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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode seven

As we continued to make out, Anita slid her hand down my belly to see if my manhood was ready for more. Thankfully my cock was at full mast now, eagerly screaming to be inside her hot pussy. Anita stroked me a few times and then again climbed onto my face, pushing her pussy in mouth again.

Anita“Keep me wet while I get him prepared for the time of his life.”

I placed my hands on Anita‘s beautiful ass and went back to gently licking her beautiful pussy as I heard her tear open one of the condoms she brought up. I then felt her rolling it down my manhood and then sucking on it hard to get my attention.

Anita“I think we’re ready. Are you ready Damon?”

My face was covered with her juices again as I wiped them away. “I’m so ready for you Anita.”

Anita“You like my ass, don’t you?” She displayed her beautiful derrière for me and sensually ran one of her hands over it.

I truthfully told her: “I think you have the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen. No lie.”

Anita“Good. I’m going to ride you in reverse for a while. I want you to see my gorgeous ass bouncing on your sexy body over and over…then I want you take me from behind and fuck me hard until you cum. I’m your sex slave tonight Damon. Don’t let me down.”

I was beyond excited, like a kid at Christmas. Anita straightened her UPS cap yet again (she is “on duty” after all) and slid herself down over my latex-encased cock. As she ran the head over her opening, all I could think of is how much I hope that first blast would make me last a very long time, even hoping the condom would numb me just a bit so I could savor every moment of being inside Anita.

Right at that moment, she placed my cock at her opening and started to slowly sink down on it. Inch by beloved inch my cock went into her tight wet pussy. I was ready to faint by the time she rested her beautiful ass on my body. She then grinded her pussy on me a bit, getting used to my invasion and giving me a little show of her ass wiggling on me. Positioned on her knees, she held on to my legs and raised herself slowly until I was almost out of her, then sank back down again. I could tell she’s as talented with her pussy as she is with her mouth, and all I can do was enjoy the ride.

I placed my hands on her beautiful butt as she slowly raised and lowered herself on me. She sat up straight and placed her hands over mine, silently telling me her butt and body belong to me that night. My whole body was tingling under her.

Then she leaned forward and held my legs, picking up the pace. I felt her pussy tight around my manhood, caressing it as she moved up and down, over and over. She made it a point to change up her pace, with some slow sensual lifts and falls, sometimes rotating her butt to give me a show, other times raising and crashing, so I can watch her flesh ripple with each slap on my body.

I was very thankful I was holding up well, and could go for a while. I caught Anita‘s face in a mirror and could tell she was enjoying this as much as I was. I agree even paid sex is wonderful when you know she’s enjoying it.

Anita quickened her pace as I held her butt tightly, every now and then turning around to smile at me devilishly or wink. She sat up straight and bounced some more, up and down, getting a little faster so I could see her body bounce on me. Her breathing was a bit more paced and I could tell she’s also taking her sweet time.

After a while, I felt like I needed more. Anita, I’m ready to pound you from behind. I want to fuck you like a mad dog in heat and cum hard for you.”

Anita smiled and slowly climbed off me, deciding she wanted to do it standing. She climbed off the bed and walked over to the nearby dresser, bending over slightly to display that gorgeous butt again.

Anita“Take me Damon. Cum in that condom for me.”

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