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SEE CWAZY!!! You Had A Fight With Your Partner And He/She Burns Down All Your Credentials – What Will You Do?

Sometimes, some things are always way too fake to imagine them happening until they happen around you.
A lady took to Twitter to reveal what her female colleague suffered at the hands of the husband during a brawl in Abuja.

@Gwarimpagirl revealed that her colleague who got into a fight with her husband was shocked to the bones when her hot-tempered husband took all her credentials and got them all burnt.

See a screenshot of the post below:-

However, some Twitter users have taken time to react to the Tweet.

See how some people reacted below:-

Everyday this marriage thing just sounds like a bad idea


I hope she sues for damages and divorces him and his stupidity right after.


Let her forgive the man. Stay very happy for like one month, save money and rent house somewhere else After the 3rd month, bring out all his credentials too and set fire on them Japa and leave the house for him Let him feel a touch of his own madness.


I rather divorce my wife than burn her certificates even if I paid for her studies.

So Guys, 👇

If This Happens To You, What Will You Do?

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