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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode nine

We continued to talk in an attempt to wind ourselves down into sleep, but my mind couldn’t help it. Come on, if you went on a dry spell for two years and now get a night to repeatedly fuck a beautiful woman, I don’t think you would be ready for sleep.

Anita didn’t seem tired either. I got us some wine and we just sat on the bed chatting. It is a shame she’s an escort, because I found her charming, like Stefan’s assistant Jacqueline. I did get a thought on asking Jacqueline out on a date, but I changed my mind. I didn’t want to cross a line with my friend.

The other problem hit though as my little guy started growing again. Before I knew it, I had my rock-hard pole wanting more action. Even I was surprised and thought two would be enough.

Anita: “Wow…he’s ready for more?”

Damon: “Well, I was in a long dry spell.”

Anita: “How long?”

Damon: “Promise not to laugh?”

Anita: “I promise.”

Damon: “Two years.”

Anita giggled a little. I smiled and sarcastically said “Hey! You promised!”

Anita: “I know I did. I couldn’t help it. Figured you would have gotten some before me.”

Damon: “Yeah well…”

Anita: “Then we’ll just have to make up for lost time.”

Anita then lightly kissed my cock again.

Damon: “But you took your hat off, you’re ‘off duty’.”

Anita giggled. “I’m here til the morning silly boy, and now we’ll do something more special, because it’s your birthday.”

Damon: “In three weeks.”

Anita: “Close enough.”

Damon: “I want you to enjoy it too. Get yourself off if you can.”

Anita: “Yeah, but tonight is about you Damon.”

Damon: “Right, and for me I want you to get yourself off on me.”

Anita: “Ok then. Now I’m off duty and this is about ‘us’.”

I pulled Anita close to me and our lips locked again, kissing passionate like we did earlier. I knew I couldn’t have her forever and wasn’t even sure if I wanted to, but for a moment I wanted to pretend that she’s not some hired lay, and we’re just man and woman.

Anita rolled another condom on my cock and climbed on top of me, slipping my hard manhood back in her, settling down on me. She rubbed her pussy on my body with my cock rooting around inside her. I could tell she was getting wetter as her juices spilled all over my body.

I held Anita and kissed her deeply, passionately, running my hands all over her skin. We didn’t “bang” like we just did. We made passionate love. We kissed and caressed and she rubbed herself on me until she couldn’t take anymore and came for me with a loud scream. I was happy and she wanted me to be as well. She ended up riding me until I came one last time. Sensually sliding up and down my cock until I couldn’t take anymore.

This last orgasm wasn’t hard or explosive, but warm and soft. I think Anita knew what I needed at that moment and was fully happy to give it to me. To let me feel like what it feels to have a beautiful woman making love to you, wanting you, desiring you. I didn’t care if she was acting or not, but I enjoyed it.

With our respective orgasms finished, Anita and I curled up like two cats and fell asleep in each others’ arms.

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