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Sexy Birthday Gift – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode two

I think she must be an ethnic mix of Hispanic and Asian blood, but I’m not good at determining these things.

Every time I see Jacqueline she always seems to light up. With others she’ll be totally business formal, but with me it’s like we’re old friends. After a little small talk, I went to see my friend.

Stefan“Hey big guy!”

Damon“Nice to see you too. I see you still keep Jacqueline around.”

Stefan“Where else are going to find that mix of brains with a body to die for?”

Damon“Not many. My CEO’s assistant is a total airhead. You ready for lunch?”

Stefan“Yeah! You’re birthday’s next month buddy. Any plans?”

Damon“Nah. Not really. You know I’ve never made a big deal out of my birthday.”

Stefan“Oh come on now! Why don’t I fly us to Vegas? We’ll hit the tables, walk the strip like Danny Ocean and Rusty, pick up some hot tail, and have a wild time?”

Damon“No man, it’s ok. Honest.”

StefanDamon, I’ve known you my whole life. I know you got divorced a year and a half ago, but how long are you going to sit in this rut? You gotta get out there again, find a better woman, and have some mind-blowing sex.”

Damon“I’m just not ready. Not sure if I want to try again.”

Stefan“Just between us buddy, when’s the last time you got laid?”


Stefan“Come on Damon, when?”

Damon“Fine. Two years ago.”

Stefan“TWO YEARS AGO???”

Damon“Shush! I don’t want your whole company knowing that!”

Stefan“Two years? That means the last girl you slept with was your ex. I mean, come on…you didn’t even seek out some rebound or anything?”

Damon“I’m not like you in that sense. You were always better with the ladies. I was the more modest one.”

Stefan“Dude, you have to get laid. Break out of the shell. Why not go to Sin City and get some?”

Damon“No. I’m ok.”

Stefan“Come on Damon. I hate seeing you like that. I hate that I caused you to be in this situation…”

Damon“Enough. For the last time, you did not cause my divorce. Neither of us knew what was going on. You can’t keep beating yourself up about this Stefan. What’s done is done. Maybe eventually I’ll get back on the market again. For now I honestly just don’t feel attractive or desirable. I just feel like some loser who got his girl stolen. I know this won’t last forever, but for now I just need to deal with it as I can.”

Stefan sat there thinking for a moment, then got a smile on his face.

Stefan“At least let me spoil you with a great birthday gift.”

Damon“You don’t have to do that.”

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