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Selfless Desires – Season 1 – Episode 7

Awesome sat alone in the far corner of the second row in the Conference hall and watched as executives circled around his daddy.

His daddy had called for an impromptu conference meeting to debate on the state of emergency, the president of the construction firm had declared.

Times like these, he wished he wasn’t the next of kin to his dad. His eyes were heavy, gritty, ready to close. He hadn’t slept for some days now, it was either, he was working with his dad until late hours in the night or he was dealing with Ama’s problems or constantly dealing with his mummy’s nagging.

It all seemed to weigh him down as he sat benumbed on the chair. He wasn’t listening to what was being said. His mind was far gone.
He was about dozing when his daddy voice jolted him to life.
‘……..What happened surprised me because, we have to abide with the la!d down rules, we are a member, and on that note, we have to put all on-going projects on hold for a while’ The Sturdy man said.

Few minutes later, the meeting was dismissed and he left.

He left and entered his car gently. He missed his bed badly, and couldn’t focused.
‘Carry your container away, if you can’t drive’ A driver shouted angrily at him.

It was then it dawned on him that he had been wasting a lot of time and the traffic light was green. He obviously needed a rest.
He swung the Range Rover slowly around the bend from the narrow lane and Zoomed off to his house.

The door creaked as he opened the door, he met his mummy and his younger sister. He guessed they were gossiping or perhaps, talking about fashion.

Women talks. He mused.
‘Hey mummy!’ He said and kept walking.
‘Lola is arriving today, her flight is landing four pm’ His mummy said.

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His mouth opened, then closed, before he answered with a weak smile.
‘Mummy, Tolu should pick her up, I’m tired and need to rest’
‘No wayy! The mother of your child is arriving and all you could do is to ask your sister to pick her up, Tolu has never been to the airport before na’
‘Mummy, there’s a satellite navigation system in my car, she should be able to handle the rest, but for now, Mo fe lo sun…I want to sleep’ Awesome said and walked to his room.
‘Wanky! Bossy as usual’ Was Tolu’s judgement.

She picked the keys and moved out.

She punched her pillow and turned over in the large king-size bed. She turned over again, twisting her duvet around her and tossing it off.

She was trying to find a comfy spot but failing.

She accepted defeat and threw the pillow down in disgust. She hauled herself out of the bed and said a short prayer to God to help locate her sister. Who else can she turned to? It had really shaken her to the core. The very idea that Uju was missing made her head spin. What they shared was scared, Very scared! She had just finished reciting the Apostle creed, when her phone beeped.

Mama wants to see us this weekend, Angry sister, Blood is always thicker than water. Diri
Was she dreaming? It had to be a dream.

She hated her elder sister with a great passion, and she distinctly told her, not to communicate with her anymore.

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Dirichi had brought shame and disgrace to the family and she hated her a lot, but in some way, their destines are joint together.
‘You’re crying?’ She asked.
Uju was dumbstruck, it had been some days when she had been playing games with this obviously desperate girl. She had been harried by her all day and it was really frustrating. She had been giving her the code Red. She had thought she would got tired of her and chase her out, that doesn’t seemed to be happening because, the more she tried, the more she failed.
‘You think, its easy right? Even if a guy asked a girl out, he don’t expect an answer like right away, so, I have to develop feelings for you before doing anything, and then you can force feelings, just let me go, we’ll be in touch, you can come and visit me and you know, the feelings might just spring up’ Uju said, meditatively.

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She honestly wished it worked, it had been long she has been thinking about it and wished it would grant her freedom.

Bimbo stared at her and was lost in thought, it all seemed good, but she doesn’t know how real it was.

Ignoring her comment, She continued.’You were crying, why and you didn’t touch your meal too?’
‘I don’t know’ Uju replied.

She did touched it, but didn’t eat it, her appetite was down.
‘Well, then, if you won’t eat it, go and pour it in the trashbin, I hate dirt!’ She ordered
She hauled herself up from the bed. She was a little hazy about what was going to happen next.

She missed her old life, She missed her room, her sister and her books as well.

She spun out of the room, slamming the door behind her. She strode across the staircase and was about emptying the contents of her food when she heard someone crying.

She strolled over with the meal, still in her hands. She saw a young man, washing blood from his hands with tears in his eyes.
‘Hey!’ She greeted.
‘How are you?’ The man replied, with a loud sniff.
‘Why are you crying? And you’re stained with blood, Why?’
She had asked the question, before having a brain wave, where she realized they had just finished their major assignment.
‘Because I’m sad!’
‘Sad? I thought you guys love what you’re doing’ She growled a sarcastic reply.
‘Never judge a life you never live! Most times, it might be due to circumstances, you know most people are being coerced to do something they don’t want’
‘So, were you coerced?’
‘Not entirely! It’s a long story, I don’t wanna bore you with it’
‘Yes! So you’re enjoying this place right?’
‘Nope! I want to get out so badly, you know it looks strange, I want my old life back!’ She said.

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There was so much pain and emotion in her voice that it was infectious, and he felt her pain.

His hand stilled, and he stared down at her with pain in his eyes too, brows twisted as he replied in a low voice.
‘I can help you get out! What say you?’
‘I would like….love that, but it seems impossible, you know, this place is well-guarded,most times, you need voice recognition and….
‘Do you want to get out? I can help you’
‘You wanna help me? Why?’
‘Random act of kindness!Because it feels good to help once in a while, you know life isn’t about slaughtering’
‘Totally cool.’
‘Meet me here tonight, 9:00pm sharp! And leave the rest to me’
‘Thanks!’ She said with joy and rushed back inside.

Her biggest problem was how to get out exactly 9:00pm under Bimbo’s stiff supervision.

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