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Selfless Desires – Season 1 – Episode 4

The hall was brightly lit. Balloons were scattered across the hall. Solemn music was played in the background………….
‘Dance?’ Tolu asked
‘Nah….I’m not in the mood for anything’
‘It’s not……

Awesome strolled over and smiled again. His mouth was made for smiling actually with slight s*xy** dimples at each end.
‘Shall we dance?’ He asked.

The expression on Amaka’s face was pale and unhealthy. Deep pain was clearly written on her face. He knew that moment something was wrong with her, and the annoying part was that he can’t place his fingers on whatever it was.
‘Um-I will be on the dance floor, Nice to meet you Amaka’ Tolu said and gave her a side brief hug and left.
‘What is it?’ He asked.
‘I hate liars, I despise them a lot and its surprising that you’re one of them’
‘What are you talking about?’
‘How is Lola?’ She threw at him distrustfully.

Awesome stared at her, like she was from another planet.
‘Tolu told you right?’
‘Who told me doesn’t matter, what matters is that you have a girlfriend’
‘You’re over-reacting, she is just…..
‘Afam needs me tonight, and I choose you over him, Do you know how silly and crazy that makes me feel? Do you realize I place you over my fiancé because…..’ She stopped as if she was about to say more than herself ‘you have a girlfriend and I can’t believe I’ve been a fool’ She interjected, her voice was very loud.
‘You’re still over-reacting, just keep your cool and let me explain, she was my ex, I don’t know what Tolu told you, thanks to her loose-lip’
‘You don’t have to explain anything to me, you’re not faithful and I don’t want to have anything to do with you again, I don’t need anything from you, I’m resigning on Monday’
That really did made him stare at her, She should atleast hear him out. Moreover, she doesn’t know that for a fact.
‘Someone has high opinion of themselves!

Prepare yourself for a shock! Yes you!’ He pointed at the gorgeous lady in front of her, while she reeled back, horrified by the revelation.
‘You’re billed to get married few months from now, and yet you want me to remain single, do you see how one-sided it is? What is your point exactly? The fact that I didn introduce Lola or what? She was just a phrase in my life,I should be the one pained here and not you, do you know how many days I’ve cried and cried, knowing you can’t be mine, I don’t understand why you’re peeved at this, I mean it’s not like we’re dating or something, and if you want to resign, oh, please do, there’s no strings attached’

He sighed heavily and eyed her vigorously with disdain and left.

Uju opened her eyes weakly. She had bruises all over her body, she tried to get up despite the excruciating pain she felt, but failed.

She looked around, the room looked strange, what was she doing here?
She had hazy memories of what had happened, she was drunk and then she couldn’t place what happened. She was trying to recall what might have happened, when she noticed she was no longer in her clothes and shoes.
The door creaked as a young girl entered.
‘Just in time, party girl’ She said musically.
She wanted to speak, but no word came, she just stared blankly at the pretty blonde girl in front of her. The girl was in every inch sophisticated and everything about her screamed style; expensive. The blue strapless top she wore was neither tight nor loose, She was adorned with diamond rings, bracelet and necklace. She stunned.
Uju looked at the room, she saw poster of some international model and musician hanged on the wall. The room was painted in pure white, there was a wardrobe and a drawer just beside the bed. The whole room looked glassy;Classy and neat.
‘Where am I? And Who are you?’ She asked weakly, sitting up on the bed.
‘I was thinking you would eat first, before we talk’
‘Please, I need explanation else I won’t be able to eat’ Uju managed to reply.
‘Alright,My name is Bimbo, my mummy owns the….
‘The club house?’ Uju completed her sentence, anxiously waiting for her to tell her the main thing she would love to hear.
‘Yes! So, yesterday, you were drunk and passed out’ She said and smiled. ‘Oh’ she continued as if she remembered something ‘Before that, some guys brought you out, probably from the ladies, they worked with my mummy and….’ Bimbo stopped.
‘Worked with your mummy, I don’t quite follow’ Uju replied.
‘Okay, I’m about to reveal our utmost secret to you, and you will promise not to say a thing about it to a living soul’ She stopped abruptly, her countenance changed into a serious one and stared deeply into her eyes as if searching for an answer.

Fear gripped Uju, what had she gotten herself into?
‘Okay, whatever!’ She said nonchallantly
‘Not so fast, you will swear’
‘Swear? Okay, who am I going to tell in the first place, please, pull me out of this mystery’
Bimbo thought for a while, and stared in her eyes again, She saw something intense there and that took her breathe away.
‘Not like you have a choice’She replied. ‘Okay, Mummy is involved in selling human parts, she has buyers all over the country, and she has made quite a fortune from it, She sealed the lips of various policemen across the country with money they can’t finish in their lifetime, this has been going on for some years now, and she knows her onions, she is well connected and influential, and she can be dangerous too, you don’t joke with her, they call her dragonlady’ She stopped.

Uju sat benumbed on the bed,caused under her breathe, she was confused and angry at the same time. None of it was making sense to her.
‘So, what has that got to do with me?’ Uju replied, with a voice barely above whisper.
‘Well, it has to do with you, because you were the one they would have slaughter yesterday, if not for my intervention. I begged them to release you, you know their job is to capture any drunk, unconscious person, and the rest is history, luckily for you, I came out and saw them dragging you to the inner room, I interceded on your behalf, and I brought you to my room and cleaned you’
Reality dawned on her and the truth hit her like a big rock. She was shivering and crying, Mucus flowing freely from her nose. She made no attempt to wipe it off. What had she gotten herself into? She looked at herself and sobbed inwardly.

If only, she could get away freely, she was determined never to cross this dreadful line again, She wanted to explore, but unfortunately, it clocked her in a strange way.
‘Thank you so……..’ She choked ‘thanks, God will bless you very much, I don’t even know how to repay you, but Go….’
‘Nope! I don’t believe in God, he’s just a bigger Santa claus that is powerless,he enjoys watching evils being done, that’s if he exists’ She stopped ‘well, you can repay me by being my partner’
‘Partner or friends?’
‘Partner! I’m lez’ She said, seductively, while licking her lower lip with some kind of pride.’Well, ‘God’ made me lez actually’ She continued.
‘Well, I’m not Lez, so it’s not even’
‘You will make it even, For crying out loud, why do you think I rescued you, for fun? Hell no!’ She stopped. ‘For your information, those guys are still around, and a simple phone call might end your life, if you refuse to do my bidding’ She said in a serious voice, her countenance was business-like.

Uju cleared the multiple bubbles in her throat to speak, but no word formed, she was sobbing gently.

This was a case of the devil and the red sea, Yes! She wanted to get out alive, and No! She can’t do according to what she said.

She saw the desire to kill plastered on her face, her countenance told her, she won’t take no for an answer. She knew she had a decision to make and that decision might change her entire life.
It was a stressful day for Ama, she had gone to visit a friend in the next street, Today was a public holiday,the traffic didn’t help matters too. She had poured out her heart to her friend and there was little her friend could do to lift her dampen spirit.She turned the chrome door handle and entered her room. She leaned back in her bed and gave herself over to choking tears as the event of yesterday replayed in her head.

Burying her face in her palms, She sobbed loudly. ‘This can’t b…….’ She choked again.
She was saddled with her own problem to even realize that her younger sister wasn’t around and didn’t come home last night. Even though, her room was downstairs, while hers was upstairs.

Ama waved it off, she knew she might be as tired as her, and disturbing her might piss her off.
It was hard coming in terms that she won’t be working again. She couldn’t fathom if she overreacted or not, She hated liars and he happened to be one.

She fiddled with her phone for a while, she was contemplating whether to call him or not, but shrugged it off, she was the one wronged here and he has to apologize.

Doubtfully, she left for Uju’s room, She needed someone to comfort her, and her sister might just be in time.

She knocked twice, there was no reply.

That’s strange. She thought.

She went back to her room and picked the spare key she have.

She opened her sister’s room and met it empty.

She was getting scared. Her sister never came home late. The time was past ten. She dialled her cell phone, but it was switched off.

She was scared, the room looked unkempt. The slovenly and forlorn look of the room gave Ama more cause for alarm, because her sister was a neat freak, that can’t withstand dirt of any kind.

She was sobbing anew, She had no idea who to call for help.

She thought about calling her mother, but waved it off because the news might kill the innocent woman before her death, Uju was the apple in her eyes.

Likewise Afam, She can’t call him too, they hadn’t been talking since the issue of the Award night, he’s pissed about the Award night.
She narrowed it down, there was no one to help her. And she knew the blame was all hers, if she can’t take care of her only sister, then she had failed terribly.

An idea struck her, amidst tears, since Uju went for her sent-forth party,and didn’t came back. She would go to her school and confront them, but deep down, she knew she want someone to accompany her, the effect and comfort of a man in a lady’s life cannot be over-emphasized.she somehow felt insecure.

She would swallow her pride and apologize to Awesome just for her sister’s safety.

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