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Selfless Desires – Season 1 – Episode 8

Ama’s eyes widened in horror and her jaw dropped. Emotions welling up in her and threaten to explode.She stood up and moved to her sister and gave her a slap.
‘Don’t you dare strike me again, not today or any other days of your life..How dare you!!’ Diri exploded in anger.
‘I will slap you whenever I want and nothing would stop me’ Ama said and slapped her again. ‘You shameless thing, you go about sleeping around like dog’
‘Not a word from you, Amaka, else I will string you like a bee’ She screamed.

Mama got up from where she was sitting, She was shivering. The disunity in her family came as a surprise.
‘Shut up, you two!!’ Mama snapped and there was instant silence. ‘Dirichi, Can you explain what you just said’
Diri had always kept it as a secret, not even when mama threaten to disown her. She had her reasons, revealing it was a stab in the back to her beloved sister, Ama.

She had no intentions whatsoever to ruin her sister’s live. She had reveal it today, being on a need-to-know basis, with Kingsley,Ama and Mama on her neck, she couldn’t recuse herself from spilling it out.

She had vowed to keep it a secret, and made Afam did thesame. She wasn’t to blame and Afam wasn’t to blame too. Fate carries the whole blame for sticking him with her family, despite all oddities.

Ama picked her luggages and made for the door.
‘Are you walking out on me?’ Mama asked.
‘I’m sorry, I will visit you next time, I don’t want to do something I would regret in the end’ Ama said and stormed out.

She tried to focus her mind and control the turmoil that raged inside her, but failed. She had to get back on track.

All her life, She had been betrayed. It seemed.

Was the betrayal from her elder sister who had kept this from her or from the man who had profess his undying love and affection for her??
She felt so Unclad. Exposed.

Tears dripped slowly and that drew the attention of fellow passengers to her.
‘Are you okay?’ An elderly woman asked.

Ama nodded her head, making the tears that lingered on her lashes to stream down effortlessly.

She wished it was all a dream. She had always knew everything about her was complicated. Her dreams. Her love life and perhaps, Her family too.

Would she ever be free from the various burdens she seemed to carry?

She brought her fists down onto to her knee. Hard.
Crazy family. She thought.

Her elder sister was having a kid for her fiancé, while her young sister was missing.

Everything was hooked on the rush. She was exhausted. She was silly to think everything would work out fine for her. Nothing had ever worked out for her, Her life had always been in the backward side.

A tears rolled down her cheeks and she choked back others. She had to stop crying about things she couldn’t control. That was the only way forward.

It took her three seconds to bounce up the steps to the living room.

It was dimly lit, She could see it, from where she was. She could sense someone was in, but who??

She quickly swallowed down her tears and braced herself for anything.

She half-hoped it was Afam, so she would unleash the terror she felt.

Eyes closed, She stretched her hand towards the door handle and snatched it back hurriedly.

Was she scared? Of her own house? Built with her own money? Impossible!

She blew out a long breathe, her head suddenly dizzy with doubt as blood surged through in her veins.

She did the sign of cross, even though, she wasn’t sure how effective that would be, she instantly shivered in fear again.

Could it be armed robbers? Or kidnappers?
What would have been their mission? To kidnap her?

Quirky thoughts raced through her and she felt like she was going crazy!

The handle turned on its own, and cracked open, an inch, then wider. Ama stood transfixed and gazed in wonder at the person she was seeing.

She swallowed down a lump in her throat as a heady mixture of love and hatred flushed through her as she stared dizzily.

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