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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 3 – Episode 9

Episode nine

I wasn’t done. I then pulled Karen‘s legs, put them over my shoulders and continued to piston my hard cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. She screamed and moaned in delight as I made her my prisoner, pounding my body against her thighs and ass.

Karen“Yes, yes yes Damon, you cum for Karen. Cum for me baby. I love your cock in my pussy.”

We fucked continuously for about five more minutes until I released her legs and she hooked them around me tightly. I violated her harder to her screams of enjoyment as I felt my cock getting bigger and my balls ready to explode. I grabbed Karen‘s tits firmly and thrust a few more times before letting out a loud grunt and exploding into the condom.

Karen“Ohhhyessss Damon. Cum for me. I want all of it. I want to feel you cumming for me.”

Karen wouldn’t let me go and held on to me tightly until I finished. I was panting and she was smiling.

Karen“I knew you like Karen. My pussy, my ass, my tits, my hands, my mouth, I give you amazing time.”

Damon“Definitely. You are one wild fuck.”

I ended up lying down on my stomach next to Karen, relaxing for a bit. She actually went to her basket and came back with oil. Straddling my naked body with hers, she gave me a nice calming sensual massage with the oil. There is something so sexy about a hot naked woman on top, giving a man a massage.

Before I knew it, it was morning. I guess I fell asleep and Karendecided to curl up next to me to rest. She was still asleep as I got up. I saw it was 7 AM on the clock, so I figured I could make her breakfast like I did Anita.

I tossed on my bathrobe and quietly went downstairs, brewing coffee, preparing food, and setting the table for two. I then heard a voice.


Damon“Over here Karen. In the kitchen.”

Karen came into the kitchen in a sexy look for a woman. She apparently put on that shirt I laid out yesterday for myself. Long-sleeve, button up dress shirt. Hot on a naked woman.

Karen“You make me breakfast?”

Damon“Of course. I can’t just send you out into the world on an empty stomach. Have a seat.”

Karen“You sweet.”

We ate breakfast together and had a few laughs. My mind again went to Jacqueline, imagining what it would be like if she were the one sitting in that chair, wearing my shirt on her naked body, smiling and enjoying a meal with me.

When we finished, I took up all the dishes as Karen went into the living room. After putting the dishes into the dishwasher, I figured Karen was probably collecting her stuff to leave.

When I got into the living room she was looking at some stuff I had on a table, apparently waiting for me. Karen walked over closer and unbuttoned the shirt she borrowed, opening it up so I could see her sexy body, pussy, and parts of her breasts.

Karen“We make love one more time, yes?”

This is one of those moments when the little angel and the little devil pops up. First the devil came up and said “HELL YEAH!” but the angel came up and pointed out how I’m pretty limp right now and a bit sore from last night. Yeah Karen gave me a nice massage, but the pounding and multiple orgasms over three weekends now have taken a toll.

Damon“I dunno Karen, I’d love to go at it with you again, but I’m a bit tender down there.”

Karen reached out into the folds of my robe. I could feel her hand on my crotch, caressing it gently.

Karen“That’s ok, I take care of you.”

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