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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 2 – Episode 2

Episode two

With Bruce Willis shooting terrorists on the screen, my mind went back to Jacqueline. I kept wondering if Stefan would have a problem, and would she even go out with me. Forgive me if I sound insecure, but not all the wounds of the past have healed, and Anita did help get the healing process rolling better. Maybe I should try a dating site instead, rather than putting all my eggs in the basket of the first woman I get eyes for.


My doorbell rang, and thus interrupted my thought train. I hopped off the sofa wondering who this was. As I approached the door I was hit by a thought as to why Stefan sent Anita to me three weeks before my birthday. Perhaps Anita isn’t the only one he hired.

I opened the door and before me was not one, but two lovely ladies.

Damon: “Well hello ladies.”

Sandra: “Hi. Are you Damon?”

Damon: “Since I was born. And you are?”

Sandra: “My name is Sandra, and this is Elena. We heard from Stefan you like milk. May we come in?”

My eyes first locked on to Sandra. She was gorgeous. Probably about 5’10” with the black heels she was wearing. She was clad in what could only be described as a sexy milkmaid outfit. Some kind of farm girl ruffled top and short fluffy skirt, all colored with a white and red checker pattern you normally expect on a picnic tablecloth. Her long light brown hair was tied off in two unbraided pigtails, each with a matching red ribbon.

Sandra had a stunning face I had to admit. She had beautiful green eyes that shimmered like gems with high cheekbones and a smile that would melt any man. I would guess her ethnicity was Czech or some Eastern Bloc country, despite that she had no accent. Regardless, I wondered why she was a high-priced escort. She could walk the runway for Victoria’s Secret or be some millionaire’s trophy wife.

Elena was Latina, and a beautiful one at that. The best way to describe her would be Vida Guerra’s lost sister. She had dark skin and long dark wavy hair with some very sexy Spanish curves. Elena was clad in an outfit that I could best describe as “inspired” by the typical Hooters waitress outfit. She had on white high heels as opposed to sneakers and socks, shiny purple shorts that accented her delicious bubble butt, and a black tank top with “got milk?” printed on it.

I almost forgot to mention the best part. Outside of Sandra’s stunning face, Elena’s exotic looks, and their outfits, both women were very well “endowed”. Sandra must have had full D-cup breasts filling out that milkmaid top of hers, and Elena…wow. She must have been a double-D cup size as the “got milk?” text was pushed out nicely. I’m surprised that tank top made it all the way here without bursting open.

I didn’t even care if their tits were fake or real. I knew I was in for an amazing night not only fulfilling my bit tit fantasy, but a threesome. What a birthday gift! I get to live out every porn fantasy most men have ever dreamed of.

I let the girls come inside and closed the door. Sandra then handed me a glass bottle of milk.

Damon: “Why thank you.”

Sandra: “We heard you needed milk. Is skim ok?”

I decided to be flirty. “Well, I normally like things nonfat, but I also usually get some half-and-half as well.”

Yeah, I know it sounded cheesy, but I do generally keep half-and-half for coffee. Elena then took my hand and brought it to her left breast.

Elena: “I think we could accommodate that. Sandra knows how to milk the right stuff out of someone, and I just give service with a smile.”

Sandra: “I’ll take care of this.”

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