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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 10

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

Phoebe drove as the three of them headed into town for the evening. They had agreed to go to a nice club to chill out. The s*xy** girls had worn the tightest of clothes, showing off their lovely breasts and their smooth thighs. They looked smoking hot. Surprisingly, Kenny enjoyed himself when they got to the club. Being eighteen, he wasn’t allowed to drink so he settled for some orange juice. They had a lot of fun as they danced to the loud beats the DJ dropped, and apart from the fact that the girls kept grinding up to him, pushing their breasts into his chest and grinding their round arses into his ever growing J0yst!ck while they danced, he had a great time.

By the time they left the club at around three in the morning, the girls were plastered from having so many drinks in them. He had to almost carry them to the car, and Phoebe even puked on the sidewalk. He endured their drunken yelling as he drove them home in the wee hours of the morning, and by the time he had got them both tucked in their beds, he was exhausted. He thought he heard Miss Asuka’s door close at the far end of the hall, but he was too tired to check on her.
The sun rays woke him up around eight the following morning. He yawned and stretched, acknowledging his morning wood. He remembered the fun time he had the night before and smiled. He stood up and peered out the window. Everywhere seemed quiet. He looked down at the pool and decided it was a good idea to take a morning swim. He stripped off his boxers and jumped into his swim trunks. Grabbing his towel, he went outside to the pool. The house was so quiet. No one except him was up. The girls were probably still sleeping off their hangovers, and he found out he didn’t really care much about whether Miss Asuka was up or not.

Just before he dove into the pool an idea crossed his mind. Why not? Looking around quickly, he stripped off his swim trunks and dove Unclad into the pool. The cool water felt good on his body and he swam slowly across a couple of times. He lay on his back, floating for a while, the water waking him up properly. He wasn’t aware that a pair of eyes were watching him.

Asuka woke up. She was still angry at her friends. She had locked herself up in her room after she had stomped off from dinner the evening before and was not aware when the others had gone out. She had gone to bed early and had been woken up around four that morning by some drunken voices. She had opened her door and had seen first Myra and then Phoebe staggering against Kenny as he led them to their rooms.
She was still staring out the window when she saw Kenny walking out the backyard towards the pool. She watched him closely and was mildly surprised when she saw him look around quickly. Her heart began to beat again as he pulled down his trunks. She got a glimpse of his hard J0yst!ck as he dived in the pool and started swimming.

Her throat was getting parched again as she watched him float on his back, the focus of her attention just below the water. She began to feel those familiar tingles between her legs again and she unconsciously began to caress her Tips, pinching them hard, a soft gasp escaping her lips. She felt her legs begin to wobble slightly and her cunt begin to go wet.

She had just slipped her finger into her wetness when she saw Myra step out on the porch below her window.

Myra woke up with a splitting headache. She tried getting up but the pain shot through her head, making her gasp. She felt as if her head had been split open with an axe. She lay back on her pillow and waited a while for her head to stop throbbing.
She couldn’t remember much about last night. All she knew was she, Kenny, and Phoebe had gone clubbing. The only thing she could recollect was the dancing and all the fun and drinks that flowed freely. She wondered how she had made it home and into her bed.

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After a couple of minutes she felt her head was steady enough. She stood up on wobbly legs. She was still in her party clothes. They reeked of sweat, cigar smoke, and alcohol. She stripped off her grimy clothes and dumped them in a corner. She would take care of them later. Right now she needed to wake herself up and gather her wits. Maybe a short dip in the pool will clear her head.
She put on her skimpy bikini and wore a bath robe over it. She stepped out of her room and knocked quietly on Phoebe’s door. There was no response and she slowly opened the door. Phoebe still lay sprawled on the bed, her limbs flung in every direction, her mouth open as she snored. Myra quietly closed the door and walked through the quiet house. She wondered where everyone else was. She walked through the kitchen to the backyard. Stepping out on the porch, the bright rays from the sun almost blinded her. She grimaced from the pain and quickly put on the dark shades she had remembered to bring along. As her eyes adjusted, she became aware of someone in the pool about twenty feet away.

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Squinting, she saw it was Kenny. She at first thought the sun was playing tricks on her but as she approached, she realized he was actually skinny dipping. She could clearly see the outline of his J0yst!ck in the water as he floated on his back and she smiled. He didn’t know she was gawking at him as he floated by. Myra quietly removed the robe she was wearing and lay on one of the lounge chairs. She positioned herself so that she could watch him.
Kenny became aware he wasn’t alone when he saw a shadow. He initially thought it was one of the chairs and was just stepping out of the pool when he froze halfway out. Miss Myra lay in one of the lounge chairs staring at him through a pair of dark sunglasses.
“Good morning.” she said, her eyes glued to his J0yst!ck.
“G…good morning Miss Myra.”
She lay on her back, propped up by her elbows. Her yellow bikini barely covered her body and her b0s0m stood proudly on her chest. He stared at this hot half-caste girl lounging not quite five feet away from him. His J0yst!ck began to respond to what his eyes were feeding his brain, growing longer and nodding as it filled with blood. If he could have seen her eyes he would have noticed her eyes were glued on his J0yst!ck. Myra watched transfixed as he began to grow right in front of him. He then realized he was literally giving her a full view of his rising J0yst!ck and he sank back in the pool.
“I…I’m sorry Miss Myra. I dint know you were awake.”
Myra licked her lips. “Don’t…you don’t need to apologize. I should have let you know I was here.”
Kenny stood in the pool, the water just below his waist. Unfortunately for him, his swim trunks were on the chair right beside Miss Myra. There was no way he was getting out of the pool without him walking Unclad beside him. Rather than feel embarrassed, he felt thrilled.
Myra was beginning to feel the sun on her skin. She reached out for the sun tan oil that sat on one of the stools.

“Kenny, would you be a darling and apply this oil on me? My skin’s beginning to burn.”
He warily got out of the pool and reached for his trunks. He tried his best to hide his hard on as he slipped into them. Myra had by then turned onto her stomach, her round arse in plain view.
Sitting down beside her on the chair, he poured some of the oil in his hands and began to rub it over her back. The cool oil rubbing over her skin made her sigh. She turned to face him and noticed he had already put his trunks back on.

“Oh, you’ve dressed?” she said. “I sort of liked what you were not wearing just a bit ago”. A slutty, F**K-it smile crossed her face. “You can get comfortable around me. Go ahead, remove your trunks. You look uncomfortable.”
As Kenny hesitantly pulled his trunks down, his J0yst!ck flopped out for her to see. It was rigid and by the look on her face, she was very pleased. Before she lay back down she pulled on the string of her bikini on her back.
“Let’s get this out of the way, shall we.” Myra said. She took off her top and her beautiful breasts fell free. The skin on her breasts matched those of her body and Kenny assumed she enjoyed sunbathing topless – or even Unclad! She lay back down on the lounge chair.
“Come on, don’t let me get burned.”
Silently pleading with his now rock hard J0yst!ck, he continued to apply the oil to her lovely skin.

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She purred and m0aned with pleasure as he massaged the oil into her, covering her bare back, applying and rubbing down to her waist.
His J0yst!ck was growing harder by the second as he straddled over Miss Myra’s thighs and worked his fingers over her back. The base of his J0yst!ck was fitting quite nicely between her butt0ckz cheeks, he noticed. He wondered what she was thinking. Sh*t!!! He wondered what he was doing!!!! His heart was racing and the sweat on his forehead seemed to be coming out of hundreds of little faucets behind his hairline. She had to notice. How could she not?
His hands moved to her lower back, brushing along the top of her bikini bottoms and barely brushing her hips. He looked over her butt0ckz for a good long while as he rubbed her back. His eyes roamed down her thighs and then back up her ribs, trying to catch a peek at her breasts.
“Oh F**K, that feels good,” Myra m0aned as Kenny’s hands slid down her back.
He cupped his hands together, leaving the edges of them on either side of her spine. Unconsciously, he thrust forward with his hips, shoving his hands down and forward, letting out a loud grunt. Myra’s back arched up a bit as he pressed into her.
“Wow, Kenny, are you trying to F**K my butt0ckz or what?” She laughed.
“N…No Miss Myra!” Kenny laughed nervously. “I was just trying to get every part of your body, th…that’s all.”
“Well, you can continue to rub my butt0ckz, but don’t F**K it! Geez!”
“You want me to rub your butt0ckz?” Kenny asked in disbelief.
“Yeah, it’s part of my body too!”
His hands trembling, he sq££zed oil over her cheeks in little dribbles. Myra m0aned happily, and Kenny sq££zed her arse in both hands. His fingers kneaded into her muscles, and her body writhed slightly. Kenny noticed her smiling. Was she getting off on this? His J0yst!ck felt like it could burst at any second. His thumbs dragged along the backs of her thighs, creeping inside just a bit.

Myra spread her legs just a bit, and Joe’s thumbs accidentally brushed over her [email protected] lips. Myra gasped.
“I…I’m sorry Miss Myra” he immediately apologized. He immediately stood up.
“Where are you going?” Myra asked, her eyes flying open.
“I…I’m done” Kenny responded. His J0yst!ck as painfully swollen now. He reached down to pick up his trunks but Myra grabbed his wrist.
“No you haven’t. You haven’t finished.”
She turned and lay on her back on the pool chair. She rested her hands over her head and smiled. Kenny hesitated, then began rubbing the oil all over her breasts, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, and belly. There was nothing he could do about his enormous woody and Myra giggled as she looked at it. She playfully flicked his J0yst!ck with her finger. Kenny felt like a bolt of lightning had gone through him.
“My, you do need to calm down” she said huskily.

Kenny finished applying the lotion on her thighs and feet and noticed that she had closed her eyes and was softly m0an!ng. Her breasts were magnificent, glistening in the sun. He couldn’t take his eyes off the yellow-covered mound between her legs. Sweat, oil, and her [email protected] dew was beginning to soak through her bikini bottom.

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