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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 2 – Episode 10 [Completed]

Episode ten

If you don’t know why I’m so cheery, then you might want to read the previous chapter of this story. As what’s apparently becoming a month-long thing, my best friend (who happens to be very rich) bought me a threesome with two beautiful and busty escorts from one of those high-priced agencies. A week before that it was a cute blonde who was as sexy as she was sweet. You’ll have to go all the way to the beginning of this tale to understand why my friend Stefan bought me what looked like two incredible nights of sexual fantasy.

So it’s around 1:15 PM now, and I’m walking up the street to the high-rise Stefan owns to have the usual weekly lunch meetup we have. It’s a little later than normal because he had to hold an online meeting with business colleagues during our normal lunch hour. I don’t mind though, since I’m not in a job that requires me to clock-in and clock-out like a normal laborer.

Up the elevator I went to the penthouse office Stefan has, where his lovely executive assistant Jacqueline will hopefully be there with that smile that could brighten up any cloudy day. Hopefully she wasn’t out to lunch.

The elevator door opened and I didn’t see sunshine, but moon. Two moons to be exact. Slightly bent over and digging through a file case was Jacqueline, only not in her usual business attire. I was witness to a beautiful heart-shaped ass clad in spandex capris.

Jacqueline: “Be with you in just a minute!”

She didn’t look to see who was here, as she’s feverously digging in the files. I took a moment to admire her beautiful derriere in those fitted spandex pants. I guess she must go work out during her lunch break.

Feeling daring and naughty after the porn fantasy I just experienced, I decided to play a little joke. I walked over to the window and turned to face it, my back was now to Jacqueline’s across the room.

Damon“Now that’s a lovely view.”

I didn’t see what happened next, but all I heard was what sounded like Jacqui probably quickly turning around wondering what office pervert was possibly checking her out.

Jacqueline: “Excuse me? Oh, Damon. Hi!”

I turned around and smiled.

Damon“Hey Jacqui. Was just admiring the view out your window here.”

Jacqueline: “Really…and here I thought it was Andy the office pervert trying to sneak a peek at me in my workout gear.”

Now I could see what Jacqueline was wearing. Spandex capris with an athletic top that showed her pert breasts quite nicely. Athletic socks and gym shoes were on her feet and she had hair tied off. She did look like she had been sweating.

Damon“You look great.”

Jacqueline: “Oh gawd I so do not.”

Damon“Not from where I’m standing. You look like you’re in incredible shape.”

Jacqueline: “You flatterer. Spin classes and Pilates do wonders.”

Damon“It shows. Stefan doesn’t mind you in that attire?”

Jacqueline: “I’m sure Stefan would rather I work in a bikini if he could pull it off. He actually lets me use the executive bathroom to shower and change when I go work out. I just came back from the gym though and Stefan needed some files ASAP. Come on, let’s go see him.”

Jacqueline took the lead as we headed over to the doors to Stefan‘s large office. I did take a moment to savor Jacqueline’s sexy body as she moved in front of me. I’m thankful I just had the weekend I did, or else I probably would have been hard as a redwood the moment I saw Jacqui. I kept thinking about how much I would love to date her, and decided I’m going to take a chance and ask Stefan if he would have a problem with it.

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