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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 3 – Episode 10 [Completed]

Episode ten

She then started to open my robe.

Damon“But Karen…”

Karen“I be real gentle, you see. Just relax and let Karen do all work.”

Opening my robe, Karen immediately squatted down and took my semi-limp cock into her mouth and started to gently and sensually suck on it. Her tongue massaged my semi-hard and semi-sore manhood, and I’ll admit it felt nice. This push to get me hard again did make me wonder something. Foreign girl, is she trying to make me fall for her? Then I dismissed that, since she’s a high-priced escort and not some illegal immigrant working the streets.

Karen let out a sexy “Mmmmmmmm” as she continued to attempt to make me hard again with her mouth. She stood up at one point and took my robe off as well as her shirt, then made me sit on the sofa. Back down on her knees to work on my cock she went, although I wasn’t very tempted. Maybe I’m just getting bored with these temporary girls. For a moment I imagined it was Jacqui there. I imagined what her naked body would look like based on what I saw the other day in her athletic wear. I imagined that smile and that beautiful face with those pretty lips wrapped around my cock.

Suddenly my little man was growing to Karen‘s delight. She continued to work my cock with her mouth until I was fully hard.

Karen“Relax Damon. I take care of you.”

She must have planned this, because she had slipped a few condoms into the pocket of the shirt she was wearing. Pulling one out and sliding it down my shaft, Karen then crawled up on me like a cat, sliding my cock into her pussy and sitting all the way down on my lap facing me.

Karen“I fuck you good Damon.”

Karen then began to gently and sensually ride me up and down on my shaft. Her tight wetness did feel good on my condom-encased cock, but I’ll be honest at this point I don’t think it would be enough to drive me over the edge. I just went three times last night and several times the past two weeks. My body needs a break, and I don’t even want to fathom what Stefan has in mind for me next week on my birthday.

Still, Karen wasn’t one to give up. She held on to the back of the sofa with her tits in my face as she continued to ride me, only getting a little faster. For a brief moment I suddenly didn’t see Karen there riding me. I saw Jacqui again. Naked, fucking me, telling me she wants me, loving me.

My imagination must have run amok again, but it helped Karen‘s cause as I felt more arousal in me. I placed my hands on Karen‘s curvy ass and began to raise and drop her on me, pretending in my mind it was Jacqui.

Karen simply kept moaning and telling me what a great fuck I am and how good my cock feels…basically to try to get me to climax. She then ground herself on me and stopped.

Karen“I know you like my ass. I turn around and you see my ass on you.”

Without even letting my cock escape, Karen then turned around into a sitting position with her back to me, like on the couch in my office, only without the heels on and my cock in her pussy as opposed to her anal opening. Holding my knees, she kept bouncing on my cock to my somewhat boredom. Looking at her heart-shaped ass, I again could only think of when I saw Jacqui’s delectable ass in those spandex pants.

Again my hormones jumped to life. I decided that even pretending Karen was Jacqueline would be my ticket to ending this session on a good note. I first grabbed Karen‘s ass and started pulling her down on me and lifting her up, bouncing that sweet ass on my body, watching her butt flesh jiggle with each move.

Karen“Ohhhyes…fuck me Damon. Love my ass with your cock.”

I decided I wanted to take control. I pulled Jacqui, I mean Karen, down on my cock and pushed her forward onto the floor into a doggystyle position. Karen kept her legs closed to keep her pussy tight on my cock, and ended up on her knees with her head resting on her folded arms.

I started to fuck Karen harder and faster, my mind only thinking about Jacqui’s sweet ass in that spandex, her beautiful face, nice tits, slender legs when she wears those skirts, I wanted her badly and used this high-priced escort to have a fantasy of her.

Karen“Oh fuck me big boy.”

Holding Karen‘s ass, I quickened up my pace, hearing the slapping of her ass on my body, her flesh jiggled with each slam, driving me closer and closer. I imagined Jacqui was urging me to fuck her harder and faster, wanting me to cum hard for her. To never stop until she’s satisfied me.

That was all I could take, as my body seized up and I climaxed again. I don’t even know if anything of a liquid persuasion came out of my cock, but I felt the shockwaves over my body as if I did. I grunted and panted as Karen wiggled her sexy ass and stayed with me until the end.

Karen“I told you I take good care of you. Always trust Karen.”

“Thanks Jacqui” I thought in my mind as I nodded to Karen.

As morning was turning into early afternoon, Karen collected her things and got dressed, knowing it was time to go. She did stay a little longer than the other girls, which did make me wonder if she was up to something.

I was in my home office, booting up my laptop to get some work done before showering and lounging on the couch for the rest of the day. Karen then walked in wearing the denim shorts and baby-t I first saw her in.

Karen“You have good time, yes?”

Damon“Oh yes. It was great. Thank you again for a wonderful evening.”

She then handed me a business card.

Karen“You call agency anytime and ask for Karen. I come over and take good care of you. I make you good deal. Maybe spend weekend together and fuck in the rest of this house or anywhere you want.”

Damon“Well I…”

Karen“I even bring friend. You into threesome? We take turns fucking you. Give you good time. You call agency, ask for Karen.”

Damon“Ok, I will.”

Karen then gave me a nice soft sensual kiss on my lips.

Karen“I go now. I had great time last night. We have more fun sometime soon.”

Karen then made her way downstairs and out the door before blowing me a kiss as I watched from the stop of the stairs. I looked at the business card for “High Class Personnel – Finding the right fit for your needs” and rolled my eyes, tossing it on my desk.

She was fun, but I don’t think I want to make a habit out of this.

The end………………………………………………………………..


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