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Selfless Desires – Season 1 – Episode 12

Awesome paced the spacey living room with a picture in his hand, his matter was being discussed somewhere, with the most important person in his life.

And yet standing, looking at portrait of a lady who had lost her daddy, he felt as though he was standing on the edge of a precipice looking out over an unknown land.

A land where his heart was in control of his head. A land where his parent’s pasts seemed to control the happenings in his life. A land devoid of second chance.

Was he normal? What was he doing at home?
This was the major decision of his life and he wouldn’t want anyone to make that for him.
He picked his car keys and left the house.
‘Won’t you let me in?’ He asked.

She could only gawp at the tousle-haired man as his eyes widened and shifted a little lower, before he twisted his mouth, as though he was biting his inside cheek.

Ama glanced at what she was wearing, her face burning again–now with embarrassment, A sport bra, which barely covered her chest,and a skimpy bum short.

She had a sudden picture of what she must look like and squealed in horror. Luckily her pyjamas was behind the door,she quickly shrugged it on and turned back to face Awesome with a dry smile.

Thunders rumbled heavily in the sky and it seemed it would be raining soon.
‘Good afternoon, I was in the midst of something, but please come in’ She managed to say.

He entered and sat down, giving a knowing smile to Lola who was totally relaxed on the couch.

They must have gotten well.He thought.

Ama wanted to break the tension and silence, but she couldn’t put the words together.

Was this some staring competition? The three adults stared at each other calmly.

So much had changed in her.

The last few hours with Lola had been amazing, Lola had opened her eyes to some things, she had not for the life of her, seen coming.

It was surprising they got along so well. Even when she introduced herself as the mother of Awesome’s child, Ama simply smiled genuinely.

The sacrifices Lola had made was one she wouldn’t forget for some time. It was one of a kind.
‘I know……’ Ama’s throat was so choked the words refused to cooperate.

She breathed in.
‘I haven’t stopped thinking about what you said last week, and you were right, I wouldn’t take it lightly if I was in your shoes’
That did the magic! She found her voice!
‘I was ridiculous, you know, I shouldn’t take it out on you, You were innocent, I was just clouded by my sentiments, and I owe you an apology’ Ama spilled in a rush. ‘I want to be with you.

Love you. If you still want me?’
‘You see. I’m not as brave as you are. I can’t move on without trying to come up with some options to at least, tender my apology for what has happened to your dad. So I would organise your father’s Remembrance party next week, I discussed it with my dad, and he was terribly sorry, so the party would be on my account, and……
‘You don’t have to….
‘I want to and you don’t get rid of me easily, mm–hmm’ He shook his head. ‘In addition, all his money that were seized would be returned in tenfold, and….
‘Thank you, Awesome, even though you don’t have to do all these’
‘What about Afam? My answer to your question lies on that, what’s up with you two?’
‘What about him? I was going to call it quit with him, he’s an amazing guy and he deserves the best, sad, I can’t give him the best, but I know someone who would gladly give him the best’
‘I’m not asking you to do that, you know?’
‘I never said so, and where is my step-daughter?’
‘Step-daughter?’ He asked. ‘Did you tell her?’ He asked Lola.
‘Yes!’ Lola replied. ‘She is with my mummy for now’
‘I need to see her, can’t wait to hold her in my arms and…..

The remainder of her words was swallowed by some incessant knock on the door. The person behind the knock must be hot-tempered, judging from the way he/she knocked.

Ama opened the door and stared at her sister.

For the first time in her life, she smiled at her genuinely with no hint of pretension or false emotion

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