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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 2 Episode 9

Even after I’d been engaged,
one thing I never stopped
doing was to engage in a solo
competition with Vera, one
she was never aware.

Since after I left her wedding,
I only took her call once and it
ended there. But now, I
posted series of pictures
taken in Collins’ luxurious
apartment on Facebook,
Instagram and all other social
media accounts I had. He’d
assured me we’d be moving
to Lekki after our marriage
and each time I visited the
Island I’d be fighting an
unknown battle with everyone
I see there, mindless of if
they lived on the Island or
not. I just had this idea that I
was going to be joining them
soon and rehearsed the big
girl I’d be acting in Collins’

I stayed a little above one
week with Collins with my
hole drilled at every chance
he got. He’d wake up in the
morning and drill a round or
two, occasionally run back
home and drill another set of
rounds with clothes on, then
run back home a little earlier
than closing time for the
same purpose. He also
ensured we fed well and even
studied sex enhancements
foods which he bought and
ensured we stocked the
house with them.

During our free days, we
played games like Whot, ludo,
quizzes, Scrabble and seldom
chess. The main game was in
what happens to the one who
fails, he’d have to obey what
ever task imposed by the the
other party. I always lost so I
had a larger part of the

Sometimes the punishment
would be to give him blow job
for a specified duration, lick
his a—–e or even
m——–e with any item he
seemed fit while he watched.
At times I’d feel
uncomfortable about it but
wouldn’t want to spoil the
fun, I’m not a Kill-joy. So in
turn, I’d use my own fewer
wins to get a head, boob treat
with icy yogurt or Irish cream
or anything I could get a hold
on or even have him lick my
ass too. Hmmm, that was
sensational though.

So one of the highlights
included one day he’d
requested we played a game
which involved role play. I
didn’t understand that but felt
he just wanted to remember
childhood, playing daddy and
mummy, but no. He tied my
hands and legs to the bed
posts and pinned my head
down so I couldn’t move
them, just squirm and wriggle
under him while he did
everything thing he could
think of to my body. He licked
every part of my body from
my loved lips to my neck and
my cleavage to my nipples.
He s—-d my navel before
he went to lick and s–k
everything around my crotch
region while I screamed and
eventually passed out from
extreme pleasure.

When I woke up, he had made
a meal for me to eat and I fed
well while he told me I was
awesome and his only source
of happiness. I smiled weakly.

“You see, I’ve come to
understand why so many
marriages break up and
people don’t last in
marriages,” He analysed. “The
reason people cheat on their
spouses is lack of
adventure. When you are
always adventurous about
sex, always willing to explore
every available space, you will
be faced with many options
of styles and sex activities
that the missionary will be an
act you crave for but don’t
get a chance to practise.”

While he spoke, I kept
wondering what other thing is
left to explore or would be
left to explore before we got
married. I explained that I
needed some rest as my
whole body was in pain from
excess drilling and reminded
him that he was massive

He laughed and said, “Baby
see, no pain no pleasure.
There is no pain with pleasure
and vise versa. Pain and
pleasure go together to make
a perfect and complete

I didn’t understand one thing
but he promised to let me be
for some days but not
without occasional blow jobs
and hand jobs or even leg
jobs – yes, he taught me that
too. How I could make him
come with my legs as well as
my hands without inflicting
any form of injuries. Collins
was something else.

Eventually, I left his house to
inform my parents further
down south about him and
pave way for an introduction.
My old friends became old
cargo because of the
shopping Collins took me
prior to my departure. I
bought things for everyone at
home and my mother danced
and praised God for
answering our prayers. I
stopped sharing public
transport with people and
took a drop everywhere,
assuring​ my siblings that the
next time I’d visit, I’d be
driving my own car.

Marriage plans kicked off and
Collins found it easy to pay
everything he was asked and
added extra. I got to meet
Collins’ friends and funny
enough they were not
married yet, not any one of
them. They nodded in
approval when they got to
know I was The One.

The One?

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