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Selfless Desires – Season 1 – Episode 6

Getting home, She met the familiar black Toyota
Jeep outside. She knew who it was!

She sidled to the door, and opened it carefully,
her initial plan was to enter carefully without ‘him’
knowing. She didn’t want to see ‘him’ that
Except that her dog had other ideas, spotted her
and decided to give her a welcoming hug as she
bounded towards her and launching herself onto
her trousers, yabbing and trying to lick Ama so
furiously, that Ama couldn’t resist amy longer.

She swept Chisel up into her arms, while chisel
barked joyously drawing ‘his’ attention to them.

Afam came down from the car and strolled over
to her. Chisel saw him coming and ran to him in a
cheerful manner as well.

His long, delicate fingers moved over chisel’s fur
lovingly caressing the dog.

That moment, Ama gulped down something close
to jealousy.

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When he finally looked up at her, his face was
alive with delight, and an energy so totally
unexpected that she almost dropped the key she
was holding.
‘Hey!’ He said and smiled. ‘You look nice’
‘How are you?’ She replied.
So much had changed in her.
‘Come in, please’ she continued.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and
they both entered the living room.
‘Uju is missing and you didn’t deem it fit to tell
me, has it gone to that?’
She breathed in, her heart thudding so loudly,
she suspected that he must hear it from where
he was sitting so quietly.

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‘You didn’t care, did you? Since the issue of the
Award night, you went off the grid’
‘Even if I’m angry with you, you know I won’t joke
with issue as complex as that’
‘Sorry! I guess you know it now, and by the way,
how, who told you, don’t tell me, you’ve been
watching my entire movement’ She said and
chuckled lightly.
‘Not entirely, the principal you met today, is a
good friend of my dad, and he made mention of
it, so I decided to forgive and see how you’re
Did she told him, she needed comfort? Even if she
does, Not from him!
‘Oh, Aff, how generous of you!’
There was another silence as a shuddering long
breathe blew across her skin, and her eyes
scanned his long face in concern.
‘I wanna move the wedding to next month’ He
blurted out.
‘You gat to be kidding me! My sister is missing
and you’re talking about marriage’
‘Hey, She would be found soonest, I will do
everything humanly to effect that’
‘Found or not! I’m not in a good shape to plan a
wedding, I’ve been traumatized and wedding is
the least on my list for now’
It was all there for her to see.

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The disappointment. Uncertainty. Fear. Betrayal was
clearly written on his face.
‘Why?’ He asked in a trembling voice, it was so
infectious that Ama felt guilty at that time.
‘I’m sorry, let’s leave it the way it was, we have
less than three months left, please, Afam’ She
‘No!’ He said with boldness and stormed out of
the house.

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What was he feeling like sef? Ama asked no one in

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