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SECRET BETRAYAL – Season 2 Episode 4


As soon as the reception was
over, or rather my part of the
bargain, as I wasn’t interested​
in the post wedding party, I
retreated to the hotel room to
pick up my belongings and
leave. I was really done with
putting up with Vera’s
fortunes. I wanted to be gone
from her and far away as
much as I could. I picked the
things I owned and started to
leave. As soon as I stepped
into the hallway that led to the
elevators, he grunted from
behind me and startled me.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to startle
you.” He apologised sincerely.
“Well, always find a better way
to announce your presence.” I

“Maybe next time I’d bring
along a praise singer – all hail
King Dickson.” He smiled

“It’s​ not funny.” I rebuffed
him sternly.

“Oh, okay. So why are you
leaving so soon. I thought
you’d stay back for the party
tonight. You don’t wanna
miss it, do you?” He geared
nearer to me.

“I’m sorry, but I have a flight
to catch.” I started leaving but
he trailed behind me.

“But why in such a hurry. At
least you can still make the
trip tomorrow morning. Today
is Saturday, and tomorrow is
Sunday.” I didn’t reply him
and walked through the
gaping elevator doors. He
joined me.

“Okay fine, I just wanted to
apologise for last night. I lost
a very impulsive battle.”

“How am I supposed​ to be
concerned with what you
want?” I was deliberately
being annoying.

“Okay fine, I’m sorry. I’m
really sorry. I thought I could
use tonight to make up for
it.” He said with both palms
joined together like a kid
praying in the kindergarten.
I didn’t utter a word until the
elevator came to a halt and
the doors opened​ again to let
us out.

“You know what?” I
eventually said to him, “It’s all
good and fine. At least you
can see for yourself. Good
bye lover boy.” I didn’t look
back again until the cab I had
chattered drove me off the
hotel premises.

On my way to the airport, a
text message arrived and
Collins ID. I smiled to myself
and opened to read.

‘FIFI, sori, Fifi my Fifi. Ope ur
on ur way alrdy? Dnt wnt u 2
miss dt flight. Lots of
surprises await u, red red 9ts

I was smiling hard when I
finished reading and enjoyed
the splattering rain against
the window of the cab. It had
started raining. Looking out
the window, feeling the cold,
hugging myself and hoping it
would all be over in another 2
hours time max. I wouldn’t
want to miss red red night for
any boring wedding party.

Indeed, Collins had a huge
surprise waiting for me in

₹O be continued

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