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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 3 – [Episode 1 – 10]

Sexy Birthday Gift

Sexy Birthday Gift

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title: Sexy Birthday Gift 

Episodes: 10

Category: Romance 

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Episode one

We entered Stefan‘s office and he was just finishing up a phone call. He waved us over before saying “bye” to whoever he was talking to and hanging up, Jacqueline walked over and placed a stack of files on his desk.

Jacqueline: “Here are the files on Merck.”

Stefan“Perfect. Thanks for the rush sweetie.”

Jacqueline: “I’m going to go shower and change. I’ll be back at my desk in 15 minutes.”

Stefan“No problem. Don’t forget behind your ears.”

Jacqueline rolled her eyes and giggled a little bit before looking at me with that beautiful smile.

Jacqueline: “See you later Damon.”

Damon“Bye Jacqui.”

Jacqueline made her way to the door and closed it behind her.

Stefan“Mmmmmm…I hate seeing her go, but I love watching her leave. It’s a shame she’s my employee.”

Damon“I’m surprised you haven’t gone further. You were always the ladies man.”

Stefan“Nah, not with Jacqui. I don’t play with my employees. Plus I respect her too much to treat her like a hookup. Besides, she just dumped some loser who cheated on her.”

Damon“She hides it well.”

Stefan“Yeah, they didn’t go out long. When I found out about her dumping him I ended up having my lawyer call that loser and put a huge scare into him. Made it sound like she was a mafia don’s daughter. The guy must have shit his pants.”

We both laughed. I’ll give Stefan credit. He might be a player with the ladies, but he’s still got a heart. I remember one time he got into a fling with a fashion model who wanted him to commit. When things turned ugly, he simply wheeled and dealed and got her on the cover of Vogue as a way of saying “No hard feelings.”

Damon“So you wouldn’t touch Jacqui…what about if I wanted to?”

Stefan looked at me for a moment in surprise and concern.

Stefan“What? You want to fuck my assistant? Your birthday gift isn’t enough?”

Damon: “Well, yeah. Fuck…but also date, dinners, movies, shows, walks in the park, fall in love, happily ever after, etc. Would you have a problem if I asked Jacqueline out on a date?”

Stefan‘s face of concern turned into a smile.

Stefan“Of course I have no problem. Jacqui’s a prime piece of real estate and I can’t fathom a better guy for her.”

Damon“Thanks Stefan. I didn’t want to step on any toes or anything. Through thick and thin you’ve always been a good friend.”

Stefan“No worries. I just have two requests.”

Damon“Go ahead.”

Stefan“One, if you break her heart I will bury you alive.”


Stefan“Two, you wait until after your birthday to take her out. I’ve spent plenty of money on this gift and I don’t want that coming into the mix with Jacqui. It’s only two weeks left and I can see a little sexual healing has done wonders. Look at you. You’ve been coming in here smiling at Jacqui every week for a year since I hired her. Bout time you got your balls back.”

Damon“I hope I can survive with my balls after the next two weeks. You hungry?”

Stefan“Definitely. Where do you wanna go?”

Damon“Let’s hit up O’Donnell’s Irish Pub for a beer and some of those famous burgers they push.”

Stefan“Whoah…a beer during work hours? Who are you and what have you done with Damon?”

Damon“Let’s just say I buried him alive and I’m going to be a new Damon from now on.”

We left for O’Donnell’s as Jacqui was somewhere probably showering that sexy body and changing for the rest of her workday. I was thrilled inside to find out not only is she single, but I have Stefan‘s blessing. It’s too bad I have to wait two weeks.

Stefan and I had burgers and beers while I filled him in on the threesome. I tried to get an idea of what he had in store for me this weekend, but he wouldn’t budge and simply told me I’d have to wait and see.

I ended up working a little later that Tuesday since Stefan and I took a long late lunch. The rest of my week came and went without a hitch. So here I am on Saturday, expecting something sexual to come knocking on my door for another wild night. This time though I’ll try to be better prepared. I picked up a few bottles of wine at the store to serve to whoever comes, and cleaned up my house. Sometimes I think I should hire a cleaning lady with all the work cleaning this big house entails.

I figure the woman or women coming will probably be here at 8, since Anita, Elena, and Sandra all came around 8 in the last two weeks. It was 6PM and I determined I had time to get a workout in, then shower and be ready by 8. I went up to the bedroom and picked out a shirt to wear later, laying it on the chair. I changed into my workout clothes and went to the small gym setup I made in the basement.


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