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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 3 – Episode 7

Episode seven

I placed my hands on the sides of her ass to help her lift and drop while listening to her purr and moan to my invasion.

Karen“Oh yeessss…my ass is so hot for you.”

Karen sped up a bit more and I was feeling the beginnings of my next climax approaching, but was enjoying this view too much to just instantly shoot. Unfortunately I could tell she was getting tired, as that position isn’t the most comfortable.

Damon“Here, allow me.”

I pulled Karen first into me, not letting her bounce anymore, and then together we slid off the couch onto the carpeted floor. I pulled us down onto our respective right sides into a spooning position, my cock still inside her anus. She made herself comfy and closed her legs together to keep her sphincter tight on my cock. I then began to pump my cock in and out of her opening with renewed vigor, eager to fill her glorious ass again with my seed.

Karen, moaning and breathing heavy, kept goading me on, wanting me to cum.

Karen“Oh yes baby, your cock feels so good in my ass. Keep fucking me. Cum in my ass like dirty slut I am. I want to feel your cock deep in me and your cum inside me.”

Slamming my body on hers, I didn’t have much left holding me back. I felt my vixen clench her sphincter around my hardness and that did it. I kept pumping my cock hard and fast as my second load shot into her ass. I must say I think I’ve become an addict.

Karen screamed, moaned, and urged me on until my balls were empty. I gently pulled myself out of her anus and could see it was dilated and red around the edges. Twice I fucked and came into this European bombshell’s heart-shaped ass. I wonder if she just wants more in there or not.

We lay there panting for a few minutes, collecting ourselves and letting our heart rates slow to a relaxed pace. I stayed lying behind Karen in the spooning position, caressing my hands on her skin.

Damon“That was incredible.”

Karen“You good fuck Damon. Now I need another shower.”

Damon“How about a bath instead?”

Karen kicked off her high heel shoes and left them in my office as I led her into the master bedroom.

Karen“Mmmm…we definitely fuck here later. I ride you over and over on big bed, yes?”

I smiled at Karen and led her into the master bathroom where I had my hot tub. My ex and I had remodeled the bathroom when we first bought the house. It’s not a massive thing, but a nice hot tub ideal for two or three people at the most.

Turning on the water, I filled the tub with medium-hot water, just right to soothe muscles, and then turned on the jets. I helped Karen into the tub as she immediately dunked her hair in the water to completely soak herself.

Karen“Yeesss…this is nice.”

I slid into the tub sitting opposite from Karen, and just declared that we take a break for a while and have a good soak. I had gone to get a bottle of red with two glasses while the tub was filling up. We sipped wine and chatted for a while and I got to know Karen a little bit.

This whole night was Stefan‘s idea because he wanted me to experience anal sex, but apparently the cleaning lady bit was Karen‘s idea. I jokingly told her even how I was contemplating hiring a cleaning lady earlier today.

She laughed and said: “I perfect for job. I clean your house and then we fuck all night, but I don’t complain. Better than wife and probably cost same amount of money, yes?”

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