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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 2 Episode 8

“Oh my, babyyyy…” I
whispered, wriggling all over
him. I whimpered and kept
making tiny buzzing sounds,
dying slowly.

“I’m hungry baby, can you
now feed me that p—y?”

Collins whispered over my

The sound of his voice behind
me sent shivers down my
spine, but the idea of getting
a head, melted me. I moved
away from him and turned

I knelt with both knees on
both of his flanks. Collins slid
down a bit so his face came
level with my crotch. Oh dear,
he breathed on my crotch
before splashing on it again.
“Eat the living dead outta me
baby.” Before he could say a
word, I’d grabbed his head
and shoved him into my

He kissed below my navel and
ran his tongue symmetrically
down to the divide of my
l abia. He used his tongue to
slit the curtains of my labia
for the inner pinnacle to be
revealed. Collins had no
respect for holiness at all.
That which was hidden in the
inner chamber, he exposed
with his tongue and flickered
it over the erected c–t that
stood, yearning for attention.

“Uhhhhh…” I jerked as he
made contact. This felt totally
different. I almost had a
seizure. WTF!

Collins applied pressure with
his tongue and began running
it slowly up and down with
every wetness he could
garner. I looked so apologetic
with a sorry face begging for
attention. He dropped the
shower and used both hands
to separate the labia to avoid
further restriction. Ever seen
a man diligent in his tasks?

Collins was dining with kings
already. He planted his lips on
my labia and suckled at it with
vacuum in his mouth.

“Yeeee!” I let out a sharp cry
but he grabbed my buttocks
and pressed my waist against
his face. No hope of escape,
just death awaiting me. I
clung on to him and almost
fell off the tub but for his
strength with which he

“Yeeaaah! Uhhhhh!
Aaarrrgggg!” I couldn’t stop
screaming and he didn’t dare
to stop. Rather, he began
tongue-f—–g me. I kept on

“I’m coming… I’m coming
uhhhhbhh!” I clung to him as I
tensed and stopped feeling
my limbs. I felt all the juice
rush out while he took them
all. He slid his two fingers in
me like trying to dig up something and feeling the
rough m—d just under my
c——s. He t—-t in and out
until I cried and rocked my
waist as the entire fluid came
rushing for the second time
in a row. What was I in for?

I grabbed his erection and
was about to reciprocate
when he opted against it and
kissed me on the forehead.

“Join me in bed.” He said and
grabbed a towel.

There was something about
his countenance I didn’t like.

But what ever it was would be
sorted out in bed.

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