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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 3 – Episode 6

Episode six

Karen stood up, now only wearing her high heels, and tossed her bikini bottom over with her top. She grabbed the bottle of lube she brought and knelt down before me, taking my cock in her hand and running her tongue all over it. She put my cock into her mouth and lavished it with her lips and tongue. I leaned my head back and enjoyed the sensation. Just like the shower though she then started to massage lube all over my hardness, getting it ready to invade her anal opening again.

Keeping my legs spread, she stood up and turned around, displaying that gorgeous ass in front of me, then lowering herself down, letting my cock impale her anal opening again. Karen moaned and purred as she slowly sank her way down into my lap, but I decided I wanted to do more first.

I put my arms around Karen and pulled her back again like she was before with the lap dance.

Karen“What are you…”

Damon“Shhhhhh…just enjoy it.”

I slid my left hand south again and started to gently rub her wetness while my cock was buried to the hilt in her delicious ass. She first was about to protest (since she was the “working girl” tonight), but I would have none of it. I may not be able to fuck her pussy tonight, but I thought I could make an enjoyable moment for this lovely vixen.

My right hand went back to massing her right boob while my left massaged and rubbed her pussy. Karen laid her head back on my shoulder again with small moans and purrs as she would squeeze my cock with her sphincter or grind her ass a little. It felt good, and kept me hard, but I wanted her first.

I switched hands so her left tit could get a little attention while my right went to work on her pussy. Karen‘s breathing was starting to get heavier as she occasionally moaned a “yeeessss” in her thick accent. Hoping she wouldn’t wince in pain or anything, I decided to be daring and hooked my finger into her wet opening, pushing on what I thought was her g-spot.

“OOHHH!!!!!” Karen let out a loud scream as her hand covered mine, apparently pleased with the small invasion. I continued to rub, wiggle, and work my finger faster on her spot as her breathing became heavier and her moans more frequent.

Karen“OH Damon! Do not stop! I cum for you.”

I felt her butt cheeks clenching around my cock, still deep in her ass as juices flowed out of her pussy like a waterfall. My longest finger worked her g-spot faster as my palm rubbed on her clit. I finally gently pinched one of her hard nipples and that drove her over the edge.


I had no idea what it exactly meant, but I got the general idea as her pussy climaxed and soaked my hand as well as my balls and the couch underneath. I kept rubbing while Karen kept screaming and slowed myself down when she finally finished. She then kissed me on the cheek.

Karen: “Ačiū.”

I had no clue what language that was, but I had a feeling it meant “thank you”.

Damon“Where are you from?”

Karen“Lithuania. Now it is your turn.”

Damon“I’m from here. Grew up in the city.”

Karen“I mean to cum, yes?”

Karen then pulled herself together and closed up her legs, setting her high-heeled feet on the floor. She placed her hands on my knees and began to push herself up before sliding back down. What a view! Her ass simply there in front of me with my cock sliding in and out. All I could do was sit back and enjoy the ride for a while.

She spent a few minutes moving up and down in a slow pace, sometimes teasing me with her ass, like combining fucking with a lap dance, despite my CD finished a while ago. After a while she started to pick up her pace as I could see her hair bounce and her ass jiggle every time it slammed down in my lap.

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