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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 1 – Episode 8

Episode eight

I eagerly came up behind her and caressed her buttocks for a moment, but positioned my hard cock at her entrance. I slowly started to push in and she pushed her way back, taking in every inch of me until that ass was resting on my body.

Anita: “Fuck me Damon, fuck me hard.”

I was only happy to oblige as I grabbed her hips and began pushing her out and pulling her back into me. I started off on a medium pace to get my bearings, but Anita wasn’t in the mood to take it easy.

Anita: “Harder Damon! Fuck my pussy!”

I started slamming my cock in her as she cried in excitement. Over and over I thrusted my manhood in and out of her as she goaded me on to go faster and harder. She wanted this to be good hard sex and nothing sensual. She wanted me to cum hard.

I kept pumping her relentlessly and eventually slid my hands up her sides to pinch her nipples. She yelped with pleasure at the surprise, but her ponytail waving around behind her intrigued me more. Figuring I’ll take a risk, I grabbed her ponytail firmly and pulled her up a little bit.

Anita: “Oh gawd yeah! Pull my hair!”

Holding her hair with one hand and her hip with the other, I pistoned myself in and out of her fast and hard as she wanted, treating her like a total slut as she yelped in enjoyment. She apparently wanted to go further.

Anita: “Slap my ass Damon! Spank me!”

Surprised, I took my free hand and slapped her butt cheek somewhat lightly.

Anita: “HARDER!”

I slapped her butt hard, leaving a red mark. She seemed to enjoy this kinky moment as I kept fucking her relentlessly. My own body was so turned on to all this I could feel my orgasm welling up. I released her ponytail and put both hands on her hips again to steady myself with my insane fucking, slapping her other butt check just as hard as the first.

Anita: “OH YEAH! Cum for me Damon! Cum for me now!”

Anita had a way with me, because my body had enough and could take no more. I slammed my cock into her as deep as it could go and let out a loud grunt as I shot a massive load of cum into the condom. I could have worried if the condom would break in all this, but I didn’t care.

I was panting and clinging on to Anita for dear life as my cock continued to shoot load after load out. I never had sex this intense in my life…ever. Anita held on to my hand and arm to keep me steady as I finished, panting like I just ran a long sprint.

Damon: “Oh…my…gawd!”

Anita: “Come on baby, let’s lay down.”

She gently got me out of her and led me to the bed, carefully laying me down before crawling up beside me. I was still panting and covered in sweat. She actually ended up taking off that UPS hat and tossing it aside.

Damon: “Wow.”

Anita smiled and said: “Happy Birthday Damon.”

Damon: “Thank you so much. Was it good for you as well?”

Anita: “It wasn’t bad. I get off on the rough stuff sometimes, but not tonight.”

Damon: “You didn’t cum again?”

Anita: “It’s ok. I came once already. I can live with that.”

As my heart rate slowed and my breathing calmed down, we just talked for a while. I found that Anita was actually studying to be a registered nurse, and this gig for her was simply easy, fun, and lucrative. I found that she gets the majority of the money while her agency a piece. Not a bad deal for a night of passionate fun.

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