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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 3 – Episode 3

Episode three

I then watched as she kicked off her heels and removed her tank top to reveal a royal blue string bikini top with yellow trim. She then unbuttoned her denim shorts and pulled them off to reveal matching bikini bottoms.

I’ll admit I liked what I saw. The bikini showed off her sexy curves and I could only wonder how much fun I’ll have playing with Miss Karen tonight.

Grabbing some stuff from her basket, Karen came into the stall with me and closed the door. It was a bit cramped with the two of us here, but I wasn’t complaining. She had a sponge and what looked like some body wash. My cleaning lady started rubbing lather into my skin and worked her sponge all over the upper half of my body, even turning me around to wash my back.

Karen then rinsed me off and put more wash on her sponge, squatting down to lather up my legs and crotch. It felt great to get cleaned up like this, even though nothing very “sexual” had happened yet.

Water cascaded down my body as soap suds washed away. Karen was still squatting as she wiped the remaining suds off. I could feel her hands occasionally brush my cock as it hardened up in front of her. She was teasing me a little with this shower, but not anymore.

Karen“Now you are clean. We get dirty again.”

Karen, still squatting, took my hard cock into her mouth and began to suck on it with a loud “MMmmmmmm”. I let out a sigh and leaned back against the wall. She wasn’t the best head I ever got, but she felt wonderful as she sucked on my big man and bobbed her head in and out for a bit.

After a few minutes of blowing me, she then took my cock out of her mouth and began stroking it. I even felt her put some kind of lube on as she thoroughly rubbed my cock in and out with her hands. I guess she was going to give me a nice hand job as an appetizer.

Little did I know that Karen had pulled aside her bikini bottom, exposing her pussy. I had closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Karen‘s lubed hands rubbing my hardness. Suddenly, she stood up.

Karen“Now you will fuck me.”

I was always happy to oblige, and I got a kick out of how Karenwas very direct in what she wanted. I wasn’t sure if she wanted to fuck me here or someplace else, but I decided I’d just follow her lead.

What she did next shocked me. Before I even had a chance to react (or even think), Karen turned around with that beautiful heart-shaped ass to me, bent forward a bit, and pressed my cockhead at her anal opening. She pushed back a bit and the head of my big man popped into her anus.


Karen“Oh yeeesss!”

Karen then slowly pushed her self back, impaling her sexy ass on my cock. I was in total shock and surprise since I never had anal sex with any woman in my life.


Before I knew it, Karen‘s pretty butt was resting against my body. Her bikini bottom pulled to the side, crossing over one of her curvy butt cheeks.

Damon“No condom needed here?”

Karen“No. I just get over yeast infection. My pussy sensitive, so you fuck my ass, yes?”

Karen pulled a bit forward and part of my cock came out. I thankfully didn’t see any brown on it, which told me this was planned and she was sent to let me experience anal sex. Wow Stefan, very nice.

I went to try to move us, since I didn’t think I could get good movement in that stall.

Damon“if you want, we could move to…”

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