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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 11

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

His hands never left her skin as he mechanically continued to rub more and more oil on her. He was just going through the motions now, his whole body transfixed on her. She gasped again as his hands passed close to her mound, and she pulled on the strings of her already damp bikini bottom, pulling them off. She now lay totally Unclad on the lounge, her mound as smooth as a baby’s skin. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. Her eyes told him everything.

Myra raised her hips a bit, and Kenny reached down over her belly to spread her [email protected] lips. He brushed over her cl!t with his oily fingers, and she cried out sharply, nearly scaring Kenny. He let out a deep breath and twisted one finger into his tutor’s cunt. She m0aned and pushed backwards, sending Kenny’s finger deeper. He used his middle finger to stroke her cl!t, and she gripped the edges of the chair. Her mouth opened, but she only made little, halted cries as she came. Kenny groaned as she clamped onto his finger and wiggled. She bit her lip as her hips moved in languid circles. Kenny pulled his soaked hand away as his breathing was speeding up out of control.

“F**K, I want to Pour” he whispered.
He didn’t know Myra heard. She immediately reached up and gripped his shaft with her hand that slippery with lotion. Her touch was electric, and Kenny’s legs jerked a little.
“Unhh. Unhh. Oh, God.” he m0aned.

Not stopping her motions, she picked up the bottle and squirted more oil onto her other hand. She then wrapped both oil coated hands around his shaft and began to jerk him off faster.
“Oh God,” Kenny groaned. It felt sooo wonderful! They both watched as Myra jacked her hands up and down Kenny’s rock hard J0yst!ck. On the upstroke her hand went all the way up and over the sensitive head. She sure knew what she was doing. Kenny didn’t know how long he would last.

Myra moved one of her hands down under his butt0ckz. He felt her finger penetrate his arsehole and tensed. “Relax, I know what I’m doing. Let’s see if I can remember…”

Kenny slowly relaxed his pucker hole. Myra pushed her finger deeper and wiggled it around as she continued to whack him off with her other hand. Suddenly she hit a spot that sent an electric charge through his body.
“Unnnh! Oh, God, oh…” Kenny’s entire body was tensing as she pressed against what he would later learn was his prostate. “Jesus. That. Feels. So. Good! I’m gonna Pour! OH MISS MYRA, I’M GONNA Pour!! OH, GOD!!”
“Pour on my tits baby!!!” Myra breathed huskily, her hand sq££zed tighter and started literally flying up and down his granite J0yst!ck shaft. “Yes! Yesss!! Pour for me dear!!”
Kenny’s hips started bucking uncontrollably and he yelled as the first jets of jizz shot out. The first shot splattered on her left b0s0m soon followed by another stream hitting her right tit. She kept jacking him off, and he continued to Pour white ropes of Pour juice. Milking the last of his jizz from his softening J0yst!ck, he creamed her chest and belly. She m0aned and her body writhed on the lounge.
As Kenny came down off his orgasm Myra switched to gentle milking motions, and eventually just held his softening J0yst!ck in her hand until his breathing steadied and he opened his eyes again. Myra was smiling at him, her body from the waist up to her neck covered in his Pour.
“Feel better now?” she asked, stroking his J0yst!ck in her hand.

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“Oh God, Miss Myra. That was… incredibly great.”
She smiled. “You obviously needed this… just think of it as my way of helping you relieving your…tension, okay?”
Kenny looked back at her. Myra’s hand was still wrapped around his J0yst!ck, stroking it gently. She felt it begin to stir again.
“Wow, you really do need a lot of release.” She moved a bit and pulled Kenny over her.

Reaching between them, she gripped his already hardened J0yst!ck and guided it into her steaming [email protected]
“Oh, gosh!” Kenny said “Jeez, Miss Myra, you’re so tight…”
“That’s nothing,” she said. “Hang on…” She grabbed his arse with both hands and pulled him down onto her, and his full seven inches plunged into her cunt.

Asuka continued to watch transfixed at the live show going on below. She was right. Myra too was in it. She couldn’t believe it. And here she stood fingering herself. She continued to stare as she watched her friend jerk him off over her Unclad oily body. She saw him tense up and his hips bucked. Asuka couldn’t avert her eyes as she saw his jizz come flying out of him and splatter all over Myra’s breasts and tummy as she lay there on the lounge. Her friend continued to stroke his J0yst!ck while they talked and to Asuka’s surprise, he saw him growing hard in her hand again. What sort of steroids was this guy on? She couldn’t believe it. Her cunt began to tingle again and she knew she needed to get F***ed. She had to admit it to herself. She had denied herself for too long. She had to do something.

She turned back to the window and watched as Myra pulled Kenny on top of her again.

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The feeling was indescribable. Miss Myra was so tight that Kenny’s entire J0yst!ck felt encased in a hot, slick vise. She started a low m0an that quickly rose in volume and pitch. He could feel her vaginal muscles rippling around his J0yst!ck.

She started bucking and her head thrashed back and forth. It felt like she was cumming, and he hadn’t even started moving yet!
“Miss…Myra? Are you all right?” he asked worried.
She looked up at him. Her breathing was ragged and shallow.
“Yes,” she panted, “I am.” She grabbed his butt0ckz harder. “Now, F**K me! F**K me hard, Sweetie!” he started moving his hips, slowly working up to a good rhythm. “No, goddammit! F**K ME!!” She started bucking her hips up to meet his, twice as fast as he was moving.

Kenny got the idea. He started moving faster, really slamming into her, pistoning his J0yst!ck in and out, grinding his pubic bone against hers as he bottomed out against her cervix. All the while he could feel her cunt contracting around his J0yst!ck, and her juices spurting out. The vise-like feeling increased, and he didn’t know how long he could hold out, but kept slamming into her.

Sweat began to drip from his forehead onto her face.
“Yes, YES!!” she screamed. “GOD, OH GOD KENNY!! F**K ME BABY, FILL UP MY CUNT!! OH GOD, OHGODOHGOD, AAAAAAGH!!!” Her vocalization was constant now, a mixture of m0an!ng, screaming, and filthy talk, and her fingernails dug into his back. “sU-Ck MY TITS, BABY, OH PLEASE, BITE MY Tips!!”
Kenny sU-Cked and nibbled both of her Tips as he continued pounding into her, and then finally felt the approach of his orgasm.
“Miss Myra, I’m going to Pour again.” he started to pull out of her, but she grabbed his butt0ckz and pulled him to her.
“NO!! Don’t you dare pull out, DON’T YOU DARE! I need to feel you Pour inside of me, I need it!!” She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and began to buck up against him even faster, milking his J0yst!ck, willing me to Pour.
“Is it safe? I…I don’t want to get you pregnant or anything.” Kenny asked.
“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill. NOW FILL ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“OK, Miss Myra, here it is… right now… Unngh. Ahhh! AHHH!! Oh God! OHHHH!! I’M CUMMING!!”
Kenny closed his eyes and arched his back. It felt as though he was pumping quarts of Pour into her. The s£nsat!on was incredible; he almost passed out from the pleasure of it.
“YES, BABY, YES!!” Myra screamed, her own wave hitting her. “Pour FOR ME!! Pour WITH ME, BABY!! OH, GOD, YES, I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING INSIDE ME!!!”

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