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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 2 – Episode 8

Episode eight

Elena rolled off me and crawled up next to me as Sandra took her place. Sandra decided to face me, knowing now how much I get off staring into her eyes and seeing her tits bounce with every movement. She held my condom-encased cock and lowered herself into it, settling down on my lap with me deep inside her warm folds. Elena came up and just started making out with me. I didn’t know if she was just doing something or was thanking me for the monstrous orgasm she just had. Regardless, I wasn’t going to say “no” to a hot Latina making out with me.

Meanwhile, Sandra began to rub herself a bit, getting used to my invasion again, wanting to savor the moment. After a few minutes, Sandra changed to riding me at a medium pace, occasionally letting out moans. She like Elena would switch up her movements, variating from bouncing on me to rubbing her clit.

I just laid there and enjoyed it all. Sandra with her hands on my chest pleasuring my cock, and Elena next to me calming her body from her climax.

Suddenly, Sandra just started to sporadically rub herself on me, twitching and shaking. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her big tits, wanting me to play with them. Elena could see Sandra was close so she moved over and rubbed Sandra’s pussy while I fondled her tits.

Sandra: “Oh my gawd….Oh…OH…OHHHHHHHHHFUCK!”

Sandra had a rather big climax on me like Elena, her pussy gushing liquids all over me. Just watching her beautiful face as she climaxed was amazing in itself. I could have probably exploded at that moment if I hadn’t cum twice already tonight.

My sexual butterfly collapsed on top of me, holding me as I wrapped my arms around her in an embrace. She was panting and shaking, and I gently caressed her sweaty skin. My cock was still buried deep inside this vixen.

Elena then whispered to Sandra: “What are you doing? Don’t stop. He’s not done yet.”

Sandra just laid there panting and trying to collect herself. Elena looked a little worried and disgusted.

Elena: “I’m sorry about this Damon. Sandra tend to get into this too much and…”

I then reached my hand over and gently squeezed Elena’s arm.

Damon: “Shhhhh…it’s ok. Give her a few minutes. I’m glad I could get you both off like that. We have all night.”

Elena smiled and said, “Wow…a real gentleman.”

So we sat there for a few minutes with me on my back and Sandra on top of me, my latex-encased cock buried deep in her pussy. Elena had some more wine and relaxed next to us. I caressed Sandra’s skin and ran my fingers through her pigtails as I could feel her pulse calming down. She didn’t totally forget herself though. Every now and then I could feel Sandra’s vaginal muscles squeezing and caressing my cock, not wanting to allow it to go limp.

Elena: “Sweetie, I can finish him off if you want.”

Sandra: “No.”

She then sat up, sitting straight on my hardness.

Sandra: “I want to finish him off. I want to fuck this gentleman over and over until he cums for me. I’m going to milk that beautiful cock of every drop it can give. You want to help me Elena?”

Elena: “Hell yeah.”

Sandra then began to ride me. I’m thankful for that break we had, since it also calmed my own body down and thus I could go a little longer. Sandra started off with her hands on my chest, bouncing up and down on me. I could hear the slap of her beautiful ass as it hit my body. Her gorgeous tits bounced and swayed with every movement.

I also felt Elena behind Sandra. A pair of hands were caressing my thighs and massaging my balls. I was in a state of ecstasy.

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