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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 2 Episode 6

“Oh baby, I can’t wait.” I cried,
watching the throbbing pestle
with a cap like a mushroom.
“Welcome back home my
love,” was all Collins said
before the drill began.

“Uhhhhh!” The first t—-t
drew a loud gasp of arrival
from me. With my legs, wide
apart in the air, Collins began
digging like he was certain
there was gold down there.
Each t—-t hit the end walls
of my p—y and sent me into
electrocution. The feeling was
sizzling and felt like I would
stop living at the next t—-t.
Five minutes later, we were
both speaking gibberish and
swearing at each other. He
quickly withdrew from me and
I couldn’t believe the
Longman hadn’t shrunk one
bit. He pulled me to the edge
of the bed and turned me

“Show me that arse baby.
Lemme rock your back till you
can’t sit again.” He yelled.

I chuckled and pushed my
buttocks up an elevated
angle. He exclaimed at that
sight and found his way back
using his hand to guide long
man back in. He bent over
and grabbed my boobs while
digging further inside. I didn’t​
know how I just felt but I was
out of my body.

At one point, I begged him to
stop or I’d die but again, I
t—-t my arse backward
against his g—n area which
made him feel I implied he
wasn’t thrusting hard enough.
Collins was a beast, he went
for the kill, thrusting faster
and harder while I screamed
my breath out.

Soon we both rocked and
tensed as he came inside me.
I could feel the cold fluid
spurting against my walls,
wrestling with those coming
from me and causing an

He collapsed on me and we
both lay there with his penis
right inside me. It felt good.
Our heavy panting could be
heard from over fifty meters

“Did you say you have a
surprise for me?” I spoke
nearly out of breath. “Could
there be anymore surprise?” I
managed to ask amidst heavy

Collins chuckled and kissed
my earlobes. “This is just
welcome to Lasgidi. Let’s go
and shower, this journey is
still very far.”

And for real, the journey was
still far, more so, the story
changed steam.


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