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Selfless Desires – Season 1 – Episode 13 [Completed]

Ama hugged her sister and sobbed loudly. She had missed this sisterly hug for as long as she could remember.
‘I’m sorry’ She muttered.
‘It’s okay’ Diri said. ‘It’s nothing, Am I forgiven?’
‘Oh sis! With all my heart, I should be asking for your forgiveness instead!’
‘I hold no grudges against you’ Diri said and entered, ‘you never told me, there is a party going on here’
‘Oh, meet Awesome, my fiance’
‘Fiance?’He breathed out the words, tears pricking his wide eyes
‘Yes, you’ve pressed buttons that have never been pressed, you have given me the greatest compliment a lady could wish for. You’ve offered me your love and….

Another knock at the door. It was Afam. The look on Ama’s face spoke volumes. She smiled, she had had a lengthy conversation with him two days and they had concluded on the best thing.
Diri stood rooted to the ground, Ama stood by her side and lean her head onto her shoulders. Everything was happening fast. There were so many unsaid. So many questions unanswered. So many feelings and desires!

Diri wanted to ask her sister, why?
Why had she changed her attitude? Why was she kind to her? What was going on between Afam and her?

Deep down, she knew the why’s were not necessary, what mattered was she was in good terms with Ama. She doesn’t want to pry into her personal life.
‘Hey’ Awesome greeted and stretched out his hand for a shake.
‘Hi’ Afam replied and took his hand. His gaze drifted to Diri who was staring blankly. He looked at her with the kind of intensity that seemed to knock the helpless oxygen from her lungs.

Then those eyes smiled, and she took in the full effect of it. He grinned straight at her with the kind of smile that turned her legs to jelly. No camera could have captured the look on his face at that moment.

He knew it! The emptiness he had been feeling all these while was quelled instantly.

Diri gave him a slap, before he could say anything. The disgrace she had went through because of this good-looking guy rushed in. Her blood sister loathed her because of him. Her son was ridiculed yet because of him too.
Afam shuddered out a chuckle of delight and relief. ‘I’m not surprised, I was a jerk, and I deserve more than a slap’
‘Slap of joy?’ Ama said and everyone laughed including Diri

Afam held Diri’s hands and sq££zed it lightly, Diri resisted at first, but gave in afterward, Tears of joy welled up in her.
Uju trudged in when she heard laughters.
‘Wow! There’s far too much excitement here, Anyone ready for some champagne?’

***THE END***


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