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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode six

Anita stood at the foot of the bed and kicked off her canvas shoes. She then turned around and displayed her beautiful ass to me. I had gotten a tiny look earlier, but now seeing it in full glory, I had to admit it was gorgeous. Not flat, but not round and bubbly. Just right.

My tigress hooked her thumbs over the waist of her shorts and bent over, pulling them off. I could tell my little guy was going to become big man pretty quickly based on what was in front of me. Anita turned around and was now naked except for that UPS cap. I could tell she shaved her pussy clean, and it was aching for some action as well.

Anita climbed back onto the bed, seductively crawling over my body, her wet pussy caressing my stomach and chest. She then positioned herself over my face and lowered her wetness onto my mouth. I was all too happy to feast on this young pussy as my tongue made circles around her opening.

At first she was smiling and giggling a little to my touch. My hands held on her ass tightly as I kept working her pussy with my mouth. As I pushed my tongue deeper into her, her small giggles turned to moans, and her breathing became heavier.

Anita: “Oh yeah Damon, just like that. Lick my pussy baby.”

I needed no further direction. I hungrily devoured her pussy like a wild animal, feeling her hands running through my hair, pulling my head as close as she could. She moaned more and got louder, juices pouring from her hot pussy like a slow-running faucet. I wanted to taste her cum the way she did mine. I wanted to know her flavor as much as I explored her body. My tongue was driving in and out the way I hoped to do with my cock later. Anita threw her head back and put her hands on my stomach, bracing herself, breathing heavily and loudly.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed as I felt her pussy tighten around my tongue and she exploded all over my face. I enjoyed my dessert to a wonderful dinner of sweet Anita as she panted and emptied herself into my mouth. My cock was starting to grow again in excitement. My testosterone was pulsing like a jackhammer, feeling my masculinity return from its long dormant form.

As I cleaned up Anita’s hot opening the way she cleaned my cock, she sat there on my face panting, I could feel tingles in her skin and still wondered if she was really enjoying this or acting. Having finished, she gently climbed off my face.

Anita: “I don’t know how anyone could have left you.”

Damon: “You know?”

Anita: “I only know your wife left you for some other guy. Stefan told me when he hired me. I still can’t fathom why she would.”

Damon: “Can I ask you a personal question?”

Anita: “It depends.”

Damon: “I have to know. Are you acting, or are you really enjoying this?”

Anita laughed for a bit. “Damon, I might get paid to fuck guys, but I still love sex. I don’t go to any client unless I’ve seen what he looks like and get an idea of who he is. Stefan showed me your photo and I thought you were cute.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a job for me, so I’m not going to suddenly fall in love and run away with you…but I don’t just fuck anyone who waves cash in my face. That’s what street walkers do. I pick and choose my clients so I know I’ll enjoy the sex and give them the time of their lives. That’s what anyone highly-paid in this business does. We’re women who love sex, and realize we can get paid to do something we love. If the girl isn’t enjoying herself, then the client will see through it and it’ll come off as fake.”

Anita then flipped herself around and laid alongside me. ”Besides, a woman may be able to fake an orgasm when fucking, but not while being eaten out like that. My cum in your mouth should tell you I’m definitely enjoying this.” She then kissed me deeply for a few minutes.

Anita: “Mmmmm…I taste good, don’t I?”

Damon: “Definitely.”

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