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Sexy Tutors (18+) – [Episode 1 – 17]

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

The quiet rumbling of the train over the tracks as it bulleted its way along the countryside calmed his thoughts. Kenny stared out the window as houses, farms, and much of the land whizzed by.

For the past couple of hours he had been thinking of the next excuse he would give to his dad for his most recent poor result. He had delayed his departure from school for as long as he could, but since school policies dictated everyone must leave their rooms for the summer by the end of the week, he had no choice.

He decided to take the train as against taking the usual 2 hour flight home. He wanted to delay the inevitable, facing his dad with his most recent failure. Not that he was a bad student or anything, but he was just too playful. While his mates attended classes and studied at the right times, he preferred to play games and attend shows, thinking he had the whole semester to study. His grades had really dropped again this semester and if he continued like this, he wondered, he would end up having to drop out.

That will be very unacceptable by his dad.

Part of this had to do with his parents’ nasty divorce about five years ago. His mum was the one who always kept an eye on his academics, and since his dad was always so busy at work, after she had moved to England with her new husband, his grades suffered. He barely made it into high school and this would be the second time he would flunk his SATs. He knew it was a three-strike count and if he were to fail once more, it was bye-bye to school for him. His mum had begged him and made him promise at the beginning of the year to improve his grades, and if he passed and earned a good GPA, she would have him transferred to be with her and his step-dad. That idea right now didn’t seem possible anymore.

Kenny sighed and closed his laptop. He excused himself as he passed over the snoring middle-aged man that shared the row with him and walked towards the restaurant car. He ordered a ham and cheese sandwich with a bottle of orange juice off the menu. As he ate absentmindedly, his thoughts went to his father and what awaited him upon his arrival. His school had sent his transcript in advance and he knew it wasn’t going to be easy when he got home. He still remembered the conversation they had a couple of days ago and the man had literally wanted to strangle him over the phone. The only person who could save him right now was his step-mum. She got married to his dad about two years ago and though they had their step-son-step-mum spats all the time, she was the closest thing he had to a mum right now.

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He knew his planned holiday too was out of the window. There was no way in a million hells that he would get any money out of the old man for any summer trip. He had basically spent all his cash in school on games, tickets, clubs, and other things. He had been looking into a summer job, maybe at a burger joint or one of the numerous departmental stores, just to earn a little cash.

Maybe if his dad saw he was a bit serious about working, he may take things easy on him.

His thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of two pretty college-kid looking girls who just came in the restaurant car. The one with the Japanese look was muttering angrily at her friend who was trying hard not to laugh while at the same timing consoling her. They both walked up to place their orders and then walked to the empty chairs across his table.
“Sorry are these seats taken?” the surly-looking Japanese girl asked.
“No.” Kenny responded.

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They both placed their lunch and drinks on the table and sat down to eat while they talked.

Kenny studied both of them quietly as he ate his sandwich. From what he could hear from their discussion, he concluded they were definitely college kids. The Japanese girl had long black hair and on her angry pretty face sat a pair of glasses.

She gesticulated angrily as she talked to her friend. She wore a loose red crop top over a pair of black summer shorts. The low cut top did nothing to cover up her large breasts which were encased in a pink bra a size too small for them.

Her friend was similarly dressed. She had on a white tank and a pair of blue bum-shorts. Her breasts weren’t as big as her friend’s, but they still bulged and strained her top. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, which sparkled in amusement as she quietly listened to her friend’s yakking.

He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t realize he was staring hard at them, particularly at their huge chests, until he heard one of them couch. He returned to the present to find the Asian-looking girl glaring angrily at him, a scowl all over her face.
“What are you staring at?” she demanded.
“No…nothing” Kenny stammered. He got up to leave and he accidently knocked her drink over.

The contents splashed all over her food and the front of her top.

“WHAT THE HELL!!!! YOU CLUMSY FOOL!!!!!!!!” She yelled in anger.

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“Oh I’m sorry!!! I’m so, so sorry.” Kenny replied, grabbing a few paper towels on the table and dabbing it over her top without thinking.

“Hey!!! What are you doing? Will you get your hands off me!!!!” she screamed at him.

Everyone watched as the clumsy young guy tried to clean up the mess he had created. Many of the guys there were more interested in staring at the girl’s top which was stuck to her breasts, revealing their full round shapes perfectly.
Cursing she grabbed the napkins out of his hands and used them to dab and pat some of the wetness out of her clothes. She continued to rain curses on Kenny as he stood there, not knowing what to do.

“Okay that’s enough” her amused friend finally spoke up. “It’s just a harmless mistake.” She turned to Kenny. “You have to be careful next time. You don’t just go about knocking people’s drinks into their clothes” she scolded him.

“Look I’m sorry. I could get you another drink to replace the one I spilled.” he offered.

“For what?!!! So you can spill it on me again?” the angry Asian screamed at him again.

“Just go.” her friend suggested.

Ashamed, Kenny left the restaurant car and wet back to his seat. Great. Just what he needed to get his spirits up. He sighed and switched his laptop back on to while away the remaining time on the journey.

The train pulled into the station about an hour later. Kenny patiently waited to de-train and get his luggage. As he spotted his bag on the carousel and grabbed it, he heard someone shout “There he is!!!” and felt his collar grabbed from behind. It turned out to be the angry Asian chick and her smiling friend. She had changed to another body hugging top. They had been joined by a third even bustier half-black, half European girl. Her black hair was shorter than her two buddies, and she also had on a black figure-hugging low-cut T-shirt that generously showed off her breasts. On her hips sat a pair or white low-cut shorts. She seemed to be the tallest of the three.

“Here’s the bugger that ruined my clothes” the Asian girl said, shaking Kenny by the collar.

“Hey will you leave me alone!!! I apologized to you already!!!” Kenny protested.

The second girl spoke up. “Hey Asuka, will you cut it out?!!! Leave the poor kid alone!!”
She reluctantly released his collar, eyes still flashing angrily. Kenny backed away as the three girls stood watching him. “Please, leave me alone you guys!!!!!” he yelled, as he turned round and ran out of the station.

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