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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 3 – Episode 5

Episode five

Karen rose up from the seat and slowly walked her way over to the stereo. I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful ass as she sauntered over and began to look for some music to play. She eventually settled on some kind of deep sexy soulful jazz/electronic music hybrid CD I had.

After turning the volume up a bit, Karen began a slow and sexy dance in front of the stereo. At one point turning her back to me and squatting while shaking her ass around to tempt me. She ran her hands through her hair and continued to swish, sway, and grind her hips towards me while caressing her skin. I was excited for my private dance.

Karen then climbed up on me, straddling me like she wanted to fuck me cowgirl style, but she still had her bikini on, and my cock wasn’t ready for that yet. She grinded her ass into my crotch and started into my eyes seductively as she slid her arms up in the air, almost in a belly dancer style, then went to pull the strings on her bikini top.

Slowly peeling her top off and tossing it aside, Karen caressed her skin and gave her breasts a small lift before letting them bounce down. I liked that her boobs were natural. Yeah they are probably a full B or small C, but they look perfect on her.

Karen then caressed her hands through my hair and pulled my face towards her chest, gently mashing my face in her boobs. As she continued grinding on my lap, I started to devour her smaller boobs and felt her nipples harden to my touch. She sighed in enjoyment.

After letting me nibble on her for a bit, Karen continued her sexy dance by sliding herself up and off me, now just clad in her heels and bikini bottoms. She turned around and bent over, caressing with her heart-shaped behind and teasing me. My little guy was beginning to stir and grow with the sight. She stepped back and gently pushed her ass into my face. I could smell the scent of her sex soaked in her bikini bottoms.

She wiggled her ass in my face for a moment, and then sensually slid her way down until she was sitting on my crotch in her bikini bottom and heels. She ground her hips and ass on me like any lap dancer would, and I loved every moment of it. I was never one to get excited at strip clubs, but getting a private lap dance in your home is a whole different experience.

Karen continued to rub her ass on my crotch as my cock kept slowly growing to attention. She leaned back with her head lying on my right shoulder, caressing my head with her left hand. She then seductively whispered in my ear.

Karen“Mmmmm Damon. Your cock feels so good in me. I hope we fuck all night in every room. You like my ass, yes?”

Damon“Oh yeah. It’s beautiful.”

Karen then undid the ties on the sides of her bikini bottom, letting them fall off with the garment only acting now as a cloth barrier between my cock and her womanly parts. She took my hands with hers and placed my left hand on her pussy and my right one on her right tit.

Karen whispered: “Rub my pussy…gently…please.”

Remembering that she mentioned the recent yeast infection, I gently caressed and wiggled my fingers in her crotch, not wanting to cause her pain. I’m thankful I never had to personally experience a yeast infection, but when my ex had one…yikes.

My other hand gently massaged and played with Karen‘s left boob as she signed and started to nibble on my ear. I could feel her soft hair all over as she wiggled and ground her delicious ass on my now hard cock. She spread her legs a little bit and let me continue to pleasure her for a while. Recent infection or not, she was getting very wet.

Finally, Karen whispered in my ear again.

Karen“I want your cock in my ass again. I lube you up and sit on your cock, yes?”

I think fucking her ass is quite nice, but I was wishing she didn’t have her vaginal problem. At this point I would have loved to lay her on the carpet and pleasure her like a queen. That dance, the grinding, her sexy body, the way she talks and manipulates me, I was so horny now.

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