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Sexy Photograph – Season 2 – Episode 13

Written ✍ #Sadiq_Infinity / #Marvel_Infinity
Having s*x after s*x after s*x unstop every week was getting out of hand.. What was supposed to be a curing procedure later turned to
a wild s£xual escapade..
Baba Chocolat ravished me and used my body to his satisfaction, every time we met he made sure he made my pu**y sore and made me walk home limping.. At first it was fun but later on I couldn’t take it anymore more.. We were supposed to be doing it once in a week but gradually we began to do it almost every day.
But recently, I had noticed something.. I was no longer feeling horny whenever I’m close to men… Unlike before after I mistakenly drank the concoction.. I then began to suspect k was already cured of my problem but Baba Chocolat was just using this scheme to have his way with me… And not to mention, whenever we had s*x, He would cvm inside me filling up completely.. He never for once came outside and even when I was on my period, He would use my [email protected] and mouth for his pleasure… He forced me to swallow liters of his cvm whenever he f*cked my mouth. I felt disgusted and awful.. I had to wash my mouth twice a day to make sure it wouldn’t reek of sperm.
I also had to take Pregnancy pills to avoid being pregnant.. Because the way he was cvmming in me, There’s a hundred percent chance of me getting pregnant with this b*stards baby.
This routine of ours had been going for some amount of time and I was tired of it.. So one evening, I was in my house watching and listening to a Church sermon when I heard the Pastor say something that made me shake with fear.
Pastor ➡ This world is full of sin.. We’re in a generation that people think they can do whatever they please that they forget themselves and their morality.. Especially women… I really do feel sorry for them.. Just imagine.. Look at the way they’re behaving these days.. Opening their bodies and showing their [email protected] on that cursed platform called *#Social_media *… And what’s more annoying is that they busy throwing their bodies at men all because of that worthless paper called “#Money*…. My sister, that money will only help you in this world.. It won’t help you in the afterlife.. And is it worth dying doing something sinful and dying because of money.. And what will you tell God when you meet him in heaven.. Hell
fire is real.. And its eternal, it’s infinite.. The flames will keep on burning non stop..
And for those sleeping with men because to prove their love.. My sister you’re very stupid… If he can’t be with you without having an affair with you, then dump the idiot, a better Man will come your way.. But No.. Some stupid women will just foolishly open their legs and once the man has had his fill of you.. He’ll throw you away.. Some foolish women would even go far to do some things terrible just because of the man they
want to have.. Sacrifice is in love is not a crime but don’t sacrifice for someone that doesn’t give a damn about you.. It’s not worth it..
I’m just just feeling sorry for women of these generation, they claim that they’re more civilized than the women of old but that’s a lie.. The women of these generations are the ones that are not civilized.. Technology, money and ambition had corrupted our women and all this is a work of Satan but that’s not an excuse.. Women really have to stop this barbaric nonsense that they’re doing.. Remember this world has it’s own time to end and happiness and enjoyment doesn’t last long in this world because once you die, That’s all over.. But the afterlife is forever.. It’s limitless, Pain, agony and suffering is forever as well.. Don’t be fooled by the enjoyments and good things of the world, because they won’t help you in the hereafter.. Only your deeds and good will will help you.. God bless everyone and good night.
After that, my mind wasn’t at rest at all.. And what the man said is true.. I could remember when I was small and I swore never to do anything sinful that would make me enter hell but now.. I was doing that same thing just because of a guy, that doesn’t even care about me.. The pastor is right.. My sacrifice to get Ben in my palms has been in vain and I won’t ruin myself and my life because of him..
That night, I swore never again to bother about Ben.. He can go after who ever he wants.. I don’t care.. From now on, I’m going straight and going to ask God to forgive my sins…
But first, I had to go to
Baba Chocolat’s place to tell him off.. I won’t be an object of his lust ever again.. This thing we have between us has to come to an immediate full stop.
A while later, I got dressed and went off to his House.. Minutes later, I arrived at the place and as I got to his door.. I saw Debbie coming out of his place adjusting her skirt, she was sweaty and her hair was messy.. She didn’t even bother to look at me and I didn’t waste my time talking to her either..
As I knocked on his door, The Fool opened it, as he saw me, His face lit up, He had a towel around him as he opened the door wide open.
Chocolat ➡ Cindy, Cindy.. My sweet toto… Are you here for another intense banging?
Cindy ➡ No.. I’m here to talk to you..
Chocolat ➡ Okay, come on in..
I walked in steadily into Chocolat’s room, the fool was measuring me with his eyes licking his lips.. He then suddenly smacked and grabbed my a** pressing it fondly.
I smacked his hands away quickly after that I confronted him..
Cindy ➡ Don’t ever touch me again..
Chocolat ➡ Ohhh, the lady is feisty today o.. But don’t worry.. One thrust of my mojo inside you will make you beg like a SL*t.
Cindy ➡ You’re mad.. The reason why I Even came to see you is because of this.. This has to stop..
Chocolat ➡(surprised) But.. You’re not cured from your…
Cindy ➡ Shut up you charlatan… I’m no longer getting that feeling.. I’ve been cured.. You’re just using me to satisfy your lust… And you had better stay away from me.. I’m not going to go through this ever again.
Chocolat ➡(laughs) The b*tch has finally come to her senses.. I was hoping to have one more round…. But since you’ve finally realised my scam.. Let’s have a farewell bang tonight..
Cindy ➡ Go to hell, b*stard.
I was so angry I let my anger control me.. I immediately slapped Chocolat hard on his face.. I realised I had made a big mistake and I was in for it.. Chocolat’s face twisted in anger as he grabbed my neck… He gave me a resounding slap that made me fall to the ground.. He pounced on me and began to beat me uncontrollably.. As he was doing that, He was ripping out my clothes in the process.. After he was done beating me, I laid on the ground helpless and [email protected] Chocolat smiled mischievously, as he stood over me.. He untied his towel and it fell off his waist, I watched as he stroked his donkey d*ck in pleasure.
Chocolat ➡ (laughs) Tonight.. I’m going to rape you senselessly… I’ll break and smash your pu**y so bad that you won’t be able to enjoy the pleasure of another man’s d*ck.
Cindy ➡ No…. Please..
Before I could plead with him.. He lurched at me, opening my legs wide.. I struggled with him for a while but I was no match for his strength. Eventually, he forced his d*ck inside me… He pounced my c*nt hard and wild, ramming deeper into me like a man possess.. I shouted and struggled to push him off me but I couldn’t. I could feel the tip of Chocolat’s d*ck hitting my womb.. As he was ramming his d*ck into me, he sucked on my [email protected] and bit my n!poles hard… It was so painful, I had to shout in pain..
Chocolat kept ravishing and raping my pu**y as hard as he could.. I’ve even lost count of how many times.. He filled my womb with his cursed seed.. He kept using my body to satisfy his lust… And as he was enjoying himself, he was also hurting me.. He was busy biting my n!poles as hard as he could as if he was going to rip them out. He was also slapping my face as he pinned me down with his d*ck.. The pain was too much to bear..
After minutes of brutal f*cking.. Chocolat pulled out of me, He sat down with a smile on his face as he gasped for breath.. His body was covered in excessive sweat.. As he was catching his breath.. I laid down breathing hard as well, my body was aching all over and my c*nt was hurting me.. I could feel his cvm flowing out of me… This guy would definitely destroy me tonight if I don’t get out of here..
After awhile, Chocolat made his move at me again, This time he adjusted me and turned my back to him.. I felt his hands on my a**., He inserted his index finger deep into my butt hole.. Then I immediately knew what he was going to do.. He had never banged my a** before and I won’t let him do it.. He’ll damage my behind if he tries to pound me there..
As he grabbed my a**, wanting to push his d*ck inside.. I saw an empty bottle of coke in front of me.. I noticed his attention was on my behind so I quickly grabbed it and smashed it on his head, He shouted in pain holding his head in agony.. I used the sharp edge of the broken bottle and cut his d!ck…. Chocolat shouted louder than ever.. His eyes popped wide open as he saw his blood stained d*ck.. Using this opportunity, I ran out of the room as fast as I can.. Chocolat followed me in pursuit, but because of his injuries.. He couldn’t catch up to me but he didn’t give up.
I ran out [email protected] not minding the eyes of people who were watching me.. Chocolat too followed me outside, he too was [email protected] and he doesn’t seem bothered about it.. His only intent was to get hold of me and if he does he’ll definitely kill me.
As we ran out of the building something tragic happened… Because of his intention to catch me, he didn’t pay attention to the road and he was knocked down dead by an incoming lorry.
People gathered around the scene, to what if Chocolat was crushed to death…
Minute later, I had arrived home, safe and sound.. Thank goodness it was dark, so
Nobody could see my [email protected] After that, I had a warm bath scrubbing my body clean, after that, I did a little prayer to thank God for turning me into a new person and also to forgive me for my sins.
#BEN 😒
I’ve never been hurt like this emotionally ever before.. If it were some lady that did this, I wouldn’t give a damn but Miranda was different.. I love her deeply… And can probably do anything for her.. But I was surprised what had happen between us.. How could she believe I would do such a thing… I know we spent a little time together but she shouldn’t have jumped into conclusion without finding out more about the truth.
Like I said, I was really hurt after what she said to me and the insults she threw at me was unbearable and I couldn’t take it, So I left..
That day, I spent my night in a hotel room but I couldn’t sleep… My mind was racing back to Miranda, I wanted to call her and talk things out with her or maybe even apologize but i didn’t… I had to realize and think that why should I even apologize.. I had done nothing wrong and if anyone is to apologize, it’s her..
So the next day, I went back to Lagos without delay.. When I arrived, I didn’t let anyone know I was back, I had to switch off my phone, so nobody would call me…
After I returned from Abuja, I decided to stay at home to sort myself out.. I just couldn’t appear to work looking so down and worried and that would people to notice, making them to start asking questions and I hate that.
So one night, I decided to go out and get some air or even a drink because I had stayed indoor for some time now.
I left the house and took a walk. I walked on the street absent minded, not caring who or what was passing.. My mind was pretty occupied with Miranda’s face.. Why couldn’t I get her out of my head? I tried many times to forget about her but the more I tried, the more the images appear within my mind.
After a while, I got myself off the road and entered an exclusive bar.. This wasn’t the place I had in mind to be but since I’m here, I was going to have a strong drink to clear my mind of Miranda.
I sat at the bar table and ordered Muscat.. A very good wine made out of overriped grapes. Every 15 mins, I drank a cup full of it.. The wine was just so good so I kept ordering more.. As I was busy drinking, A lady walked up to the table and asked if she could get a milk.. I just couldn’t believe her… How could milk be served in a place like this? Has she gone mad?
The bar tender who was also surprised, said he had no milk, so the lady ordered Martenelli apple cider to drink.. She sat a few meters away from me sipping her drink…
I have to admit.. The lady was definitely attractive and s£xy, as I saw her.. But from the way she behaves I could tell she’s the kind of women that don’t like being toyed and controlled my men.. So as I kept drinking and fulling my belly with that wine.. The lady began to talk to me.
Kate ➡ Don’t drink yourself to death, handsome.. It’s not worth it.

Ben ➡ What?
Kate ➡ The name is Kate.. What’s yours?
Ben ➡ Ben..
Kate ➡ Ben.. Nice name.. So what brings you here?
Ben ➡ Nothing, I’m just having a drink.
Kate ➡ Oh really? Well, I know men.. Trust me.. And if a man I’d drinking this much as you are doing right now.. It’s either you got dunked by your lover, or she’s cheating on you or you’ve lost your job… There are lot of options but I’ll stop here.. So which one is it?
I really don’t talk to strangers especially if its a woman, but this one that was sitting next to me, was different.. She wasn’t like the rest of those silly women I’ve come across.
I was in need of some company and I really wanted to talk with someone, and this lady won’t be a bad choice either, so I told her what happened between me and Miranda.
Ben ➡ And so that’s what happened.
Kate ➡ That’s messes up.. I feel sorry for you.. But I can’t blame her cause you guys didn’t spend enough time with each other to know yourselves..
Ben ➡ So what are you saying?
Kate ➡ Go talk to her.. Settle things out with her.. Have s*x if necessary, it always works.. If she really loves you like you’ve said.. She’ll forgive you.
Ben ➡ I don’t know.. What if she doesn’t listen.
Kate ➡ She will. Trust me.
Ben ➡ Trust you? I just met you.
Kate ➡ (laughs) you don’t have to.. But you’ve got to meet her.. Talking things out will solve your problems….
Ben ➡ Thanks.. I will.
Kate ➡ In the meantime.. What will do about that Lady had interfered in your relationship?
Ben ➡ Gina? I don’t really know.. What do you have in mind?
Kate ➡ Since you have pictures of her.. Why don’t you give her a dose of her medicine?
Ben ➡ You want me to post it online? But if I do, her husband will know his wife and I had a little tango.
Kate ➡ No problem.. Just send me the pictures, I’ll handle the rest..
Honestly, I wasn’t okay with this but this lady seems well.. And having a little payback at Gina wouldn’t be so bad either..
So after I sent her the pictures.. I paid off the bartender and left.
Days later, I returned to work.. I tried calling Miranda, but she wouldn’t pick. I bet she was still angry about the whole thing that happened between us, so I decided to give her a little more time to cool off..
Mrs. Evelyn and Willis knew about the tiff i had with Miranda and they both felt bad about it but I didn’t give them the luxury of sympathizing for me..
Days later after I had returned to work.. The photos I sent to Kate of Gina founds its way to the Net and media.. Mr. Freeman was a well known man, and now that his wife’s pics were online and seen by everyone, Things would definitely spice up and things won’t be so good for Gina…. PAYBACK B*TCH!! 😏
So one evening, I was busy browsing online for Best qualitative cameras which had latest editing features, when I came across an Ad.. It was an Art showing which would take place soon in Abuja in about a week..
I knew Miranda had a thing for this and she would definitely attend.. This would be a perfect chance to meet her and talk things out with her.. I just hope she listens.
So as I continued with what I was doing, a call entered my phone and it was from Gina.. I’ve even forgotten I had this b*tches number.

Ben ➡ Hello?
Gina ➡ (crying) You b*stard.. Do you know what you’ve done.. You’ll pay for this.. I swear it.

Ben ➡ What are you talking about?
Gina ➡ You know what I’m talking about.. You poster my pictures online… You’ve ruined my marriage and my life..
Ben ➡ There must be a mistake. I didn’t post your pictures, besides why would I even do that? You haven’t done anything wrong to me.
Gina ➡ Then who did, you lying piece of sh*t.
Ben ➡ B*tch, stop insulting me.. Blame that on the person that hacked my computer, Besides you picture isn’t the only one that was posted.. Some idiot copied all my pictures and is busy posting them.. Like the one that trended weeks ago.. That was the picture of my girlfriend.. So as you can see i’m not the one.. Better find out who posted your picture.. Nonsense.
After that, I laughed and switched off my phone.. This should confuse her stupid brain and rile things up with her and Olivia.. This should teach her never to mess with a guy like me.

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