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Sensation – Season 1 – Episode 8

(Fighting against lust 🛡)
Written by Lynne writes.
@Lynne’s library.
Chapter Nine
The news of me and Xander’s relationship has gone round the School. It has been like, Xander is dating a low life or one ugly girl. I’m always pointed
out or talked about anywhere I go to.
Xander was use to it, Infact he sees nothing bad in it but it really makes me feel uncomfortable. To go out has now become a problem.
So many wants to become my friend even Jac and Anita has become so nice to me this days. It’s annoying. If someone has told me I’ll one day become popular I would have grab a knife.
“You see how the news of your relationship spread like wildfire that’s how the news of your break up will be too. He will soon get tired of you and dump you ” an unknown girl say to me and walk away with a scoff.
“Don’t mind people like her, she’s just jealous ” Anita chime as she sits down beside me.
See what I’m talking about.?
“How are you doing sweetie? ”
Oh yes she now call me sweetie not Virgin Mary again. She might believe I’m not virgin anymore since I’m dating Xander, Infact everyone believes that.
“Here comes your boyfriend “she sings and nudge me with her shoulder with a fake smile.
I look at the direction and saw Xander coming towards us.
“Hey babe “Xander kisses my cheek and smiles at me.
“Alex.. ” I cautions pushing him from me.
“You should have gotten use to this babe “he says playing with my curly hair.
“Hi Xander, I was just having a nice chat with Lynne. Right Lynne? ” Anita butts in.
“Erm yeah? ” I answer in a questioning manner, not knowing what to say.
Xander didn’t look over at her neither did he respond, he just grab my hand.
“Come “he whispers to me.
I look at Anita whose face is deep red and stand up. We both walk out of the class over to his car holding hands.
“That wasn’t nice, you could have aleast say a word to her ”
“I can only be nice to people who are nice to you, like Lisa ” he replies.
“Larissa ” I correct.
“Whatever ”
“Where are we going? ”
“Ronge ”
“Ronge? ”
“The river place I took you, my secret place ”
“Okay ” I say and silence took over.
“You haven’t taken me out on a date ” I blurt out.
“Ah.. I thought you don’t like dates that’s why. ”
“I like dates ” I tell him.

/> “Okay then, how about we make this a picnic date” he suggest.
“Sure.. Great ” I grin.
Hours later, we were drown in the moment. I was sitted on the picnic mat, Xander has his head on my lap as I play with his hair.
“I want to ask you something ” I say staring down at him.
“What? ”
“How do feel about me Xander, do you like me? Or you l..ove me? ”
He stayed silent for some seconds before answering. “I like you ”
“Why did you like me, what is so special in me that
you took interest in ”
“I like you, all of you. I have no reason I just do” he replies.
I sigh and nod.
“Why did you ask? ”
“I just wanna know ”
“Okay “he says.
“I love you ” I close my eyes as I let out the word.
“What? ” he half yelled.
“Never mind ” I say.
“Okay “he says and took his phone then start to press it.
I suppress the tears fighting to come out from my eyes.
“Take me home ” I sob.
He stop pressing his phone and look at me.
“Why? What’s wrong? ”
“Take me home “my voice was getting high.
“Did I do something, Aria “he sits up making me able to stand up.
I grab my bag and sandal from the floor.
“Aria! Did I do something to you? ”
I stop walking and face him.
“I think I just confessed my feelings to you few minutes ago and you took it like it was something normal or not meaningful ”
“What? I didn’t know you meant that ”
“You didn’t ” I scoff.
“How am I even sure that you meant what you said you feel for me.” I shake my head and walk to his car opened the door and sit down waiting for him to get me out of this place.
He came in to the car.
“Believe me Aria, I didn’t know you meant that because I didn’t expect it.
“I really like you Aria, at first my aim was just to get into your pants but I later found myself drawn to you. ”
“Aria please ” he begs.
“Drive!!!” I yell at him.
If only I can go on my own, I wouldn’t be waiting here.
T. B. C
Who is to
be blame for this fight? Do you think Xander sincerely like Lynne?
I haven’t been seeing comments abt this book and I get ideas from your comments if you don’t know. Please comment abeg.

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