table was today bringing up discussions after discussions. Phoebe and Myra kept glancing at each other while she yakked on? Who is this new Asuka? Even Kenny was amused at her sudden cheerfulness.

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Cheerful Asuka stayed with them for the next couple of days. She no longer bullied Kenny during their tutoring sessions. She spent more time explaining things better to him and for once, he was beginning to warm up to her.

On Thursday while they were lounging by the pool, Asuka told Phoebe and Myra she was going to be away for most of the following day.
“Where’re you going?” Myra asked.
“Manhattan? Who do you know in Manhattan?” Phoebe asked suspicious.
“No one. I surfed the net and I found a nice Japanese store in a place called SOHO. I want to prepare one of my mum’s special recipes for you guys.”
“Okay Asuka, that’s enough.” Myra said. “What’s going on?”
“What do you mean?”
“Your sudden change in attitude. Your cheerfulness this past week.”
“Yeah.” chipped in Phoebe. ”We know you to sometimes be the stuck up B***h, but come on, this takes the cake. We want our old Asuka back.

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Why all the sudden niceness?”
Asuka ignored the insult. “Well, you guys complained I was acting up a lot. I just want to make up for all my….bitchiness” she said as she glared at Phoebe who broke out into a smile.
“Well, why don’t we all drive down? It would be fun.”
“NO!!!” Asuka said rather hurriedly. “I mean…don’t worry. I’ll take the train.”
Phoebe looked at her suspiciously. “O….kay.”
Both stared after their friend as she stood up and walked to the pool.

“She’s up to something” Phoebe said.
“You think so?”
“I know so. I just can’t put my finger on it.”
“Well we have to wait and see, don’t we? Maybe she’s just changed.”
“Changed? A leopard can’t change its spots. She won’t be Asuka if she doesn’t have that bitchy attitude of hers.”
“Well, let’s give her the benefit of doubt.

We’ll see what she’s up to when she gets back.”
Asuka sat patiently outside the café, a cup of orange juice and a half eaten egg sandwich on the table in front of her, her shopping bag full of groceries at her feet. She typed furiously on her phone while she waited for him.

A shifty looking youth with a backpack walked by, his eyes scanning the lively folks sitting in the lovely sun outside the café. He spotted the beautiful skimpy-dressed Asian looking chick at the far end table and he hurried over to her and sat down.

“Do you have it?” Asuka asked in Japanese without even looking up.
“Yes. This thing is hard to come by. You have the dough?” he asked in English.

Asuka dipped her hand into her purse and brought out three $50 notes. She let him see them.
“The product, please.”
The guy secretly opened his bag and brought out a small bottle with clear fluid. He made to pass it to her.
“Not over the table you idiot.” Asuka hissed at him.
“Sorry.” He furtively passed the bottle to her under the table and she grabbed it and made it vanish in her bag. She handed him the three notes.
“Hey, this is not what we agreed on. You owe me 300 bucks.” The young guy said.
“Count yourself lucky you are getting more than 100. That’s all youre gonna get.”
“I’m gonna call the cops on you.” The dude said not thinking.
“And tell them what exactly?” Asuka asked. She took off her dark shades and stared at him, her eyes cold as ice. “Tell them you couldn’t score on an illegal deal with a prescription drug? Who do you think they’ll believe? A young, reasonable college kid like me or a street thug out on probation?” she saw him jerk back surprised.
“Yes, I know. I did my homework. I’ve known you’ve been in and out of detention for the past three years. Why don’t we call the cops and let them know that, and see who he believes.”
She saw a cop walking by on the sidewalk. “Hey there’s one now. Why don’t we talk to him? OFFICER!!! OFFICER!! HI!!!”

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The black police officer walked up to where the Asian girl and her younger companion sat. “What can I do for you?”
“My cousin has something to tell you” she smiled up at him sweetly. He was tried hard not to stare at her exposed chest. He turned to the young guy sitting opposite her. The guy was staring up at him tongue-tied and sweating.
“Well? What do you have to say?” he asked.
Asuka watched for a few moments as he sweat under the stare of the burly cop. She smiled at him again.
“Oh, he’s just shy. He told me he liked the work you guys in the NYPD put into getting crooks off the street. Said he would one day like to work for the cops. Am I right?” she turned to ask.

The guy pulled on his collar and swallowed several times. He began to feel hot. “Y…yes” he squeaked.
“Good. Thanks.” The cop stared at him closely. “Do I know you?”
“No” Asuka spoke up. “We just came here from Boston for the weekend.”
“I’m sure I’ve seen your face before.” The cop stared at the young guy as he melted in fear under his gaze. He shrugged his shoulders. ”Maybe you look like someone I know. Anyways thanks for the compliments. Have a nice day.” he said, tipping his hat at the young Asian lady and walking away.

The young guy began to breathe. “Please…”
“Don’t you ever threaten me with the cops ever again, you understand? You could have been hauled off to jail this moment. You know your dad won’t want that, would he?”
“Don’t bring my dad into this.” The guy said seething with fear and anger.
“Just remember, I can ruin you just like this” Asuka said, snapping her fingers. “Now, get the hell out of my sight. You disgust me.”
He slowly stood up and looked at her with so much hate. He grabbed his backpack and disappeared into the afternoon crowd.

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