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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode three

Stefan: “It’s not about having to do it, but wanting to do it. I’ll buy you something nice because you’re my friend and I love ya. Just stop debating and just take it. Ok?”

I rolled my eyes and said “ok”. We went to lunch and talked about the usual stuff. Sports, money, cars, etc. From there we went our separate ways and I went back to the safety of my routines. Work, home, exercise, etc.

My birthday falls in late August. When the first Saturday of August came, I was home watching a DVD with a beer. My simple night was interrupted by the doorbell. Bewildered, I got up to see who it was.

When I opened the door I was surprised to see a young blonde woman there. She looked like she worked for the UPS, but her clothing couldn’t be the standard uniform. Her top looked like a tight-fitting UPS shirt completely unbuttoned and tied off like she was Daisy Duke. She didn’t even have pants, but these fitted booty shorts in the same beige as the top. I could tell they were tight because I could even spot a “camel toe”. On her feet were simple canvas shoes.

The girl herself was a knockout. She must have been twenty or twenty-one. Long blond hair tied off in a pony tail, coming out of the back of her dark brown UPS cap. Tight, athletic body with a rather delicious looking ass you could bounce a quarter off of. Her chest wasn’t anything to write home about, but I still thought she was hot as hell.

Anita: “Hi, I’m Anita. I have a delivery for ‘Damon’?”

Damon: “I’m Damon.”

She handed me a small box and pulled out a clipboard, stating I needed to sign for it. I was bewildered because while I know we have had a pretty hot summer, I don’t imagine UPS would allow female employees to dress like this.

Anita: “Shit. I lost my pen, do you have one?”

Damon: “Yeah, over here.”

I walked inside with the box and headed over to a nearby table to grab a pen. Anita took a few steps inside and quietly shut the door behind her. I didn’t notice as I came over to sign her clipboard.

Damon: “What the heck is this, I didn’t order anything.”

Anita: “It’s from a ‘Stefan’.”

Damon: “AH…that makes sense, but my birthday isn’t for another three weeks.”

I opened the box to find it full of condoms and a note:


Hey buddy, Happy Birthday!

I’m sure you’ll probably not partake of this, but you seriously need to get laid and Anita here will “deliver” nicely.

Just have a blast, for me?



I was shocked. Stefan bought me what looked like a high-price escort to come here and sleep with me. I looked at Anita in shock.

Damon: “You’re kidding, right?”

Anita walked her way over to me.

Anita: “I delivered my package, but I can see your ‘package’ quite nicely.”

Anita began to caress my crotch, which apparently had grown to full hardness just when I first saw her. I quickly pulled away.

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