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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 2 – Episode 6

Episode six

Sandra and Elena came out of the bathroom fresh and clean of the load I fired on their beautiful racks. Seeing me on the bed, they came over and got comfortable and sipped some wine.

Sandra: “I hope you’re not ready to sleep yet.”

Damon: “No. Just resting after that amazing experience you two just gave me.”

Elena: “There’s more to come.”

Damon: “It might take me a while to get ready again.”

Elena: “We got all night. Why don’t you get comfy and let Sandra and I give you a little show? Guaranteed it’ll get you hard again.”

Damon: “You both have my full attention.”

Sandra and Elena moved to the foot of the bed as I sat at the head. On their knees, still in heels and thongs, they started making out. Kissing one another, fondling each other’s boobs, usual stuff. Elena moved to start licking and sucking on Sandra’s breasts as Sandra leaned her head back to enjoy the sensation. Elena also moved a hand South and rubbed her partner’s pussy.

Gently pushing Sandra onto her back, Elena grabbed the strings on Sandra’s thong and slowly started to pull it off. Sandra raised her legs in the hair, black high heels pointing up, so Elena could expose her feminine spot. Sandra’s pussy was pink, shaven, and beautiful. Elena continued to plant kisses down Sandra’s stomach and then on her thighs, teasing her partner a little.

Finally Elena brought her lips to Sandra’s pussy and began to slowly lick her opening. Sandra gasped a tiny bit at the feeling of Elena’s velvety tongue. Elena continued to nibble and lick Sandra’s soaking wet pussy with her mouth as Sandra laid back and enjoyed every moment.

After a few minutes of this, Sandra moved and motioned that it was time to return the favor. She sat up a bit as Elena smiled and sat back into a kneeling position. Knowing I was watching, Elena then slowly and seductively removed her thong, giving me a wonderful view of her bubbly ass and delightful pussy.

Tossing the thong aside, Elena laid on her back and spread her legs as Sandra moved in to give her partner some affection. She licked and feasted on Elena’s Spanish pussy while Elena signed and moaned in affirmation. Sandra also massaged and fingered Elena while lapping on her clit. Elena simply moved her hands to massage her breasts and pinch her nipples.

As for me, I have to honestly say I never was deeply into lesbian action. Whenever I saw it in pornography I was just bored. Maybe because I needed a “male counterpart” in the mix for me to imagine myself in. However, seeing this performed live in front of me was a totally different experience. These two gorgeous women doing all this simply to turn me on, probably so they could fuck my brains out. I was feeling relaxed, excited, and awaiting my little guy to grow again.

After Sandra licked and feasted on her partner for a while, Elena stopped things and crawled over to the side of the bed where she left her bag. Pulling it onto the bed, I saw this kinky Latina pull out what looked like a double-ended dildo and a bottle of lube. Now I was exited if they were going to use it on each other.

Elena began to rub lube all over one end of her toy as Sandra rolled up into a doggystyle position in front of me. Elena then took her hand and rubbed Sandra’s pussy for a few moments before gently inserting the lubed end of her dildo into Sandra’s hungry pussy. Sandra signed as she felt the invasion, smiling at me as I watched. Elena then rubbed lube on the other end before inserting it into her own pussy.

Now I had seen this before in video, but never in person. Sandra and Elena proceeded to bounce their asses off one another, moaning and yelping as they basically fucked one another doggystyle. I was in awe and could feel my nerve endings on fire. Over and over the two slapped their sexy asses on one another, flesh lightly rippling, and their big tits bouncing underneath.

Elena had her eyes closed, occasionally moaning at Sandra’s invasion. I don’t know if she was acting or not, but I didn’t care. Sandra looked at me again and gave me that beautiful smile I just love to see. The two continued to pump themselves on one another as my cock started to come back to life.

Damon: “Wow…you two did get me there.”

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