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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 2 – Episode 4

Episode four

While pleasuring Sandra, Elena took my cock in her hands and began to slowly lick it from base to head. I tried to pay attention more to Sandra simply because I didn’t want to explode that very second to Elena’s touch, but it was hard. Elena took my cock in her mouth and slowly went down inch by inch until I could feel the head in the back of her throat.

Elena began to slowly move up and down my cock, resting her arms on my thighs while kneeling on the floor just off my bed (I did mention my legs were hanging off the bed). Her tongue felt silky and velvety as she sucked on my cock and continued to please me with her mouth.

Sandra on the other hand was enjoying me rubbing her clitoris as we returned to making out. After a few minutes of this, she broke our kiss and slid down to join Elena.

Elena: “Want some? I don’t think I’m milking this right.”

Sandra: “Why don’t you go sit with Damon and I’ll show you the proper way to milk this udder.”

Elena smiled and crawled up next to me. We first watched Sandra as she gently stroked me.

Sandra: “The simple way is by gently pulling, tugging, and stroking.”

Sandra then put her other hand on my balls and started to massage them. I was in heaven.

Sandra: “Sometimes you have to stimulate things a little more. However, I like using my mouth to better stimulate the milking process.”

Sandra then put my cock in her mouth and started to suck and bob up and down. At this point I thought I would explode immediately but Elena saved me by bringing her lips to mine again. We kissed deeply and I continued to pleasure Elena just as I did Sandra, sucking on her massive tits and playing with her wet pussy through her thong. Elena was moaning and loving every moment of it as Sandra began a faster pace while massaging my balls.

Finally, Elena pushed me away and climbed on top of me in a sixty-nine position. Pushing her thong-encased pussy in my face, she proceeded to take turns sucking my cock with Sandra. Every time Elena bobbed her head up and down on my cock for a bit, Sandra went to sucking and licking my balls.

There’s only so much a man can take. I tried to tell them I was going to cum, but Elena simply pushed her pussy back into my face, grinding her sexuality on me. Finally she pulled my cock out of her mouth and rapidly stroked it as she and Sandra awaited the prize.

I couldn’t take anymore. I exploded as Elena kept moving my cock back and forth, shooting some cum into Sandra’s mouth and then into her mouth. I was just lost in silk enhanced with the smell of sweet Spanish pussy, breathing rapidly at the orgasm I just had.

Still on top of me, Elena and Sandra commenced on gently cleaning my cock lightly with their tongues. My little guy was hypersensitive to their touch, but they continued until he was clean as a whistle. Elena climbed off me and asked if she and Sandra could clean up a tiny bit. Apparently I did get one or two shots on their faces as opposed to their mouths.

I directed them to the bathroom and asked if they wanted any wine or something to drink. The girls said wine sounded good, so I went downstairs to open a bottle of Pinot and grab three glasses. I was hoping I could last more tonight so I could get more and more of these busty beauties.

When I arrived back in the room, the two were sprawled on the bed in a seductive fashion, still clad in their thongs and high heels.

Damon: “Now this is a beautiful picture.”

They giggled as I handed them glasses and poured them wine. We sat for a few minutes, drank, and even fooled around a little. Elena would pour some wine on her skin and I would lick it off. Sandra also licked some wine off Elena for fun.

Eventually, Sandra started caressing my cock wanting to get me hard again for more action. Elena joined in as they took turns lightly giving me oral and playing with my balls while the other would make out with me and let me play with their tits. After a little while, my cock was beginning to grow again and I had an erection…feeling like I could go into the night.

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