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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 3 – Episode 8

Episode eight

We laughed and I was tempted at the idea, but my mind was hoping one day soon another gorgeous brunette would be sitting where Karen is. Yeah I know it’s silly to think about another woman when you’re getting sex from a tiger right now, but I couldn’t help it. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and felt like this was a big adventure, but it is getting a bit monotonous. I couldn’t wait til this month is over and I could ask Jacqui out, hoping some other guy doesn’t snag her first.

I opened my eyes and saw Karen rubbing her shoulder like she was in pain.

Damon“Are you ok? Did we get a little too rough?”

Karen“I fine. Shoulder just a little tight.”

Damon“Come here, let me rub it.”

She first tried to politely refuse, but even I know most women can’t say “no” to a massage. I pulled Karen over and spread my legs so she was sitting in my crotch area again, only this wasn’t a lap dance. I began to knead and massage her shoulders as she moaned in enjoyment.

Karen“Mmmmm, but I should be giving you massage.”

Damon“If anyone asks, I’ll tell them you did…in many ways. Just relax.”

I continued to give this pretty lady a shoulder and neck rub as the heat of the water and the jets soothed our bodies, all except one part. My little guy was trapped between Karen‘s glorious half-moons and thus was getting excited. I think Karen could sense this a little because she seemingly would push her body a little closer, feeling him grow.

Before we knew it, I was rock hard again. Karen turned and looked at me seductively.

Karen“Mmmm…someone wants more Karen, yes?”

I replied: “That beautiful ass of yours has an effect on me.” as I slid my hands down her sides and massaged her butt as best I could from where we were sitting. Karen pressed her ass into me and let me rub her butt for a few moments before standing up.

Karen“Come…we fuck now…on bed.”

We were still wet, but I just didn’t care as I tossed caution to the wind and figured this horny Lithuanian would take me in her ass again, but I was wrong. Karen spotted the box of condoms Anitaoriginally bought that had been slowly used those last two nights. She grabbed a condom, unwrapped it, and started to roll it on my hardness.

Damon“But what about the infection? I thought you were all sensitive down there?”

Karen came up and gave me a deep kiss for a few moments, then broke it.

Karen“I lie. Stefan want you to have anal sex. Now you fuck my pussy and make me cum, yes?”

I picked up Karen and tossed her on the bed, on her back. I climbed on top of her and rubbed my latex-encased rod on her soaking wet opening.

Karen“Ooooo yes, fuck me Damon.”

I started to slide my hardness into her wet pussy and she purred like a kitten. When I reached the hilt, I did what I’ve always known to get a girl off. I rub my pelvic bone on her clit while my cock roots around inside. Karen let out some deep moans and I could feel her getting wetter as I assaulted her hot pussy with my grinding. I wanted her cum first, to scream in that sexy accent. I wanted to fuck her in every room of the house if I can pull it off.

My grinding and pushing became faster as Karen hooked her legs around me tightly and begged me to just pound her. Not one to refuse a request from a beautiful lady, I started thrusting my cock in and out of her wetness. I could tell she was getting close by her screams and speaking in Lithuanian. Feeling like a king, I relentlessly pumped my cock into her until she finally screamed loudly and came for me.

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