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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 2 – Episode 7

Episode seven

Sandra and Elena continued to fuck one another for about ten minutes as they watched my cock come to full mast again, ready for more action. I grabbed one of the condoms Anita left last week and rolled it on. Seeing I was ready, the girls stopped but just when Sandra got herself off Elena’s dildo, I crawled over and grabbed her, pulling her down on her back as she let out a playful “Whoaah!” and giggled.

I wanted Sandra first. That face, that smile, those tits, her gorgeous body, I wanted to drive my cock in as deep as it would go and pump her good before moving to violate Elena’s spicy pussy. I rubbed my latex-encased cock at Sandra’s opening, feeling her twitch in excitement as I slowly pushed my way into her womanly opening.

Elena tossed her sex toy on the floor and laid on her tummy as I began to fuck Sandra with a renewed vigor. These girls were masters at what they do and they’re mine all night. Sandra moaned and held my arms as I relentlessly pumped my cock in and out of her. Watching her big tits bounce with every thrust was as delightful as when she smiled at me with those pretty green eyes.

After fucking Sandra for a few minutes, I decided it was Elena’s turn. I carefully pulled out of Sandra and made my way over to her partner.

Elena: “Ready for my spicy pussy?”

Damon: “Hell yeah.”

Elena was about to move, but I kept her in place lying on her stomach. I placed my hands on her hips and raised her beautiful bubble butt up a bit, just so I could slide my cock in her wet pussy. She let out a “Mmmmmm” as I pushed inch after inch in her until I could feel her ass on my body.

Elena: “You like that ass don’t you?”

She wiggled her ass a little bit to entice me, so I responded by thrusting my cock in and out of this Latina beauty. Elena rested her head on the bed as I continued to violate her from behind. Her pussy was tighter than I imagined, but had plenty of lubrication for me to pump her endlessly.

Sandra watched me fuck her partner, rubbing her pussy a little out of excitement. I continued to pump my cock in and out of Elena as her moans became louder and her breathing became heavier. Things were getting awkward in this position, so I pulled Elena up a bit first on all fours, then up more so she’s standing straight on her knees with me behind her. I slid my hands up Elena’s sides as I could feel her vaginal muscles squeezing me. Placing my hands on her breasts, I squeezed, massaged, and pinched her nipples while pistioning my cock in and out of this spicy flower.

Elena: “Oh shit!”

Sandra I could tell was getting aroused and feeling left out. So I fucked Elena for a few more minutes before motioning that I was going to switch. Elena though would have no part of that now.

Elena: “Oh baby, don’t stop now, I’m so close. Here, do this…”

Elena quickly laid me on my back, and then mounted me in a reverse cowgirl style. Sliding my cock deep into her wetness, Elena began to bounce and rub herself on me like a wild animal. In the meantime, I pulled Sandra over and put her sweet pussy over my face.

Sandra’s pussy was sweet to the taste, and I held her ass tightly as I ate her out while she watched her partner bounce on my cock. Elena maybe lasted five or six more minutes of variating her movements. She would bounce for a bit, then rub her clit on me, back and forth, savoring every moment. I in the meantime could hear Sandra moaning and gasping as my tongue pushed its way in and out of her sweet wetness.

Finally Elena slammed down on my cock, furiously rubbing herself on me as she squeezed her big breasts. I could hear her shout exclamatory statements as I felt a rush of fluids all over my lower body. Sandra in the meantime was enjoying the feast I made of her pussy, all wet and ready to take a turn on my hardness.

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