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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 2 – Episode 3

Episode three

Sandra took the milk bottle from my hand and walked over to the kitchen to put it in the fridge. I took the moment to feel over Elena’s gigantic breasts. They were soft, squishy, but firm. My cock grew in my pants rather quickly.

As Sandra walked back towards us, I saw her reach behind her back and pull on some strings, apparently undoing her top. Elena moved her hands down to the bottom of her tank top and began lifting it as well. In a few swoops, Elena and Sandra removed their tops, showing me their bare and beautiful breasts. I have a feeling they were originally decent in size, but each had enhancement done. Their racks looked like solid expensive work. No “refund gap” or odd hanging. Just big and bold, sitting there like they were teenagers. Some might still question if these girls were just well endowed but I wasn’t going to dwell on it.

I went back to fondling Elena’s bare boob while Sandra brought my other hand to one of hers. If my cock could speak, it would have been screaming to be let out. I took my time though and fondled their boobs for a minute or two, feeling their large nipples grow hard to my touch.

Elena then placed her hand on my crotch and began to rub my big man.

Elena: “What do we have here?”

Sandra then took a feel of my hardness with her dainty hand.

Sandra: “Looks like an udder for me to pull and squeeze on. Shall we take this someplace more comfortable so I can milk this little guy over and over?”

Damon: “Right this way ladies.”

Elena grabbed her somewhat large purse and took my hand as I took Sandra’s hand and led them both upstairs to the master bedroom. When we arrived, Elena dropped her bag and then both girls proceeded to undress me. Thankfully I was just dressed in my usual house clothing of athletic pants and a t-shirt.

Tossing my clothing on a nearby chair, the girls smiled and pushed me down onto my bed with my legs handing over the side. They then proceeded to remove the bottom halves of their costumes, revealing some skimpy thongs they had on underneath. Elena then was about to remove her shoes when I spoke up.

Damon: “Ladies…would it be too much trouble to leave your heels on?”

Sandra: “You want shoes on the bed? We don’t want to mess up your linens.”

Damon: “Yeah, I know it might sound ridiculous, but I guess I just wanted that total fantasy of two beautiful women doing me in high heels like you see in the porn films. Probably sounds lame.”

Elena: “Not at all. It’s a fantasy many men have. We’ll leave them on for a bit.”

Damon: “Thank you. Feel free to take them off if it gets uncomfortable.”

So now I was lying naked on my bed with two beautiful women clad only in high heels and thongs, each with massive breasts to my pleasure. I wanted my porn fantasy all the way so I’ll remember it as long as I live. The cost of getting the linens cleaned would be so worth it.

Sandra and Elena crawled up next to me on either side. I wasn’t sure if I get the “full experience” again, but I moved to kiss Elena first. She welcomed my mouth as we started to make out, my one hand under her and the other massaging one of her massive melons.

Sandra started kissing my shoulder and the back of my neck, caressing my skin but not touching my cock just yet. Not wanting her to feel left out, I broke my kiss with Elena and moved to do the same to Sandra. Our lips locked and our tongues caressed one another as I played with her big breasts. Elena started to kiss her way down my body and made her way to my cock. She started to plant little kisses on it, making my skin tingle with excitement.

Meanwhile, I broke my kiss with Sandra and proceeded to start nibbling on her massive tits while sliding my hand down South. I first gently caressed her pussy through her thong, but after a minute I slid my hand inside. She was hot and wet and sighed to my touch. I rubbed her pussy gently as my lips gave extra attention to her beautiful breasts.

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