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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 3 – Episode 2

Episode two

I figured a workout would make me loose but energetic to handle whatever Stefan had in store for me. I did thirty minutes of free weights and then spent thirty minutes on the elliptical, building up a lot of sweat. I kept wondering what Stefan had in store for me, and was a little excited at the mystery. I also kept thinking about Jacqueline today, thinking how much better it would be if she ended up at my door tonight.



I looked at my watch and it was nearly 7. Crap…she was earlier than the others were, and here I was a sweaty mess in my workout clothes. I was embarrassed, but had no choice. She would think I blew her off if I ran to get a shower and change before answering the door.

I thought maybe I could apologize for my appearance and offer her a glass of wine while I cleaned up. I opened the door and saw only one woman there. I will say while last week was fun, it is a lot of work to please two girls at one time. One on one is more my speed.

The girl herself must have been 5’7″ with the black heels she had on. She was clad in a gray baby-t and denim shorts, and had a very European looking face. Definitely Eastern Bloc or maybe Mediterranean. Her shoulder-length black wavy hair was tied off and she had a basket of what looked like cleaning supplies.


Karen“My name is Karen. I come to clean house, yes?”

Karen spoke broken English with a thick accent. Wasn’t sure what country because I’m not good at identifying those things. I almost wondered if Stefan was a psychic since I was contemplating paying someone to clean my house, although in 4″ heels I don’t think Karen was here to clean.

Damon“Come in.”

Karen came in with the clacking of her shoes echoing in the living room. She looked around and I got a chance to look her over. She had decent looking tits, proportional to her body, but her ass…wow. Heart-shaped like Jacqueline’s. It just bubbled and bulged out there like ripe fruit. I started to get lost in Karen‘s nicely shaped derriere when she turned and spoke to me.

Karen“This house clean already.”

Damon“Well, yeah. I cleaned it earlier. I didn’t expect anyone to come here to clean my house.”

Karen got a good look at my messy self though. I was covered in sweat, and my hair was a mess.

Karen“Look at you. You a mess. Come, I clean you up now.”

Damon“Oh, you don’t have to do that. I can get you something to drink and I’ll go take a quick shower.”

Karen“No! You a mess and I clean you up. Go before you make mess of house.”

With her basket in hand, Karen started pushing me to go upstairs. She must have spotted the guest bathroom right near the top of the stairs and pushed me towards it.

Damon“But that’s the…”

Karen“MOVE! Get those things off!”

This girl was definitely different. Anita, Elena, and Sandra were more tender and playful. This one was just forceful. I hoped Stefan didn’t get me some dominatrix type. I am so not into that. I wonder if he is?

I kicked off my shoes and removed my t-shirt. I caught Karenlicking her lips out of the corner of my eye, which made me feel like a champion. I then slid my shorts off to reveal my half-hard cock

Karen tossed the clothes into a nearby hamper and then opened the door to the shower. While the master bathroom in my bedroom has a nice shower and hot tub, this guest bathroom is tiny. Just a toilet, sink, and a shower stall. Not even a bathtub. Karen then turned on the water to a semi-hot temperature and gently pushed me in.

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