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Sensation – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 10]



Aria Lynne Patterson is a timid, quiet and a sensitive girl. She is extremely intuitive about people and cares about their feelings but when it comes to her, nobody cares. She’s often insulted and bullied because of her chubbiness and timidness but she wouldn’t fight back. She wish she can.
Lynne as she’s popularly known in School, is an observer, she fears drawing attention to herself. Socially uncomfortable, but very talented. She’s stubborn and solitary, but…like every other human being, she
sometimes have s£xual urges (Libido). She has to fight it because she comes from a Christian homes where she was warned and told that pre marital s£x is a sin.
She was doing her best to stop herself from committing the sin until Alexander Gibbs came into the picture.
Alexander, popularly called BADBOY XANDER is a very mysterious guy. Of course he was named bad boy for a reason. He’s very handsome, he’s every girl wanna date ; kind of guy. But he’s not interested in dating, he’s only interested in tasting and dumping.
Do you think Lynne can still stand her ground? Find out.
(Fighting against lust 🛡)
Written by Lynne writes.
FB; @Lynne’s library.
Chapter one
I woke up from a w€t dream again. After going to confession last week, I still repeat the same mistake. I had watch a erotic movie two days ago after promising myself to avoid anything like it but still find myself doing it. I’m not gonna go back and confess the same thing anymore I just have to stop.
It’s so annoying.
Good God! Why me.
“You’re awake already, I’m just about to wake you up. Hurry, go and take your bath” Larisa said. I stare at her. She had taken her bath already that means I need to rush.
I glance at my other two roommates who seems oblivious that I was awake or maybe they choose to ignore me as usual.
I threw my blanket over my body and sit up.
“Oh my God you’re sweating, are you okay “Rissa said touching my forehead.
Jacqueline and Anita glanced at me then look away and continued their make up.
“I’m fine ” I replied Rissa my voice coming out huskily.
“I hate to admit, her voice sounded s£xy “Jac said and Anita scoff.
“Nothing s£xy can come out of someone like her “she said and I gulp.
They always find something to insult me with.
” You’re right, she’s too timorous for my liking “Jac shakes her head.
“Acting like the second Holy Mary, ugly butt” Anita said.
I can never be like Mary. Anita is wrong.
“Some people are very bitter, very very bitter. You are just jealous of her because she’s not
a public use like you, she’s still fresh and unused not some wanna be prostitute”Rissa chimed in and hiss.
“I wasn’t talking to you, I don’t get why you always speak for her ” Anita roll her eyes.
I said nothing as I stand up from the bed grab my clothes, soap ,towel and everything I need and rush in to the bathroom.
Few minutes later I was ready. Dressed in my usual wear, Hoodies and black pants, which I like cos I’m always comfortable in it and it also hide all my too fat places wel. I followed Rissa
out of the room leaving Jac and Anita who always take ages to get ready.
“Those girls are really getting on my nerves and you, why can’t you fight whenever they insult you. ” Rissa complains.
“I can’t fight with them Rissa “I replied.
“I’m not saying you should fight them but shutting up whenever they insult will make them stop, you should be able to talk back ” she furthered.
“I don’t know what to say, I swear ” I told her.
“Okay, don’t worry I’m always here for you and I won’t let them insult you freely like they want “she said and I smile at her.
“Thank you ” I said staring at my feet as we walk.
“Don’t thank me. And please it’s time you change the way you dress a little “she sigh.
“Uh? What’s wrong with my dressing ”
“If I have your stature, trust I won’t hesitate to flaunt by bringing it out not hiding it in big hoodie and big pants “she said and o shake my head.
“You are just saying that to make me feel better, there’s nothing to show off here. Didn’t you hear Jac and Anita said, that I’m shapeless and I totally agree with them ”
“You believe those jealous idiots. Trust me they wish they have big hips and firm b00bs like yours. They are just hypocrites ” she replied.
I shake my head and she sigh.
“Well bye hoodie girl, I’ll see you at lunch “she wave as she leave for her faculty while I left for mine too.
Highschool I thought was hard, but getting into college especially this killer School I could give up.
You have to read and read and still fail. Stupid.
“MS Patterson ” my English teacher called and I
stand up.
I can feel millions of gaze on me which made me feel really uncomfortable.
“Yes Sir ” I reply.
“Come forward and receive your first semester result. I want to give it to you specially “he said and I make my way out to the front of the class with shaking legs.
He gave the result to me with a smile then face the students.
“She has the best result for my subject” he told the students then turn to me “congratulations “he took my hands shaking them.
“Thank you sir ” I mutter and walk back to my seat.
I wish I can also be best in other subjects, I should have known that science isn’t for me, it’s fvcking hard.
I walk into the cafeteria and other a cold Pepsi and snacks. I look around for Rissa but I couldn’t find her. So I sat down and eat.
I heard some soft m0an behind me and I turn around.
There they are, a boy and a girl kissing in the cafeteria and the boy is even playing with her [email protected]
I shake my head and face front.
“Is it your first time seeing something like that? Girl don’t be Suprise if they have s£x here “a girl in front of me says looking at me.
I just smile not knowing what to say. I can’t really hold a conversation.
My pvssy clench as I turn to look at them again, the girl has her mouth on the boy’s d!ck.
It’s disgusting and arousing.
It turned me on bad I won’t deny it. My pant must be drench in my w€tness rn.
I can’t stand this anymore.
“Can’t we report them? ” I asked the girl and she laughs.
“Look at you, report them and get into trouble. This School is messed up when it comes to discipline everyone does what they likes. You can only leave if you’re uncomfortable “she said and I did just that. I stood up with my bag.
“Thank you ” I said to her.
She nods “I’m Laura, second year student. You? ”
“Lynne, this is my first year ” I replied.
“It’s nice meeting you “she smiled. I returned the smile and left.
I enter my dormitory portal for my room key but didn’t find it. So I take it one of roommates is inside already.
I open the door without looking at the person inside.
I drop my bag on my bed which is the lower bunk and let out a deep breath.
Let that affect you girl. I consoled myself.
I started hearing giggles and kissing sounds making me turn to look at what’s going on.
My eyes widened. Jac and Anita brought guys into the room again?
They are three. One is kissing Jac, the other is talking with Anita and the third guy was just looking at his phone. He doesn’t seem to care about whatever his going on he’s just engross in the phone in his hand.
“What is the meaning of this “I spoke out angrily.
Jac glares at me while Anita doesn’t look at me.
“You do know you can’t bring boys in at your will like you own the room “I said glaring back at Jac.
“What is your problem can’t you just shut up or you get out ” Anita said and the boys now stages at me except the guy on the phone.
Get out of my room? Are they insane.
I grit my teeth angrily as I stare at them. I could have gone to the pavilion before coming back as I used to but I know I have to take a shower if I wanna get rid of that image.
I grab my towel and my clothes, clean pant and walk into the bathroom.
I stripped off my clothes and put it in the laundry Box and wrap my towel around my body.
I took my pants and wash them before getting in to the shower.
I was getting bored, I wouldn’t be here if Travis hadn’t force me. She wants me to meet his girlfriend by force.
“Dude, I have to go ” I said.
“Why so fast? Are we making you uncomfortable?” Travis’s girlfriend butted in immediately.
I mentally roll my eyes.
“No, I need to go somewhere urgently “I lied giving Travis signal with my eyes.
“Don’t worry babe we’ll come back some other time “Travis told his girlfriend and she nods looking at me.
I ignore her. I scrabble my hand through my hair. I put my hand on my nose to smell my shampoo but I smell something odd instead.
“Eww ” I scrunch my face as I stare at my finger.
“Damn!! ” I chuckle.
“What’s wrong Bro? ” Drake ask.
“My fingers smell of pvssy”
“Of who? ” Travis ask.
“Just some girl, can’t even remember what she’s said her name was- I need to wash my hand guys let’s go ” I stand up.
“Ahm you can use our bathroom “Travis girlfriend said.
“Don’t worry our bathroom is clean ” she adds with a smile.
“Go on nigga we’ll wait “Drake said.
“Where?” I look at her.
“That’s the door right there, just look at your right you’ll see a basin, a liquid soap is place on it ” the other girl answered.
I open the door, by my right was a water Basin. I look around, then my eyes landed on something.
“fvck me!! What is that thing! “I mutter.
T. B. C
What did he see?.
Please don’t be too lazy to like and comment. This story Don tire me sef because of your discouraging attitude towards it.
I usually allow my readers to imagine how the character look themselves but I feel like giving pictures for this one. Even though its only Xander and Lynne’s own.

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