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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 3 – Episode 4

Episode four

Before I could finish, Karen forcefully pushed herself back, pinning me to the wall with her sexy body.

Karen“No. We fuck here first.”

Karen started to rub, grind, and rotate her sexy ass on my body. My cock buried to the hilt in her anal opening. I was in awe as she spoke dirty to me.

Karen“We fuck in here and in the bedroom and the kitchen and everywhere in the house tonight, yes? You fuck my ass over and over and cum inside me, yes?”

I couldn’t say anything that would matter. I was trapped between the wall and Karen‘s round ass as I felt my cock rooting around inside her anus. I could feel her sphincter clenching itself tightly around my big man like a vice. Anal sex definitely felt different than intercourse in a vagina.

Karen then began to pull herself forward and forcefully push herself back on me, fucking me with her ass. Every time she pushed back, it pinned me in there, trapped and forced to simply enjoy the bounty this European tiger offered. She continued to pump my cock over and over with her ass and clenched her butt cheeks at times to further drive me insane. Karen loudly moaned and breathed heavily with each push that my cock drove deep into her.

My wild cleaning lady started to pick up the pace, slapping her butt on my body as her ass continued to stroke my excited cock inside her. I could feel my first climax building up.

DamonKaren, I’m going to cum for you.”

Karen“Ohhhyesss. Cum in my ass!”

Karen then went faster, slamming her ass on me. I can tell this isn’t the first time she’s done this, and I’m honored to be a notch on her belt. The lube on my cock combined with her tight anal opening and movements was all that I could handle. I grabbed Karen by her hips and pulled her into me hard as I let out a grunt and fired load after load of my cum into her hungry ass. It almost felt like her butt was sucking it right out of my manhood.

She moaned and screamed as she felt my cock empty itself into her, goading me on to finish. We stood there for a moment as I panted at the shock my system took, but then Karen slowly moved forward and let my softening cock come out of her.

Damon“Ohmygawd…I’ve never done that before!”

Karen“First time for everything, yes?”

I smiled as Karen then took her soapy sponge and washed off my now limp cock. I could see my own cum washing away down the drain as it was oozing out of her ass. After rinsing me off, she turned off the shower, grabbed some towels, and dried me off before drying herself off. Karen straightened up her bikini bottom before sliding her feet back into her high-heeled shoes.

Karen“Now we move to next room, yes?”

Damon“I’m all yours.”

Karen took my hand and led my naked self out of the guest bathroom. I saw the master bedroom down the end of the hall, but my home office caught her eye.

Karen“We go here now.”

My home office isn’t anything you would not expect. I had a nice oak desk with my laptop on it and an executive chair as well as a smaller flat screen TV and stereo. Along the wall opposite to the stereo and TV was a black leather couch.

Karen pushed me down into a seated position on the couch and then sat next to me. She pulled the scrunchie out of her hair and let it all hang loose. She wasn’t as stunning as Sandra or especially Jacqueline, but I will admit she was a sexy beast with her own unique vibe.

She started to massage my limp cock and asked: “And how is our little man?”

Damon“Still in shock, but he’ll eventually be ready for more.”

Karen“I help him get ready, yes? I want to dance. You sit and watch.”

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