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Selfless Desires – Season 1 – Episode 11

Ama had been crying since the day, Awesome spun out of her house, perhaps her life. He had not been honest with her and she wondered what his life would be at the moment without any complicated excuses. They understood one another without the stress of explaining.

She opened her drawer and brought his portrait picture out. She didn’t kiss it, like she had been doing for the past few days. She dropped her shoulders and closed her eyes tight shut for a moment.
‘Oh, fate…Look what you did.You gave me someone to love. Thank you for that. Any chance you can find a way to get him back for me?’
With a brisk shake of her head for being so silly talking to an imaginary fate,She wiped the salty tears from her eyes.

She needed comforting word, it was as if part of her was taken from her, She felt so uncompleted.

She opened the big portfolio that rested on top of the drawer beside her bed. She returned the portfolio back in disgust she was deeply mortified.
There was nothing exciting again. Life seemed sour to her.

Where was the life,The thrills and excitement when you can’t be with the only person you love?

Outwardly, most people would see a happy young independent lady, that was enjoying life to its fullest. No one would notice the flaws in her life, but deeply, She knew they were there, clearly.

Diri needed something to distract her, she had been down since she saw Ama. She tried to focus on something else. Pity, that all she could think about was her early life, how it all started.

She never wanted to go through the memory lane or read that page of her life again. Too many ghosts. Too many shadows. She grew up with her cousin in Ondo state. coincidentally, Afam happened to be her neighbour.

She did her part by ignoring him, they never talked nor greeted. They detest each other greatly, until the day fate brought them together.
There was a custom that forbade girls from moving out during the day. It was during the time some terribly masquerade were making their debut. Diri was oblivious to this law, she had no idea something like that existed. She just wanted to get something down the road, she was fearless and didn’t deemed it fit to seek for counsel.

She was just fifteen then, and it was the festive period, and according to the insane practice, any maiden found outside, must be defiled.

It was done by Afam, it was unintentional, and she had no one else to blame.

Everything was going on well, with her until Amaka introduced Afam as her fiance, She kept a blank face, and pretended she knew nothing about Afam.

She kept it as a secret for the love she had for her sister, she doesn’t want her to be unhappy, and unfortunately, it clocked her back
She was ridiculed, embarrassed, just for the love she had for Ama, but sadly, Ama didn’t realised that.

Diri dressed up and stormed out of the house, locking her door from behind. She was going to Ama’s house and maybe, have a meaningful conversation for once.

They had lived together in the same state for years, without visiting each other.

She flagged down a cab, and entered quietly after greeting her fellow passengers.
‘Who are you looking for?’ Uju asked the obviously pretty lady standing at the door.
‘Is your sister in? I came to see her’ The lady replied.
‘From where? Do you have any business with her, because I’ve never seen you here before, and she’s not in the mood for anything, she is emotionally disturbed, right now’ Uju explained.

With that, any sane person would take his/her leave, but not Lola, She wanted to see Amaka, and she must see her. She restrained Awesome from coming with her. She wanted to do this alone.
‘Uhm…you’re obstructing my entrance, I need to see your sister. Ce fini’ Lola said rudely.

Uju stared at her with hatred. What audacity! Who the hell did she thinks she was? Queen Elizabeth?

Emotions like these were not the best for Uju, because she was having a bad week herself.
‘This is my house, and I can choose to do whatever I like with it, and I said, you’re not welcome here, is that too much to comprehend?’
Smiling mischievously, She said, ‘I came for something impor…
‘Uju! Uju!! Who is at the door?’ Ama interjected weakly from the living room.
‘Sister, see me o, Na one stubborn woman o, I’ve never seen her before’
‘Let her in!’
‘Let her in….Are you deaf?’
‘Okay!’ Uju replied ‘You can come in’ She said to Lola.

Lola contorted her face into an amusing expression, as if to say I won, and eyeballed her before entering the living room.
‘Sorry about that…she was just looking out for me, have a sit, please’ Ama motioned at Lola.
She sat down quietly.

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